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Cary Grant Charm. Yeah, Charm Wiki!

Cary Grant Charm. After all that money and success-oriented aura reading, let’s have return to another emphasis for aura reading: Charm.

How It Feels When You Naturally Ooze Charm. A Guest Post by SYLVIA

What a sweet and fascinating guest post from charming SYLVIA. I do recommend that you read all the way down to the thrilling conclusion.

Aura Reading Emma Stone for Charm

A lifetime can be exceptionally challenging when we incarnate as exceptionally gorgeous, or rich, or famous, or politically powerful. The sort of auric modeling developed by Emma Stone is quite typical, revealing the ugly side of being so very beautiful. After three face reading articles on her, today’s aura reading adds extra insight.

Jimmy Fallon, Aura Reading with The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks

That adorable Jimmy Fallon, a certified nice guy. But does he have charm? That very rare gift is being explored in our Charm Wiki, thanks to energetic literacy skills.

Warning: Read this article and you may love Jimmy Fallon more than ever.

Tom Cavanagh, a Skilled Empath Merge and Charm Wiki Guest Post by JULIE

Our new Charm-Wiki continues with a fabulously perceptive guest post by JULIE, who uses Skilled Empath Merge to explore what really, really goes on to make Canadian actor Tom Cavanaugh so adorable.

Charm Wiki. A Contest.

Charm Wiki. Join us as we do aura reading, face reading, and skilled empath merge to probe the mysteries of charm. Contest announcement!

Charm Collection, Chakra Databanks

Charm Collection, Chakra Databanks — Brand new aura research at this blog.

In Praise of Charm. How to Use Energetic Literacy to Find Charm in Chakra Databanks

In praise of charm. And reading chakra databanks.

Aura Reading a Big Charmer, Rob Lowe

One actor I like, who just oozes adorb, is Rob Lowe. Energetic literacy can reveal some big differences between being attractive, likeable, sexy, or winsome… versus charming. So let’s read Rob’s aura, down to some chakra databanks that are part of “The Charm Collection of Chakra Databanks.”

Remembering, Re-Experiencing, Maya Angelou with an Aura Reading for Charm

Surprising, inspiring — would you expect anything less from aura reading the fierce and talented Maya Angelou?