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For THE NEW STRONG, Less Technique Time. A Guest Post by IRENE

Irene’s back to normal now, with a gorgeous flow of ideas and stylish writing — something that was imperiled for a while. Read about it here in today’s guest post and you just might conclude, for the NEW STRONG, keep Technique Time to 20 minutes.

Regular Transcendental Meditation vs. 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops

How you can do better than using beautiful spiritual practices, like Transcendental Meditation, for more than 20 minutes total each day.

What Does NOT Count as Technique Time — 11 Exceptions to the General Rule

11 ways to avoid too much Technique Time, stay in balance energetically, and keep yourself moving forward rapidly on your path to Enlightenment.

How Can You Keep to 20 Minutes of Technique Time, Given Your Work?

Whatever type of work you do, you can still practice the consciousness lifestyle of 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. Find out WHY and HOW.

Heal Spiritual Addiction, Top 10 Articles about Technique Time

Each of us can live in balance energetically. The perennial challenge is made more intense because of the Shift into this new Age of Energy that began 12/21/12. This Top 10 List can help.

Rose Rosetree's Technique Time, Tracked

What happened when I used a clock to time my minutes of daily technique time.

Surprising? Yes.

Bad? No.

Annals of Human-Based Spirituality, tracking my own Technique Time

20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops — yes I have been recommending that a lot, starting in 2013. Recently, though, Blog-Buddy TEHYA  inspired me to time it. (See her sweetly worded Comment 12 at 20 Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops. Let’s get practical about this.) Gee, I could use that relentlessly objective-reality gadget called…

Why do Technique Time? Enter Our New Contest

Our new contest inquires into how YOU use your time for spiritual growth, prayer, aura reading, skilled empath merge, or other ways that you shift consciousness on your path of personal development.

Are you already familiar with the concept of “20 Minutes of Daily Technique Time, Tops”? If not, this new contest can start you thinking, protecting yourself better, maybe even moving forward faster on your path of personal development.

Also, there are those two promised prizes for our contest winners!

Technique Time. How to Do Just 20 Daily Minutes?

What is Technique Time? Why can you evolve FASTER spiritually by doing no more than 2O Daily Minutes of Technique Time, Tops?

Read the secrets here.

Meditation Warning. Aura Reading Three Popular Techniques

Meditation Warning. Today I’ll read auras of leaders who teach three of today’s most popular spiritual awakening techniques: Where you sit, close eyes, and meditate. Have you ever meditated with one of these methods?