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Human Beings Count

Human Beings Count
Human Beings Count. Do you believe that enough to raise your hand and say “Yes”?

Human Beings Count. Do you believe that? Really?

How much? Maybe you believe more in Tinkerbell. Or angels.

Or “God, Whose Job Is To Be My Rescuer.”

Beliefs have consequences, right? Will you dare to explore some today? Because being human can mean… Being willing to change your habits.

As a result, you might start moving forward more rapidly on your personal path. CONTINUE READING

Russell Simmons Talking Yoga

Does “Hip-Hop Guru” Russell Simmons have the chops to talk yoga? I just read a blog article by Saraswati, who monitors “Celebrities Talking Yoga,” and am doing a crude version of “Trackback” by cut and paste. (See my humble request for tech tips at the end of this post.) First, here is the original provocative post by Saraswati at www.yogahub.org :

Yet another famous person is singing the praises of yoga. In the Sunday issue of The New York Times Magazine, “Hip-Hop Guru” Russell Simmons confesses to practicing yoga and meditation every day. He also says he has read “The Autobiography of a Yoga” by Yogananda (although he claims he can barely read). CONTINUE READING