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Aura Reading a Recovering Alcoholic. Part Two.

What’s the big shocker in my aura reading of recovering alcoholic JOE? Potentially many pieces of information. For me, the biggest deal involved the number 5,000,000.

Overall, alcohol works differently in the Age of Awakening. Protect yourself by not drinking spirits.

A Recovering Alcoholic in The Age of Awakening

What I saw by accident on a recovering alcohlic’s face was — quite simply — grotesque. What did it mean?

Aura reading skills bring perspective on booze.

Enlightenment Came After She Said NO to Alcohol

Before moving into Enlightenment, KLYIE learned to say NO to alcohol. Her guest post is a very Age of Awakening story about personal growth!

Your Memo from The Age of Awakening: Avoid Drinking Alcohol

Get the memo: Avoid drinking alcohol, even if you’ve been fine with social drinking. Because recreational substances impact people differently in The Age of Awakening. Find out why!

What can alcohol, cocaine, and pot do to a person energetically?

Ever wonder what happens to a person’s aura when drunk? What does pot do to a person’s energy? Here’s our first post on the topic of rehabilitation to include alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine.

Becoming Sensitive. Can You Turn Yourself into an HSP?

Becoming Sensitive? Maybe you’ve been wondering, “Can I learn how to become a Highly Sensitive Person?” (For short, an HSP.) Realistically, honestly, what can you do? If you yearn to develop more sensitivity, are you doomed to disappointment?

Mindfulness Meditation. Recommended If You Hate Yourself

  Mindfulness Meditation? The idea sounds so sweet, so reasonable. Who wouldn’t like to be more “mindful”? But read the research here, done with RES consciousness-probing skills that haven’t yet gone mainstream. The research I share with you today might change your mind about the alleged benefits. Yes, I’ll be giving you a warning. For…

Magic Mushrooms. Legal? Really?

Magic Mushrooms. Does it fill you with joy to know that using hallucinogenic mushrooms is legal now in a major American city? Let’s explore the juicy details, including some found in auras. First, the Weird Political Situation Just in case you didn’t think American life could get any weirder, guess what?

Decisions Made. Decisions Regretted. Paying an Extra Price?

Decisions Made. Decisions Regretted. Today, together, we can solve a certain kind of decision making problem. Or, at least, start solving it. Because this week I’ve had a couple of reminders. Some people are fine with making decisions. They don’t agonize so much on the decision-making end. But hoo-boy, do they ever agonize over decisions…

Javier Bardem Aura Reading for “Villain Talent”

Javier Bardem Aura Reading will explore a curiosity question that strikes me as hilarious. How come this good-looking movie star is so good at playing villains? If we didn’t have aura reading to help us we might be reduced to guessing. Such as: