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First Full RES 2019 Workshop Description Goes Live Today

First Full RES 2019 Workshop Description. Now that the first full description’s complete, the rest will come into life quicker. Blog-Buddies, I’m so grateful that today I can announce to you…. A detailed description of one of my new workshops: Spot Liars, Cheaters, and Saints. Okay, you’d guessed by now. But still, hooray!

Horrible-Horrible Weekend. A Weirdly Inspiring Tale

Horrible-Horrible Weekend. What happened in this cautionary tale? For starters, it was NOT Joe’s fault. But it sure became his learning opportunity. Here’s what happened.

New-Exciting Pathways Expo Booth + My 3-19 Newsletter

New-Exciting Pathways Expo Booth. What’s new? And what’s exciting? Also, scroll down to Comment #3, below. You’ll see how I’m sandwiching in my usual Newsletter Announcement for “Reading Life Deeper.” (Want to subscribe? Find instructions toward the end of my last — and more typical — Newsletter Announcement.) For years, Pathways Magazine has sponsored a…

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