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Skilled Empath Merges Matter. Learn Why

Skilled Empath Merges. Do you know why they matter? Hey, are you even entirely sure what they are? Guess what! Here are 5 reasons why Skilled Empath Merges can matter to you.

Toni Morrison Celebrity Reading. Completed

Toni Morrison Celebrity Reading. Completing this aura reading of the beloved author and teacher. Probably we’ll find more inspiring aspects of her human presence. And what’s one more reason for respecting this author?

Toni Morrison Aura Reading for Physicality

Toni Morrison Aura Reading for Physicality. For more than one reason, “Beloved” is the word that comes to mind. According to this obit in the Washington Post, her students said: “She had this physical presence, this voice, that just took up space in this very magical way.”

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