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Grounding Personal Energies. Required for Success?

Grounding Personal Energies. Supposedly it’s the key to success, spiritual evolution, energetic protection, & sex appeal! Well, happy day! Today we’ll question “being grounded.” Because you just might learn something that could serve you far better.

Grounding, Guest Post

  “Dear All: I just started reading Rose’’s book “Empowered by Empathy” [Note to Readers from Rose, as this is now out of date and out of print (!) I recommend starting with Empath Empowerment in 30 Days] and true to fashion am reading it in bits and pieces, …needless to say, the grounding section…

Spiritual Hypochondria, Energy Hypochondria.

Spiritual Hypochondria is one of those beautiful ideals… that can slow down your spiritual progress. And suck a lot of the joy out of your life. Ironically, who’s most at risk? People who care passionately about personal growth. Or spiritual awakening. Or both! In this article, I’ll clarify the meaning of Spiritual Hypochondria. Let’s explore…

The New Strong — Free Intro

Introducing "The New Strong Collection" Do you ever feel stuck in your personal growth, ready for more but you’re just not sure what? Not knowing which way to turn, you may find yourself doing more and more energy work, yet getting fewer results. Or you may be analyzing yourself more and more. Feeling, as always,...

Misty Copeland ATHLETE Aura Reading for Physicality

Misty Copeland ATHLETE Aura Reading. We’ll be using our new set of chakra databanks. Researching this ballerina’s physicality. What is it like, being in that mega-athletic bodybodybodybodybody?

Kate Upton Aura Reading for Physicality

Kate Upton Aura Reading for Physicality. Researching a highly successful SEX SYMBOL. This article could be a great introduction to energetic literacy. And how we can apply it to people in different walks of life.

Physicality Chakra Databanks List

Physicality Chakra Databanks List. This is just for reference. In future articles, I may invite you to do your own aura readings. Before reading mine. Fun! Would you like to read people deeper? Curious, in particular, about this physicality set of chakra databanks? Here’s an introduction.

Physicality Chakra Databanks. Essential for Sex Appeal

Physicality Chakra Databanks. When you’ve got good aura reading skills, you can use different sets of chakra databanks to learn about people. It’s such a fascinating adventure! In particular, it’s exciting to advance the field of Energy Spirituality Aura READING. Because I’ve recently co-created a way to research physicality… with more fascinating detail than ever…

Sex Symbol’s Aura Reading. Newsletter Announcement

Sex Symbol’s Aura Reading. Arguably, doing this for the first time ever, I’m aiming to answer two questions: How can you read the aura of a movie star who’s famous for being sexy? (As in, which chakra databanks to choose.) How does such a person relate to having his or her body? (To the owner,…

Spiritually Sparkling® 101 Essential Knowledge and Skills

Taking this workshop is like going to Energy College. Because you'll learn high-level, energy-based skills for emotional and spiritual growth. Not only will you learn. This workshop is designed to help you to own the knowledge. Like discovering how to use “cleaning supplies” that bring discernment and make each healing personal, to you, in human...