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Add Water. Lessons from My Garden

“Add Water” why? How? Today’s article brings spiritual upliftment from my garden. Because you don’t have to be a gardener to benefit from a certain secret of happiness.

Impeachment Inquiry Aura Readings

Impeachment Inquiry Aura Readings. Bring ’em on! Let’s bring the insights of chakra databank – level insights. Sharing aura readings at a historic time in America. You’re invited to participate, and invite your friends.

What Is STUFF? (And Growing Past It)

What Is STUFF? Energy Spirituality uses the word “STUFF” to mean something very specific. Find out what, and you’ll take a big step forward in your personal growth. First of All, What Inspired Today’s Post? Recently, here at the blog, we’ve been talking Miscarriages and Abortions. Quite a lively discussion, as always. And respectful.

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