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A Crystal Meth-Flavored Cord of Attachment

An RES session that removed a crystal meth-flavored cord of attachment? Yep. And the contents of that cord gives insight into a crystal meth high.

Cutting a Cord of Attachment Involving Crystal Meth

Cutting a cord of attachment helped my client to move on from taking crystal meth. Cutting these energy cords can help a client get a new start in life.

Skilled Empath Merge with the Hope Diamond. My First Publicly-Posted Research as a Crystal Empath.

Today I’ll give you the results of doing a Skilled Empath Merge with a crystal. And not just any sample of earth’s mineral kingdom but the famous Hope Diamond.

And yes, this will be the first time I have ever published online this kind of energetic literacy research.

Maybe aura photos can help me express something tricky to communicate

What is an aura picture good for? Here are some ideas, and a set of aura photographs that document Skilled Empath Merge.

Crystal Empath Aura Experience

Crystal empath aura photos. They show me doing different Skilled Empath Merges with different semi-precious stones.

Technically “semi-precious but way precious to me.

Opioid Addict Aura Reading

Opioid Addict Aura Reading. What is it like to be among the estimated 2 million Americans who are now addicted to opioids? Back in 2017, I promised to share an aura reading like this with you. Just so you could have an idea of the typical consequences of taking oxycondone or heroin. Well, I’ve put…

How to Recognize and Avoid Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Avoid the consciousness lifestyle of extreme spiritual addiction? Sure you can. This is a practical article to bring you peace of mind, energetically and spiritually. Our earlier post on this topic was related: Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Why Is It So Common in Celebrities NOW? There you learned about the extent of extreme spiritual addiction among today’s celebrities. (Did…

10 Best Articles Cords of Attachment

Are you are new to learning about cutting cords of attachment? Here are articles that can help you.

How I would help a client in recovery from pot, heroin, or other drugs

How can you help people in recovery from substance abuse? Let’s get practical.

Betty White Comparison Aura Reading

Betty White Comparison Aura Reading. How fascinating, our recent face reading of the popular actress! (Especially all your comments, Blog-Buddies. Thank you.) Now let’s read Betty even deeper. Because we’re not just going to do an aura reading. This will be a comparison aura reading.