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Disturbing New Thoughts of Hatred and Prejudice

Disturbing New Thoughts of Hatred and Prejudice. Have you noticed thoughts like these lately, nibbling at the corners of your mind? Specifically, I’m calling out disgusting labels that stereotype people. Lately have they been appearing in your mind? I hadn’t really noticed it consciously. Not until yesterday. When an uncommonly perceptive, honest client gave voice…

Self-Healing, Energy Healing, Sophistication! Newsletter Announcement

Self-Healing…. Has your understanding grown over the years? Or is it, to you, more like “Old Faithful.” Like a dependable, warm source of comfort? Even before the June issue of my newsletter arrives at your in-box, let’s share some tales. Which kind of tales? Tales about “Self-Healing and Me.”

William Jackson Harper Aura Reading TV Review

William Jackson Harper Aura Reading TV Review. Especially fun if you’re a fan of one of my favorite TV shows, “The Good Place.” I’ll be doing a comparison aura reading, one chakra databank at a time. Comparing the actor to his role on that show.

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