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Incubator Baby, Harsh Unhappiness. Preemie Research Part Two

Incubator Baby. Continuing to explore the experience of GEORGINA while in an incubator, what was her experience like on a bad day? Here’s more insight into the life of a preemie. Besides waking up your heart of compassion, today’s post just make you feel much-much better about your life right now. Before you read further,…

Right Side Up. April Newsletter Announcement

Right Side Up. Here’s your preview of the highly practical April issue of “Reading Life Deeper.” Free and highly empowering! Find a Mirror. Check It Out

Preemie Blessing for GEORGINA. Guest Post Part One

Preemie Blessing. Spending month after month in an incubator, what did little GEORGINA receive? Unexpected inspiration is yours, Blog-Buddies, from this three-part blog post. Besides that, today you’ll learn about three of earth’s major illusions. Because they sure can show in certain chakra databanks.

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