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Grow or Hate. Independence Day

Grow or Hate. Because Independence Day choices are yours, choices to make every day. Here’s an Energy Spirituality perspective on how to make the best choices for you.

Carl Reiner Communicator Chakra Databanks

Carl Reiner Communicator Chakra Databanks. Let’s honor this great communicator of American comedy. Maybe not a 2,000 Year Old Man. But he did manage to live for 98 years. Not bad. As you may know, he died recently. Just four days ago, on June 29. Given that he did have to go eventually, how lovely…

Communicator Chakra Databanks for Aura Reading

Communicator Chakra Databanks. Announcing a new array for probing the auras of people who communicate. Note the name: communicaTOR. Not simply communiCATION. Wait until you find out how useful this can be for you! Just keep reading.

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