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Quirky Home Comforts. Celebrating Our Humanity

Quirky Home Comforts. Today let’s celebrate our humanity by sharing some of the wacky little things we have — or do — in order to live more comfortably.

Our second Carnivore Diet enthusiast

Yes, Blog-Buddies, I’ve just researched James Riley, who calls himself “theketocoder” on Instagram. He provided before-and-after pictures of his physique, completing 30 days on the Carnivore Diet. And, even though he probably never considered this aspect, his aura showed in those photos too! You’ll find this comparison aura reading over at our main post about…

New Contest Backstory. Starring Terry Gross

New Contest Backstory. Just in case you’re curious how I come up with the ideas for contests at this blog. Sometimes my inspiration can be strange. So far, none has been more annoying — or, in retrospect, funnier — than this.

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