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Halloween Spooky – Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Halloween Spooky 2019? Unfortunately, yes. “It’s Halloween every day,” said my friend Ellen Snyder.

How to Recognize and Avoid Extreme Spiritual Addiction

Avoid the consciousness lifestyle of extreme spiritual addiction? Sure you can. This is a practical article to bring you peace of mind, energetically and spiritually. Our earlier post on this topic was related: Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Why Is It So Common in Celebrities NOW? There you learned about the extent of extreme spiritual addiction among today’s celebrities. (Did…

Extreme Spiritual Addiction. Why Is It So Common in Celebrities NOW?

Rose Rosetree announces her my YouTube aura reading of vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence.

One more public figure in extreme spritual addiction. Learn details, plus a list of some of the hottest celebrities who also have this consciousness lifestyle.

My Close Call with Spiritual Addiction. A Guest Post by a Psychiatrist

This blog post from a psychiatrist has been moved to Rose’s new book for 2016.

When Spiritual Addiction Leads to a Breakdown. A Guest Post.

MARIE has supplied our first guest post at this blog, describing what happens when spiritual addiction progresses to the point of a nervous breakdown. She also describes her progress at moving back to a more normal life. This article has been moved to Rose’s new book for 2016.

How to protect yourself from the Age of Aquarius epidemic of spiritual addiction

Simple advice for smart people, living in this new Age of Aquarius. Where there happens to be an epidemic of spiritual addiction. You can use your free will to live better than that.

Overcoming spiritual addiction. A guest post by ISABELLE

From age 16, ISABELLE felt pressured to study spiritual teachings. This became her life until, 11 years later, she stopped. What happened then?

Consciousness Lifestyle #2, Spiritual Addiction. An Aura Reading of Senator Rand Paul

When you think of Rand Paul, what’s your first association? Libertarian? First Republican to establish a political network in 50 states to run for president in 2016? Or simply a guy with the Consciousness Lifestyle of Spiritual Addiction?

Brain Fog, Spiritual Addiction, and How You Can Triumph

I have been asked if there is any link between today’s brain fog and spiritual addiction.

Also what you can do about brain fog. Fear not, Blog-Buddies.

Both questions have answers, from the perspective of Rosetree Energy Spirituality, so find out more about how protect yourself.

Falling into Spiritual Addiction, Again. A guest post by MADELINE

Today’s guest post will be of interest to any of you who are struggling to overcome spiritual addiction. Or you may still be trying to figure out what does, and doesn’t, count as “20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops.”

What is that 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops?

Madeline’s answers might surprise you.