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Doing Something PRODUCTIVE. Not Just Something.

Doing Something PRODUCTIVE. Something productive about being a Highly Sensitive Person, that is. Or an HSP who is also an empath. Quite different from doing “something, anything” to help yourself! Although many people don’t make that distinction, do they? Instead, if it’s popular, and it seems to make sense, and especially it keeps you busy…

Today’s Sweet Swap. A Free Aura Reading.

Today’s Sweet Swap is complete now. But… Welcome to all of you who seek to share inspiration. And thanks so much to all of you who have entered within the time constraints that made this fun sharing manageable for me. Although the aura reading opportunity in this post is over, the fun sure isn’t. Please…

Empath’s Clarity Quiz. Super-Practical!

Empath’s Clarity Quiz aims to help you develop much-needed discernment, especially important when you’re offered so many coping tips for empaths. Simply by taking this quiz, you’ll win practical clarity. Gaining the ability to save yourself time — and maybe even protect yourself. Definitely after taking this quiz, and reading ANSWERS in our next post,…

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