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    Healing and Energy Spirituality

    The emerging field of Energy Spirituality holds great promise for anyone who seeks healing of mind-body-spirit. Deeper perception is required for this, not just business-as-usual with everyday perception, splat! on the surface.


    Now, this statement isn’t meant to exclude any healer (whether professional or amateur, skilled or aspiring). Everyone has a personal gift set for deeper perception. Basically, YOU CAN BE GREAT AT THIS!

    Our blog emphasizes techniques I’ve developed and taught for Energy Spirituality, but this community is also are open for sharing your deepening experiences with other techniques, like Reiki, angelic healing, and other forms of holistic healing. So share what you perceive, whatever helps you to heal and grow, wherever the healing juice is for you.

    Here are some FAQs to give you perspective for reading and commenting on this blog.

    Q. What is Energy Spirituality?

    A. It explores the human energy field, or aura, as a point of entry for healing the mind-body-spirit system. To make this kind of healing practical, I have developed the systems of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses(R) and 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment™.   

    This short list is just the beginning. The millennium is still new. Here is what I don’t expect to change: Just as mathematics is the language of science, aura reading is the language of Energy Spirituality. To heal in depth, learn to speak that language. 

    Q. Are normal mainstream people involved with this?

    A. Find a normal person and ask. My teenage son considers me quite normal, provided that I don’t sing in public. 

    Q. On this blog, can I just write a comment and have you heal me?

    A. No, unfortunately. The appropriate way to request help is by scheduling a personal appointment.

    Q. If I ask you to do me favors by email instead, could you heal me that way?

    A. Oh, I receive so many of these requests. Please understand, I’m just one person, one person, one person. And I do this work professionally, so my policy is to only do it professionally, not as a volunteer. 

    Q. When you do these sessions of Energy Spirituality, do you look at my aura and tell me where the blocks are?

    A. So many people expect this. Simply finding blockage is not my favorite thing to do as an aura reader. The only time I do this, just this, is with the Aura Reports.

    And the only reason I do them, really, is as an introduction, so people can sample what I do. Find out how scary I am, how accurate this is, whether auras are real, etc.  I can’t say this loud enough or typethe letters big enough: WHY JUST HAVE SOMEONE TELL YOU WHERE THE BLOCKS ARE?

    Energy Spirituality is a way to remove those blocks.  Back when the only model people had for inner healing was Freud’s young creation of psychoanalysis, people believed that knowing one’s deeper story created inner healing (catharsis, if you want to use a fancy term). Sure, this is still true, but many other approaches to healing have developed since those glory days of the Victorian era. Frankly, learning about your blockage is depressing. And mostly a waste of time. 

    Q. I’m shocked, shocked. Why do you write such a thing? A. Finding out about limitations is terribly upsetting when you have no way of overcoming those limitations. As a healing professional, my policy is not to describe a problem unless I have the ability to facilitate removing it. Energy Spirituality can bring highly efficient removal of emotional and spiritual blockages. Cutting cords of attachment is one modality, and the Energy Spirituality version of regression therapy is another. Q. Look, I’m a smart consumer. I figure that if I only find out what the block is from you, I can get rid of it on my own by doing extra affirmations, Emotional Freedom technique, Reiki, etc.” Admit it, can’t that work?A. These technologies are great. But, as a consumer, you can appreciate that people use healing methods with different levels of skill.( And if you don’t already appreciate this, I know just the blog for you, Deeper Perception Made Practical.)  If you are not able to find the blockage on your own, it is unlikely that after being informed, you will be able to heal at that level, either. Not at your present skill level with deeper perception. Here are more FAQ’s about the depth healing of Energy Spirituality.

    Q. Anything else you consider important to know about Energy Spirituality?

    A. I’d say “Thanks for asking” except that, obviously, these FAQs are all written by me…. Why, yes! I’d like to make one more comment about the ever popular request to “look at my aura and tell me where the blocks are.”  

    There’s an enormous amount of myth that people today believe about auras. That includes the notion that auras are not mostly about watching. TV, yes. Auras, no. I have encountered many students and readers who have a semi-mystical idea about seeing, as though “If she only sees my aura, all will be healed.” Jesus could do this, undoubtedly, but not Rose or most other human healers.  Let the healer perceive your aura in her/his own way. Don’t demand seeing. Demand results. Dare to be counter-culture and really explore deeper perception. Unquestionably, and in very personal ways, this really will make your life better.

    One thought on “Healing and Energy Spirituality”

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      Aren’t these sad and terrifying illnesses!

      Much as I would like to help, RED HEN, I leave the answer to people who specialize in medical care and energy medicine.

      Energy spirituality impacts emotional and spiritual life.

      However, your question is related to my blog post for today. I will send a link after it goes live.

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