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    Cutting Cords of Attachment

    Cords of attachment aren’t, actually, a WAY to read. They are a something TO read. And a most important something to remove, as appropriate! Here are some FAQs to explain why.

    Q. What is a cord of attachment, something they teach you to tie in Boy Scouts?

    A. This kind of cord is an energy structure between two people. It causes patterns from the past to continue into the present. Cords distort thinking and feeling, moving people around like marionettes.

    Q.  If you can’t see these invisible strings, how much do they matter?

    A. Cords of attachment may be the most significant, treatable cause of problems in your life, keeping you stuck in old patterns. Cutting a cord does not mean ending a relationship. It means releasing problems that repeat endlessly on the level of energy.

    Q.  Might you lose your sense of identity if a big cord of attachment is healed?

    A. Many people confuse a “sense of cord” with a “sense of stuff.” What if, for instance, you have a cord with you father, according to which “I am never good enough?” No matter how positive your attitude, you are unlikely to overcome this problem of feeling inferior—not until the energy in the cord stops repeating within you 24/7.

    Q. Did you say 24/7?

    A. Yes, once a toxic pattern is established in a cord of attachment, it will usually continue until the day you “die.” (Personally, I don’t believe in death. I agree with my mentor, Dr. Coletta Long, “You’ll always be in some body, somewhere.”)

    Over the past 20 years, I have facilitated removing many cords to dead parents, lovers, etc.  You bet those cords are real, until removal. They send their pull or tug of emotion regardless of whatever happens in the present. Removing a cord makes a huge difference.

    Q.  I thought the idea of cutting cords was great, but when I tried it, I wasn’t really successful. What can you tell skeptics like me?

    A. Cutting cords properly is a technical skill. I have developed a trademarked system, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® .  If you use that, you will succeed. To supplement the book, I also teach Intensives and do sessions of Personal Mentoring

    Q. What if I’d just like to have the deed done? Can you do this in a personal session?

    A. Sure. Most of these sessions are done by phone, and I work with clients from many parts of the world.

    Q. What else can you tell me about cutting cords?

    A. Here’s a good start!

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