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Trump Impeachment Aura Readings

Trump Impeachment Aura Readings. Bring ’em on! Starting standouts from the televised Impeachment Inquiry. Let’s bring the insights of chakra databank – level insights. Sharing aura readings at a historic time in America. You’re invited to participate, and invite your friends.

Trump Aura. Energy Spirituality Perspective

Trump Aura Reading continues to bring an Energy Spirituality perspective. That means using energetic literacy skills. Not a psychic reading. Nor New Age energy reading. But today’s energetic literacy skills. Read and then feel free to comment below. What leaps out at you, as I describe Trump’s energies and SUBCONSCIOUS state of mind?

Trump’s Aura 2019. Detective Work

Trump’s Aura in 2019. What’s going on with him energetically? Has he changed since my YouTube video, reading his aura as a Presidential Candidate? Actually, the answer is yes. Somewhat and hideously, yes. Which is why the Aura Detective Work I’m about to do for you… May fascinate you as much as it fascinated me……

Trump as Second Coming of Christ.

Trump as Second Coming of Christ? Or earth’s Spiritual KING? Sure, the idea may seem ludicrous, preposterous, revolting. Or to use a technical term, coo-coo. And yet many Evangelicals now consider the Donald to be the Second Coming of Christ. More on that later in this article. But first, aura reading to the rescue. The…

Avoid Political Hypnosis. Especially from Trump

Avoid Political Hypnosis. Especially from Trump. Although quite a lot of that is going on these days. Today’s article will alert you to a certain kind of political hypnosis. Following that, I’ll share some simple precautions you can take. Honestly! Is it okay if somebody forces unethical hypnosis upon you? Quite regularly! Probably you’d prefer…

Melania Trump Aura. Does It Proclaim Her Great Love of Motherhood? Really?

Melania Trump Aura. Oh, I’m curious now, after so many media stories that all gave the same line, how very much Melania loves motherhood. Let’s explore!

Do Not Cut Your Own Cords of Attachment to People Like Trump

Do not cut your cord of attachment to Donald Trump. Or to or other people like Trump, people who are in extreme spiritual addiction. Please, consider yourself warned. Either book a session with an RES expert or do nothing. That’s smarter. Fortunately this topic came up today in some comments at 7 Tips to Stay Safe Energetically.

Truth Light. What You Can Do During the Trump Years.

Truth Light is a form of spiritual volunteer work. Can you take two minutes a day to help send the light of spiritual truth into America and the world?

Because if you are, today I will teach you one way to do that.

Pray for Trump? I Sure Can.

I really do plan to pray every day for Donald Trump and his family. Here’s why.

How to Survive a Trump Presidency

How can we bear it? How can we survive a Trump Presidency? Here comes my perspective as a teacher of personal growth.

And as an Enlightenment Coach.