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    Reading The Field, or Chi, or life force energy? Sure you can. To help, you are going to find a counter-culture perspective about auras at this blog. Our conversation here isn’t about colors or set meanings or wondering if you have “the gift.”


    Such a limited and limiting conversation! You can find that all over the Net. (See what I mean by counter-culture?)


    At this blog, we will do something different. We will explore aura reading that is compatible with my system of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R). This system provides detailed information, a system of energetic literacy. It is not simply “see the colours” but emphasizes obtaining useful information.


    To share in our blog conversations, use any technique or method that gives you quality information. Share whatever you find, reading auras in depth and detail, whether you use the techniques in my books or techniques you developed on your own or learned from others. Go ahead and read auras!


    Aura reading can be an incredibly practical skill, which brings the promise of great variety to this blog. Below, here are some FAQs that may help you wrap your mind around this enormous subject.


    Q. What is an aura?

    A. An aura is the field, made of electro-magnetic energy, around anyone who is alive.


    Q. What is a chakra?

    A. Information in auras is very concentrated and, therefore, easy to read, at certain locations. For thousands of years, these locations have been known as chakras.


    Q. What is an aura databank?

    A. With this term, we begin to define something that is NOT thousands of years old. I only began to focus on databanks in 2005. Databanks are particular types of information found within a chakra. These days, I am reading as many as 50 different databanks in a chakra.


    You can find a partial list—plus practical techniques for reading them—in my latest book, Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality. It was published September 17, 2007. Preview it here.


    A. What can you find in these aura databanks?

    Q. At any databank, if you read deep enough, you can find a gift of the soul. This is a lifelong gift, distinctive and really magnificent.


    Unless you are reading a saint, or someone else who is very pure and exceedingly balanced, you will also find STUFF. This is one of my technical terms for imbalances that show up in an aura. If you carry fear, pain, worry, sorrow, anger, etc., this will show to an experienced aura reader.


    However, this is transient. All STUFF related to emotional and spiritual blockage can definitely be healed.




    Q. Is aura reading a paranormal ability?

    A. Guess that depends on what you mean by paranormal. Certainly, if you have an interest in the paranormal I would recommend that you make it your business to become a really good aura reader. Within “the normal” of everyday life, you will find an enormous range and depth of experience. No, it doesn’t have the flash of having a UFO land outside your window. But can find considerable inner wow! just by reading the people who live on the human side of your window.


    Q. Can I learn to read anybody’s aura?

    A. Yes, provided your technique is solid enough, you can read any databank at any aura, whether in person or through a photograph.


    Sometimes people are resistant to having their auras read. Well, resistance to being read also shows up. The most common form of this is WALLS. Sometimes clients will tell me, “My aura is very hard to read.” or “A psychic tried to read my aura but couldn’t.” Inwardly, I laugh. This is like a dentist telling you that “That tooth is too hard for me to see. Your mouth doesn’t open wide enough.”


    You wouldn’t believe a dentist telling you that, because we are used to certain levels of skill being required in order for a dentist to hang out a shingle as a professional. Aura reading is not yet regulated, as you may have noticed.


    Q. Is there anything you wouldn’t tell?

    A. Besides resistance, an aura can show denial or confusion or defensiveness. This will not block a skilled aura reader. But, if you are reading someone with this kind of blockage, don’t expect an enthusiastic response to what you read. In fact, you might well keep this part of your reading private.


    When I was new to professional face reading, I would sometimes tell a client, “You are very suspicious of strangers.” Big mistake. I was, after all, a stranger.


    I also remember telling a woman, “With those eyes, you are likely to blurt things out, without necessarily being polite.” Immediately she said, with a razor-sharp edge to her voice, “I do not.”


    When you tell someone “You are defensive,” you have pretty much guaranteed that the rest of your conversation will not be pretty.


    Besides this, I generally avoid pointing out problems that I cannot help.


    Q. What is the most intense kind of comment you make as an aura reader?

    A. During sessions, on very rare occasions, I have told clients, “You need professional help.” or “You need medication.” or even “Your sanity is hanging by a thread.”  When I make a comment like this, I do so out of regard for the client’s wellbeing.


    I would rather make a statement worth considering than be popular. Of course, all my sessions are confidential. And the client may not agree with my assessment. My main job is to help a client fulfill his or her intention for a session. I don’t come with a personal agenda, other than my own code of ethics.




    Q. Must you ask permission to read someone’s aura?

    A. The answer depends upon the aura reader’s personal code of ethics. Here is mine:


    First, I make a distinction between simply reading an aura versus healing it or otherwise creating a change. Simply reading, I do not believe that permission is required. For healing or changing another person’s aura, of course one would need permission.


    Why would we need to ask permission to read someone at any level? People do this constantly, whether viewing demographics (age, race, sex) or judging beauty. People stare at clothes, deconstructing them as status markers. Why would it require special permission to find something more meaningful?


    Telling, however, is different from reading. I believe that I have the right to read the face or aura anyone who is a public figure by choice. Soon as that news interview is given, or the person auditions for that reality show, permission becomes available. If that UTube footage has been captured voluntarily, why not read it?


    In short, public figures can fairly be commented upon in public.


    Q. What about a private individual?

    A. Read anyone you like, but don’t discuss it in public. If I were with a student or friend, standing in line at the supermarket, perhaps we might have a whispered conversation about the face or aura of somebody else in line. But we would keep that conversation quiet.


    For example, no blogged comments are allowed about private individuals unless they have given permission.



    Click here to find more resources for aura reading.

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