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Aura Reading Fears & Doubts

Aura Reading Fears & Doubts. Have they been preventing you from gaining today’s new kind of literacy? Important to realize, that’s not the word literacy you already find indispensable. But energetic literacy: Bringing you extremely useful insights about everybody of interest to you.

Authentic Positivity Tips that Work. Part 5

Authentic Positivity Tips that Work Completing our series of five articles, this one is the most practical of all. Let me know if it helps you. I developed these as an Enlightenment Coach. Namely, somebody who aims to help you with personal growth and spiritual awakening. To the max!

Trump Impeachment Trial. Don’t Do Nothing.

Trump Impeachment Trial. Yes, that’s happening now in America. Every American I know (self included) has strong feeling about this. Likewise many of you outside the U.S. What matters, at this pivotal time in U.S. history?

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