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Purposely Feeling Emotional Pain

Purposely Feeling Emotional Pain. Have you ever heard this is good for you? The highlight of today’s post is recorded research into the effects of it. Because theories may make it sound impressive. But what does it really accomplish, purposely delving into past emotional pain? Sure, today’s article is controversial. Yet you may decide to…

Fulfilling Life Contracts. Sacred Purpose.

Fulfilling Life Contracts. Many of us worry about this, true? For sure, I did. Back in the day I tormented myself about this. Not finding my purpose. Wasting my life. And so forth. Like, for years.

Empath Mentoring PURPOSE

Empath Mentoring PURPOSE. So much noise in the empath marketplace can obscure “What’s the point of empath coaching?” I’ve got answers for you.

Finding Purpose in The Age of Awakening

Finding purpose matters now, in The Age of Awakening. And then following up! This will get us through, I believe, and help generations to come.

Life Purpose and Past-Life Regression, Part Two

Two different tales of cavemen, as experienced during past-life regression, might help you to feel better about the search for life purpose.

Life Purpose and Past-Life Regression, Part One

What I have learned about life purpose from facilitating past-life regression, especially Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis.

Purpose Redefined, a guest post by SARAH

How did sense of purpose change for SARAH? This revealing article is her first guest post at this blog.

What Is My Purpose?

What is the sexiest word in the English language? It could be PURPOSE. As in “Find my life purpose.” Learn more about your purpose in today’s blog post.

Auric Modeling, the purpose of your life

Auric modeling is real. As part of what makes it such a big deal, consider that auric modeling really could be considered the spiritual purpose of your life.

12-12-12, plus purpose and passion

  Well, well, well. The world isn’t ending neatly on this 12-12-12. Nor have you spontaneously popped into Enlightenment, right? If so, do send the memo, or comment, below!