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Molecular Empath Seiji Ozawa, Joyful in the Spotlight… All the Way Down to His Chakra Databanks

You’re invited to sign up for my newsletter in time for the February issue this Monday. Then you can read about the joyful aura of conductor Seiji Ozawa, who just won his first Grammy at the age of 80.

Aura Reading Molecular Empath Yves Béhar

Inspiration aplenty is yours from today’s aura reading research of Yves Béhar, a molecular empath. And, some would say, also a genius.

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi

Molecular Empath Masaaki Hatsumi. Today’s Skilled Empath Merge can bring insight into this renowned martial artist and energy healer.

Molecular Empath Contest, Results CONCLUDED

Blog-Buddies, today’s post can help you to gain a more practical understanding of what it means to be an empath of any kind, gifts that are at the level of consciousness and energy, not speech or action.

I found all the nominees fascinating, whether or not they turned out to have the rare gift of “Molecular Empath.” Hope you enjoy this research process as much as I did.

Molecular Empath Contest, Results BEGUN

Surprises abound. Among our first four entries, there are two molecular empaths, one new addition to our Enlightenment Life List, and a talented man who is, in all likelihood, a drug addict. Bring your aura reading skills and check out these folks for yourself!

Molecular Empath Contest, Nominating a creative public figure for an aura reading

Let’s have us some molecular empath fun here with a new contest that will be live through March 21, 2012. And, softie that I am, even for the non-winning entries, I will comment about each entry if that nominee is, or isn’t a molecular empath.

Being in the Presence of a Molecular Empath

“I can’t say I had words for what I was experiencing. I just felt like this person had 10,000 eyes.”

Blog-Buddies, enjoy some words of wisdom and experience from this guest post. Like this empath coach Rose Rosetree, ANONYMOUS is both a molecular empath and a skilled empath.

Special Treatment for Molecular Empaths

This pssssst is of special interest for all of you clients who are molecular empaths. Not that there are loads of you, but some of you definitely are. When I have been in session with you, I have told you so. Well, what’s up with that?

Plus I want to share with all you empaths (and non-empaths) why normally I will not name the nature of any empath gifts that you might have.

Although you might have me do aura reading research about somebody else’s empath gifts, or lack of them.

Molecular Empaths

What is a molecular empath? How can you recognize one? What can you do if you ARE one?

Today’s article is meant to be a kind of one-stop shopping trip into the world of molecular empaths, inspired by popular demand. I hope to clear up confusion around the term “psychic empath” and also share some of my personal experience as a molecular empath.

Mentoring Program Graduate Suzanne-Marie + Molecular Empaths

Suzanne-Marie is the very first, ever, anywhere on earth, this lifetime, graduate of Rose Rosetree’s Mentoring Program in Energy Spirituality. Learn more about her work here.