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Encouraging Aura Readers. 10 Q&As

Encouraging Aura Readers. How easy is it, gaining energetic literacy? Surprisingly easy. Unless you fall into certain habits. Very understandable habits! Quite common today. Yet extremely easy to overcome. Today’s article could do the trick. Encouraging Aura Readers, Let’s Do Some Q&A

Misty Copeland Aura Reading, Concluded

Misty Copeland Aura Reading Concluded. What will we explore? How the great ballerina gets along with her body. And in ways not directly about her physical body. Fierce! Athletic! In so many ways this dancer radiates power. Dominating the theater wherever she performs. But many aura-type questions remain unanswered. Like, what’s going on within this…

2 Easy Ways to Help Spread the Word about RES

Greetings, everyone. An internet-smart reader just sent me this in an email: As often as I remember to, I have been heading to your Blog through a browser search result link vs via a bookmark. That should, in theory, make your blog come up higher in the results, over time. If you can do that, I’d…

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