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Success Price. Paying the Price for Cookbook Success.

Success Price. Let’s return to the theme of many an article here. Although it’s been years since we’ve had a blog conversation about “paying the price.” To get in the mood, search here on “Pay the Price.” You’ll find loads of past articles on this theme. Especially a lot of guest posts. Or simply ask yourself:…

Paying the Price as an Empath. A Guest Post by LILIAN

Honest — verging on raw — multi-talented empath LILIAN presents a guest post where she shares her current perspective on being born as an empath. Thank you, LILIAN!

As a Piano Prodigy, Paying the Price. A Guest Post by Mark

Ever wish you could have the talent of somebody else? Then you might want to take a look at Mark’s guest post.

Paying the Price of Beauty. A Guest Post by LYNETTE

What is the price to be paid for beauty? Feel the power of this guest post from a woman who is neither vain nor ungrateful. But she is searingly honest. LYNETTE writes about her surprising, personal discovery of the power of face reading.

Paying the Price for My College Degree. A Guest Post by EMILY T.

Check out EMILY’s tale of educational triumph, modestly told. Read between the lines and you’ll find an extraordinary person who still had to pay the price for her success, part of the ordinary rules for human beings. I’m so proud of her!

Decisions Made. Decisions Regretted. Paying an Extra Price?

Decisions Made. Decisions Regretted. Today, together, we can solve a certain kind of decision making problem. Or, at least, start solving it. Because this week I’ve had a couple of reminders. Some people are fine with making decisions. They don’t agonize so much on the decision-making end. But hoo-boy, do they ever agonize over decisions…

Cutting a Cord of Attachment to a Lawyer. Paying the Hidden Price.

Let’s continue discussing what it means to pay the price in life for what we desire, what we assume and follow up on, for whatever we choose to do. Today? Hiring with a lawyer to sue over an accident.

I was surprised. Will you be?

Pay the Price. Top 10 Posts.

This Top 10 article helps you explore what it means, spiritually, to “pay the price.” Because, behind the scenes, each of us must pay the price for everything we get in life.

Are You Willing to Pay the Price Spiritually?

For most things we humans attempt to gain, so long as we live on earth, we must pay the price spiritually. Think that might have ever happened to you? (If not, think again.)

John Johnson Skilled Empath Merge

John Johnson Skilled Empath Merge. What was it like to be the famed publisher, John H. Johnson? Mega-influential. Rich. Famous. In his honor, Energy Spirituality Sophisticates, today I’ll introduce 7 chakra databanks that will be new to you. As for you Newbies, you’ll get a quick education in the basics for appreciating today’s insights into…