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Pot, Marijuana, Grass, Weed, Ayahuasca, Other Drugs — Top 10 Articles

Ready to say no to pot (marijuana, grass, weed, dope, cannabis), ayuhuasca, and other drugs? Learn how Rosetree Energy Spirituality (RES) can help.

Energetically and psychologically, what is the price to be paid for drug tourism for spiritual purposes? Does drug taking for recreational use really make a person happier long term? Energetic literacy can really help to sort through the claims versus the sad reality. Here are our Top 10 articles on aura reading the effects of taking drugs.

Answering your latest questions about marijuana

It’s terribly, terribly sad when someone you love has a problem with pot. The purpose of today’s post is to offer the perspective I have gained from Energy Spirituality, especially from working with courageous clients who have decided to stop smoking marijuana. And from work with long-term clients, also courageous, who had to figure out how to deal with a significant other who was a pothead.

I don’t think there are any quick, easy answers. But there is hope.

How you can change the media conversation about marijuana

At an important time in collective consciousness, you can play a powerful role in helping the public to learn about problems with pot that don’t necessarily show on the surface level of life. But do problems with marijuana show with Stage Three Energetic Literacy? Hoo-boy, do they ever!

Just 10 minutes of volunteer time from you (with media contact) could make a huge difference.

An energy healer's perspective on marijuana. A guest post by Linda Stone.

Why do we have so many articles about cannabis at a blog devoted to Deeper Perception Made Practical? Because techniques for aura reading and Skilled Empath Merge bring a natural high.

And also because aura reading makes it easy to research the consequences of drug use, reading pot smokers at the level of chakra databanks (a.k.a. The nadis).

Knowledge can help protect you from today’s pressures to smoke weed.

RES Helps Self-Healing from a Marijuana Habit. A Guest Post.

RES can help with recovery from the habit of smoking pot. Self-healing with RES skills can bring freedom from the old drug habit.

Aura Reading Debunks Medical Use of Marijuana

  Blog-Buddies, recently we’ve been having intense conversations around Aura Reading and how it reveals major problems with smoking pot. One conversation relates to my recent email on Aura Reading and Pot excerpted on “All Things Considered.” Another is the Aura Reading of a Pothead, where Comment #20 came in today from Mary:

My Aura Reading Comment on Marijuana on NPR

Listen to sound bite with Rose on NPR Today, “All Things Considered.”

Magic Mushrooms. Legal? Really?

Magic Mushrooms. Does it fill you with joy to know that using hallucinogenic mushrooms is legal now in a major American city? Let’s explore the juicy details, including some found in auras. First, the Weird Political Situation Just in case you didn’t think American life could get any weirder, guess what?

God Wants What from Me?

God Wants WHAT from me? Today’s article is for you if you’d really like to know, What does God want me to do? What is my purpose? For you, is that a fear? As in, If I don’t find out what God wants me to do, my life will be a waste. Or do you…

Academy Awards 2019 Vacation

Academy Awards 2019 Vacation. This was the year with no host for the broadcast. Also, for me it was a first year in ages: Rose Rosetree didn’t watch. Neither did I do advance reviews of nominated acting performances. Maybe just for this year. Maybe not. No need to decide right now about future years! Meanwhile,…