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Sexual BALANCE Chakra Databank Array

Sexual BALANCE Chakra Databanks? Sure. Why not? Today I’m introducing you to a new set of chakra databanks. This one’s designed to help us to learn how different people emphasize sex. Strongly emphasize it. Ignore it. Make it part of a self-actualizing life. Or whatever. Next week, I’m aiming to publish a couple of blog…

Cut Cords of Attachment to PLACES

Have you ever wondered whether you might have some of these cords to remove? What’s your gut feeling?

President Zelensky Aura Reading

President Zelensky Aura Reading. After all that bribery pressure, Ukrainian President Zelensky has been through such an ordeal! How’s his aura doing? Yes, Volodymyr Zelensky is one of the names you hear most often regarding the Trump Impeachment Inquiry. Or, at least, the Zelensky part. Please note, his first name “Volodymyr” might sound too close…

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