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Auric Modeling at the Shopping Mall, the Enlightenment Eye Flash and More

How do you look at strangers at the mall? Learn about the Enlightenment Eye Flash and more.

Auric Modeling, the purpose of your life

Auric modeling is real. As part of what makes it such a big deal, consider that auric modeling really could be considered the spiritual purpose of your life.

What Is Auric Modeling?

Auric modeling is real. That part isn’t in dispute. The controversy surrounds whether you wish to believe in it or not, whether you wish to improve yours, when you will make it your business in life to get the skills required for reading auric modeling in yourself and others.

Here is a practical guide to one of the most important things to learn about yourself right now. Keep reading the Q&A parts of today’s article, because there are many, many practical questions to ask and answer on the topic of auric modeling.

Trump as Spiritual King? First Discovery, Auric Overlay

Trump as Spiritual King? Sure, the idea may seem ludicrous, preposterous, revolting. Or to use a technical term, coo-coo. And yet many Evangelicals now consider the Donald to be the Second Coming of Christ. More on that later in this article. But first, aura reading to the rescue. The sanity rescue! Because energetic literacy tells…

Magnetize Money Profile of bestselling author Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer sure doesn’t talk much about Law of Attraction, yet she definitely knows how to attract wealth and prosperity. What can we learn from her auric modeling?

Aura Reading Emma Stone for Charm

A lifetime can be exceptionally challenging when we incarnate as exceptionally gorgeous, or rich, or famous, or politically powerful. The sort of auric modeling developed by Emma Stone is quite typical, revealing the ugly side of being so very beautiful. After three face reading articles on her, today’s aura reading adds extra insight.

Removing Brain Fog with Help from Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES)

A way to avoid brain fog that can also be a form of spiritual leadership. Join all of us who are leading collective consciousness, developing auric modeling that demonstrates how to live a pretty balanced life — even during these early days and years of the new Age of Aquarius.

When FAME CRAVING Distorts Natural Charm

Interested in protecting yourself from fake charm? Educate yourself about auric modeling and energetic literacy.

Holding fast to Obamacare and to Enlightenment. Aura reading the American President

The political steadiness of Barack Obama is becoming legendary. Yet I wondered how he has been doing in his auric modeling, since it’s hard to imagine greater challenge. His signature achievement so far, law of the land for years, is being attacked yet again. What does his aura show, on Happy Birthday for America’s first ever Health Exchanges? Not coincidentally the day of the third government shutdown in American history.

If you are interested in the power of collective consciousness… And if you have noticed that people act according to their level of consciousness… You may draw inspiration from today’s aura reading.

Aura Reading for Guidance on Sex Appeal

Want guidance about sex appeal? I’d recommend starting with awareness of many energies that can be mislabeled, consciously, as sex appeal. Then use Energetic Literacy to appreciate the impact of auric modeling.

Or just see if common sense helps you relate to the examples provided here.