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Farewell, Anorexic Ideal

Today’s article brings you two poignant tales concerning childhood confusions about beauty. Join us as we explore The Anorexic Ideal and how it can affect us.

Not eating enough to suit one’s own body? Sure, that is common in a culture that urges women to emulate the physique of a coat hanger or a Barbie doll.

But what happens when you stop to read the aura of someone who has been pursuing The Anorexic Ideal? Self-starvation blares like an ambulance siren (or a stifled shriek of habitual anguish).

How The Anorexic Ideal hurts women of my generation, a guest post by Jordan

Confidence courtesy of Photoshop, cosmetic surgery and self-starvation — perspective from a 22-year-old skilled empath.

Face Reading for "The Anorexic Ideal," Part Two

Two more ways, as a face reader, that you can spot a possible problem with becoming victimized by The Anorexic Ideal. And what the self-starvation standard has to do with “Civil Inattention.”

Face Reading Three Signs of The Anorexic Ideal. Part One

Are you bothered by the glorification in pop culture of what I call “The Anorexic Ideal”? Face reading offers three clues to extreme thinness. This article is the first time I’ve spoken up on this aspect of physiognomy. Because, really, enough is enough.

Beauty Ideals that Turn Ugly ENERGETICALLY

Which are the astral problems associated with beauty ideals today? How can forms of energy healing help? Meanwhile what can be fixed in human ways, and only ordinary human ways?

Weight Gossip. Guest Post by Adam McIntosh

Weight Gossip . And why acupuncturist ADAM MC INTOSH doesn’t believe in bullying patients about their weight. As for society’s Anorexic Ideal? That’s awful.

What I Would Want from Aura Reading, If I Were Jessica Chastain

What practical uses of aura reading might interest Jessica Chastain? Okay, I didn’t write that for her but more for YOU, Blog-Buddies. It’s my shortcut to avoid writing 2,000 different blog posts today — or however many would be needed to include every one of you.

A theme, illustrated in today’s post? Psssst, it just had to be given an honorable mention: The Anorexic Ideal.

Face Reading Lady Gaga’s Cosmetic Surgery

Lady Gaga changed inwardly as a result of the big cosmetic surgeries. But that hardly healed her inwardy, helpful though the changes may have been for helping her conform to The Anorexic Ideal and, more specifically, The Blonde Barbie Beauty Ideal.

Alysse Hallali Face Reading. Dieter’s Jaws & More

Alysse Hallali Face Reading. This immensely talented writer-director-actress is the star of “Alice in Paris.” What does she bring to that role? If you use Face Reading Secrets® , it’s easy to tell: Alysse has a face full of talent. Here’s a delightful little sample of her writing: Quirky, joyful, and smart-smart-smart.

Forging Steel. 3 Tips for Gaining More Power

Probably you don’t do it in your home. Since forging steel requires quite a bit of equipment. For thousands of years it’s been made, beginning with the crucible process. Even today, there’s nothing casual about making steel. If you think the process is easy, I’ve got two words for you: blast furnace. Yet all that…