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Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality


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Why You Should Avoid the "QUICKIE METHOD" (shortcuts) to Cutting Cords






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"THE SPIRIT WEAVER" Rose's interview begins about 5 minutes into the show.  (Sept. 28, 2008)


Are you already a healer?  Would you like to become one?

Learn the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.  It could be the most important healing you ever do.

Let me show you how, giving you the benefit of 20 years of professional experience.  This is the first book to explain how to cut cords with quality control.  You'll find easy techniques to develop every skill you will need to do this kind of healing for yourself and others. 


What is a cord of attachment?

A cord of attachment is an energy structure between two people that causes patterns from the past to continue into the present.  Cords distort thinking and feeling, moving people around like marionettes.  

If you can’t see these invisible strings, how much do they matter?  Cords of attachment may be the most significant, treatable cause of problems in your life, keeping you stuck in old patterns.  This is the first book to teach a comprehensive method for removing them.  

Cutting a cord does not mean ending a relationship.  It means releasing problems that repeat endlessly on the level of energy.  

Considering a tough relationship in your life now, you might wonder, “Am I better off with him or without him?”  To decide most wisely, first remove the energy patterns that pull and tug at you, throwing you out of balance.  

At least you never need ask, “Am I better off with or without my cord of attachment?”  The answer will always be “Yes.”  Removing a toxic cord of attachment can only improve any relationship.  

Sometimes those new to this form of healing worry, “But am I ready to let him go?”  

Let go of what?  Don’t confuse spiritual ties with cords of attachment.  Relationships generate both.  

Frankly, you’ll never be ready to release spiritual ties. Why would you?  These are beautiful energy exchanges between yourself and those you love.  To picture spiritual ties, think ribbons of beautiful light, not puppet strings. 

Spiritual ties shine with caring, compassion, wisdom and other heart-melting qualities.  We couldn’t remove spiritual ties even if we tried.  Here at Earth School, all our spiritual learning is cumulative, including the evolutionary power of spiritual ties.  

Cords of attachment are another story.  Even for the sake of healing a present relationship, it would be wise to remove its cord of attachment.  Cords contain patterns of energy that are annoying at best, highly disruptive at worst.  The negative effects of a cord of attachment are ongoing and chronic, repeating 24/7 at the level of the subconscious mind.  

These energy-based attachments keep old history alive, inwardly repeating events or energies that you would just as soon forget.  

When you got up this morning, chances are that you didn’t consciously choose to rehash all the painful incidents of your childhood, then relive every trauma from school and work and then, just for fun, remember every time anyone hurt your feelings significantly.  

Plus, if you’ve had any kind of love life at all, surely it has included disappointments and break-ups.  Perhaps there have been unpleasant surprises, betrayals, maybe even divorce.  

Did you consciously think about all those past influences before you got out of bed?  I sure hope not!  Still, every one of these memories lives on -- vividly -- in cords of attachment.  

Negative energy from your past is whooshing in and out of your aura right now, moving through cords of attachment. Expect this patterning to continue until the day you die… unless you can release the cords. 

So you can see why I’m so excited to be able to teach you this skill.  We’ll be using the method called 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.  You can use it for yourself and also, if you wish, to help others -- through my book, Cut Cords of Attachment

How to Order

Paperbacks available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Also available for Kindle, Nook, and at Kobo, e-Sentral, Scribd, and the iTunes Bookstore


Practical Benefits of Cutting Cords

You meet John at work.  Charming!  Smart, too.  He makes such a great first impression, by the end of the day you’re thinking, “That John could definitely be friend material.” 

All it takes is one quick thought: “I’m interested,” and instantly, the two of you forge a spiritual tie, all sweetness and light, just wonderful for teaching you both about unconditional love.  

But something else is installed, as well.  Faster than you could say “Abracadabra,” you and John have been connected by an energy structure about conditional love.  It becomes as real as the rest of your aura, this cord of attachment.  

Cords carry very human emotions, like fear, pain, and worry.  Regarding their consequences, they are not unlike puppet strings.   

In everyday life, most things take longer.  Ever move to a new home where you must wait for days to get a land line? On the level of auras, no problem!  Service is instant.  Faster than any phone company, the Home Office will automatically install your cable or cord.  

Well, congratulations… sort of.  You and John are connected by a cord of attachment whose energy will distort your aura’s normal functioning.  John may become your best friend, a helpful colleague -- or your worst nightmare.  Whichever energy pattern between you becomes the most toxic, that will become what dominates your cord of attachment.  

How long will the two of you remain connected in this way? Usually you will be stuck with that cord for the rest of your life.  

No, I don’t mean to depress you.  But even after John drops his physical body (becoming what, in earth-speak, passes for “dead”), your cord to him will keep repeating its most toxic pattern, relentlessly repeating 24/7 right until the day you die.  

Unless, of course, you can find someone with enough skill to help you to sever that connection. 

Soon, of course, that someone will be you.  

Physically, what is a cord of attachment?  It is made of electro-magnetic energy, the same frequencies found in other part of the human energy field, or aura.  Later we’ll go into more detail about auras.  For now, does this help?  You could consider the substance in question to be completely real and physical… for something metaphysical.

That cord reaches from part of your body to part of the other person’s body.  

“How big is that cord?” you may be wondering, starting to feel queasy.

When a cord is first formed, the circumference could be as small as a bite of rigatoni.  But later, depending on what happens as your relationship develops, your cord to John could grow as wide as a decent-sized pizza.  That size depends upon how much energy flows through the cord. 

Unfortunately, bigger is not necessarily better.  That’s because a cord of attachment never contains positive energy.  You know how people talk about giving with no strings attached?  That would be spiritual ties, that other kind of connection I mentioned earlier.  

Spiritual ties don’t bind.  Actually, a big part of our learning here at Earth School comes from those wonderful, super-evolutionary, positive relationships.  Through them, we discover loving kindness, compassion, inspiration, and more.  It’s the stuff that makes angels weep for joy.

Cords of attachment, on the other hand, set off a different kind of weeping, the kind for which tissues were invented.

Admittedly, learning is involved, but it’s a messier kind than the evolution we receive courtesy of spiritual ties.

Have you noticed?  One of your biggest assignments at Earth School is to be yourself.  For that, you may have to smash through a thousand illusions.

Energetically, socially, physically, sexually, psychologically, spiritually, etc., who are you?  One worthy goal for human life is to serenely remain yourself, whatever the give-and-take between yourself and anybody else.  

Cords of attachment make this harder.  Cutting those cords makes it easier.  Here are a few examples of the differences cutting a cord of attachment can make:

  • Liam spent three years in psychoanalysis dealing with issues about his father.  After cutting their cord of attachment, Liam stopped dealing and started living.

  • Valerie’s blood pressure would go sky high whenever she spent time with her sister-in-law.  The reaction made no sense whatsoever, not until Valerie cut the cord and learned what she had been receiving through it: The equivalent of a ton of rage each day.  Afterwards, the reaction stopped permanently.

  • Rape, like any trauma, creates its own cord of attachment.  Meg did all she could to get beyond the memory, but for more than 30 years she reacted to that rape every day of her life … until the cord of attachment was cut and, finally, she could be free.

  • Brian wanted to stay married to Anne, but it was a struggle to deal with her mood swings.  Having cut their cord of attachment, he found he could love his wife without taking on her problems, and because of the way the cord was cut, Anne wasn’t hurt in any way when Brian regained his peace of mind.

  • After realizing that she was in a cult, Sherry did what she could to exit, but this was as hard as leaving behind any other kind of addiction.  Cords of attachment increase the challenge of disconnecting from bad influences.  Sherry couldn’t find the strength to start her new life until that cord was cut.  

Yes, cords of attachment are energy structures that keep a person stuck in old patterns.  Whether you want to release a relationship or continue it, you’ll do better if you can release the corresponding cord of attachment.

For generations, cords of attachment were permanent.  But living when we do, at a time of transition into the Age of Aquarius, techniques have become available to remove old obstacles.  With skill, cord removal brings freedom to release energetic ties to the past, a freedom that comes cleanly and permanently, quickly and insightfully.  That, of course, is what you can experience with the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.   

Cutting cords is an important set of skills for Rosetree Energy Spirituality, a 21st century approach for breathing new life into the perennial search for spiritual connection.  Humanity is evolving rapidly now, making Deeper Perception available to anyone who seeks it.  Using this perception, reading the human energy field, it becomes possible to remove blockages to spiritual clarity.  These are forms of astral debris, physical structures that exist at a metaphysical level.    

Whether you seek more intimacy in love relationships or a clearer connection to Spiritual Source, cutting cords can help bring the results that you seek.  

In this how-to book and my Intensives, I can teach you how to cut cords with professional-level skill, resulting in enormous gains for your emotional freedom, physical healing and spiritual awakening.  Other benefits come just from opening up your inner circuits to make what I call an “Energy Sandwich.”  

This method can expand your skill set if you are a psychotherapist, life coach, Reiki healer, angelic healer or do other holistic work to help people.  Of course, besides using these skills to help others, by cutting cords with quality control, you can definitely improve your own quality of  life.  

-- Adapted from 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality by Rose Rosetree 



Why You Should Avoid the "QUICKIE METHOD" (shortcuts) to Cutting Cords

Have you heard that a quick prayer can cut all your cords of attachment?  How about a nice little meditation?  Or maybe you can simply ask Archangel Michael to cut all your cords.   

I have a name for techniques like this: "The Quickie Method."  Let me explain why it doesn't produce long-term benefits—or, to put it more bluntly, why The Quickie Method is a big waste of your time

Please note that I am not saying there are only two methods, The Quickie Method and my method, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.  Quality practices are used all over the world, different methods taught by dedicated practitioners.  Only you won't find any of their methods one click away on the Internet.  I am happy to represent all of us dedicated professionals in responding to the very popular mistaken belief in The Quickie Method.

Let's compare The Quickie Method to more valid approaches to cutting cords of attachment.

The Quickie Method gives you a beautiful mood and, sometimes, a temporary experience of having cords of attachment removed.

Cutting cords with quality skills is a form of psychic-level surgery that removes a toxic flow of energy, without which, this energy will circulate 24/7 in your mind-body-spirit system, continuing until the very last day of your life. 

The Quickie Method is really, really easy.

Cutting cords with quality skills is not difficult.  Instead, it has steps to it -- in my system, 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment® I make each step as easy as can be, but each step must be included for results to be gained.  It's easy like a recipe.  

Quiche, for example, is fairly easy to make (and real men can bake it, just as they can eat it).  The Quickie Method is like saying "Take a few eggs and call it a quiche."  Cutting cords with quality skills, you will need a basic crust, eggs and cream, maybe a bit of broccoli, etc.  Once you find a dependable recipe, just follow it.  Really, it isn't that hard to make a delectable quiche.  For cutting cords properly, follow a recipe, too. 

The Quickie Method is simple.

Cutting cords with quality skills is not overly complicated.  Recently I overheard this comment when my Appointment Guy, Mitch (also my husband!) was speaking with a client.  "Last year, Rose lost a major book contract because she refused to dumb down her work."  I hadn't thought about it that way, but he was right.   

The Quickie Method enables you to cut all your cords at once.

Cutting cords with quality skills, the idea of removing all cords simultaneously is laughable.  Let's make an analogy about putting on makeup (Guys, I just know you have the creativity to turn this into an analogy about shaving that moustache and beard.) 

Putting on makeup properly need not be a two-hour job.  You might be able to do it adequately in under five minutes.  But you're still going to do the different parts separately, right?  Different little techniques are used on your overall complexion, plus eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, cheeks.  What would you think of someone who said this?  "Just ask God to put on all your makeup instantly.  Close your eyes and let us pray."  Afterwards, look in the mirror and see how well this method works for you.

The Quickie Method doesn't give you significant information about any cord being cut.

Cutting cords with quality skills, you will receive that information and use it in an appropriate way.  Without this part of the process, you cannot receive significant healing.

The Quickie Method is one-size-fits all.  Just like the finest designer clothing, right? ;-)

Cutting cords with quality skills, you will remove one cord of attachment at a time.  You will free up your relationship to one particular person from your present or past.  Doing this, you will receive quality insights.  You will grow in ways that matter for your unique and deeply personal journey of self-actualization.   

The Quickie Method is supposed to save you time, because you learn it fast.  Then you use it fast and your cords are all gone right away.  Actually, with all respect, this method wastes your time. 

Cutting cords with quality skills does save you time, ultimately.  Every cord you cut will be removed permanently, and you will not form any more cords to that individual. 

In my 20 years working in this field professionally, I have had clients who suffered for decades because of a relationship to a parent, an ex, an abuser, etc.  The clients tried every method of therapy they could find and it still didn't do the job completely.  What did?  Cutting that cord of attachment. 

I'm not going to promise that every problem in life can be solved in this way, but this is a very powerful modality.  Usually cords are cut well only by highly trained, experienced healers.  One of the goals for my new book was to find ways to teach anyone to cut cords with quality skill.  Yes, you can learn, even if you are a total newbie and even something of a skeptic.  You can learn provided that you are willing to take a little time, go step by step, and laugh at all the jokes in my book.  Oops, laughing at all my jokes is optional!

The Quickie Method works because every prayer we give to God is answered.

Cutting cords with quality skills works because Heaven helps those who help themselves.   

Yes, I believe every prayer will be answered, eventually, in its own perfect way.  But you have a human heart, intelligence and will.  You can learn skills.  Cutting cords of attachment is a way to co-create with spiritual source.  Even for the sake of your spiritual growth as a co-creator, the skill is well worth learning.


The Quickie Method is very appealing.  It's simple.  You can learn it really fast and use it really fast.

Of course, it's nice that this method comes free.  You don't have to pay $20 and invest a little time to learn a lifelong skill that will do a quality job, the way you would reading Cut Cords of Attachment and learning to do all the 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.

Most people can't see cords of attachment.  (In all fairness, you don't have to see them to cut them effectively, once you have good technique.)  All the more reason why, for some people, an empty promise works perfectly fine.  Someone says "This lovely meditation will cut all your cords" and who are you to know any better?

I'm here to say that you do deserve better.  If you want the enormous healing benefits of cutting cords properly, don't settle for a wish or an empty promise.   

There will always be people who just want to be able to say, "I have this skill" or, for that matter, "I'm in a love relationship."  Quality, what's that?   What these people care about most is owning the bragging rights.   

You know which kind of person you are.  If you want to cut cords properly, get skills! 




Cutting cords of attachment is an extremely efficient, easy way to heal your mind-body-spirit.  I wrote this book especially for you if you can recognize yourself as one of the following:

  • Psychologists, therapists, counselors, life coaches

  • Reiki Healers, chiropractors, all holistic healing practitioners

  • Psychics, mediums, channels for angelic healing

  • Regression Therapists and hypnotists

  • Self-healers, spiritual seekers
  • No, to buy this book you don't have to be ALL those things. Or even one of them!  But one of the distinctive things about this particular how-to is that it is aimed toward sophisticated readers.

    To find out why, and to learn the rest of the back story behind this book, see my blog entry titled "Publication Day." 

    How to Order

    Paperbacks available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

    Also available for Kindle, Nook, and at Kobo, e-Sentral, Scribd, and the iTunes Bookstore


    The Top 20 Techniques in THIS Book

    Since 1986, I have done sessions of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, cutting cords of attachment in person or over the telephone.  In 2004, I began training students to teach the method of 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment®.  

    To help my students become proficient in cutting cords of attachment, I developed a number of techniques you won't find elsewhere.  Here are my favorite 20 techniques from my how-to book, Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality: 

    1.  Create a Sacred Space

    2.  Request a Blessing of Light

    3.  Turn Negative Complaints into Positive Intention

    4.  Get Yourself Big

    5.  Call It, Read It

    6.  Before-and-After Pictures

    7.  See It, Read It

    8.  Touch It, Read It 

    9.  Locate a Cord by Questioning

    10. See the Cord of Attachment

    11. Feel the Cord's Position

    12. Activate Divine Homeostasis

    13. Note Physical Data from Cutting a Cord

    14. Probe to Find Missing Persons

    15. Prepare to Clear Sexual Abuse

    16. Heal Sexual Addiction

    17. Validate Physical or Emotional Abuse

    18. Flag No-Win Relationships

    19. Assign a Re-Programming Ceremony

    20. Embrace the Energy of Divine Beings


    Reading Group Guide

    1.  How did you first learn about cutting cords of attachment?

    2.  Have you ever had a cord cut, whether by yourself or someone else?  What were the results? 

    3.  Do you agree with the author that toxic energy from relationships can affect a person 24/7?  Have you had experiences where a person from your past still affected you?  How about a present relationship that tugs at you when the other person isn't physically present? 

    4.  There are many ways of interpreting influences from past relationships, e.g., traumatic influences from your formative years, tears in the a person's energy field, interpreting problems in a love relationship as proof that this person was not a true soul mate.  How have you interpreted these influences in the past?  What do you believe now?  

    5.  Every belief about relationship problems carries consequences.  What are the consequences of what you believe?  In Rosetree's model, she suggests that cords of attachment encode toxic patterns, and that these cords can be permanently cut without hurting anyone involved.  What are the consequences of this belief? 

    6.  All of us have past relationships that have caused difficulties beyond that relationship.  What is one such relationship for you?  What helped you? 

    7.  One of the most controversial ideas in the book is "The Energy Sandwich."  Have you tried making one?  What do you think of the author's perspective about different levels of energy being available for different purposes? 

    8.  This book introduces many techniques.  Did you try any of them?  What happened? 

    9.  The most controversial technique in the book may be "Call It, Read It." Active assignment: For a group exercise, pair off so that each person has a partner.  Give each partner paper and a pen.  Have a leader read out the instructions from that technique.

    10. Which story in the book surprised you most?  Moved you most? 

    11. Can you think of any especially difficult relationships in books you have read?  How might that relationship involve cords of attachment? Creative assignment: Don't just discuss.  Give book club members 10 minutes to write a "Dialog Box" for a cord between any two fictional characters.  Read them out like a miniature play and discuss. 

    Group activity:  Rosetree's discussion about gift sets includes a quiz that can be fun to take in the group.  You will find that quiz on page 83.  Discussing results in the group shows the great variety in people's gift sets. 

    After your book club meeting, why not share bigger?  You are cordially invited to send comments straight to Rose's blog, Deeper Perception Made Practical, and share with other book lovers.  Also, consider sharing your comments about this book at Library Thing and Shelfari. Thanks!

    For more information, see Learn About Cords of Attachment in the the FAQ section of this site. 


    How to Order

    Paperbacks available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble

    Also available for Kindle, Nook, and at Kobo, e-Sentral, Scribd, and the iTunes Bookstore