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Leslie Nielsen, Tossing the Ray of Shiva

Where in Leslie Nielsen’s energy field does the braininess show? Besides energy fields, what science-fiction-like weapon does he wield in order to destroy at whim?

Skilled Empath Merge with Tina Fey

Brighten your day with Tina Fey… and this Skilled Empath Merge.

Odd Nerdrum. Aura Reading of a Kitch Painter.

Maybe you have never heard of the semi-famous artist Odd Nerdrum. Maybe you won’t be inspired by paintings like “Self-Portrait as a Dog.”

Yet you still might find it fascinating to read about Odd Nerdrum’s aura. I did.

Gen Xers, Reading the Aura of One of Your Own, Comedian Chris Rock

Gen Xer Chris Rock has the aura of a happy empath. He also has celebrity galore, but lacks the typical celebrity’s “Look at me, I’m famous!” attitude.

Aura Reading of Bad Boy Kanye West

Kanye West’s brand is described in this aura reading. What is the special edge that he brings to his bad boy role?

Aura Reading Movie Reviews Begin with Oscar Nominee Michael Keaton in "Birdman"

Energetic literacy research as film criticism — here it starts for Academy Awards in 2015. How many Chakra Databank CHANGE Points will Michael Keaton score for his role as Birdman?

Crone Power. An Aura Reading of Elaine Stritch

Elaine Stritch was the personification of salt and lemon and grit, an inspiration to crones all over America. The performer had more charm that you might have thought. At least more than I thought… before doing an aura reading with “The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks.”

David Corn Aura Reading

David Corn Aura Reading. Sure, let’s investigate the investigator. He has become the story for many Americans who plan to vote in our next election.

Knighted Terry Pratchett, Aura Reading

According to AMANDA’s winning contest entry, “His Discworld novels have provided me with more pleasure than even Hogwarts, and in very much the same way: they are human, humane and humourous, and what a world he’s created for his readers to enjoy!”

It sure was a pleasure to read this aura and, funnily enough, as things turned out, Sir. Terry Pratchett is now #141 on my Enlightenment Life List. Learn how I made the discovery….

Aura Reading Russell Brand

  Blog-Buddies, Internet working here for the first time in a week, finally I can do a blog post. And what perfect timing, because all of us Mid-Atlantic folks who were wallopped by the derecho storm could use some extra humor. Even before leaving for England, I had chosen three different comedians to receive aura reading posts…