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Identical Lookalikes? Hardly. Newsletter Announcement

Identical Lookalikes? Oh, a merry time we’ll have, bringing new perspective to those many, many paired photos around… of people who supposedly look alike. Have you ever been told you “look exactly like” somebody else? Or have you stumbled upon any of the (innumerable) articles online with titles like these? These 13 Celebrity Lookalikes Will…

Curiosity Questions Contest. For Fun and Learning.

Curiosity Questions Contest. Already I’ve shared with you WHY I came up with the idea for this contest. Now here we are. And our latest contest will use Deeper Perception in one form or another, aiming to answer three of your questions. What kind of questions? Three questions you’ve got about a public figure. Curiosity…

Quirky Home Comforts. Celebrating Our Humanity

Quirky Home Comforts. Today let’s celebrate our humanity by sharing some of the wacky little things we have — or do — in order to live more comfortably.

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