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Tribal Belonging. What Does that Mean to You?

Tribal Belonging may have many meanings for you. Yes, this article stands as Part 4 of a series about Preemie GEORGINA. But we’ll go on to explore what social (or tribal) belonging means. Including what it means now, in The Age of Awakening.

Creatively Resourceful YOU! Workshop for Personal Growth

Creatively Resourceful YOU, please try this thought experiment. See how you like it. Because there’s more to creativity than you may think. Imagine this. Your name is Pat, and your best friend is bragging on you. Telling another person all about you. Somehow you get to eavesdrop. Hearing how your friend is listing all your…

Joy-Finder Preemie INSPIRATION

Joy-Finder Preemie Inspiration. Here’s our third glimpse into the inner life of preemie GEORGINA. You might want to bring some hankies for this one. Because even incubators can experience personal growth.

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