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Virtual Reincarnation Triumph. Fast Emotional & Spiritual Growth

Virtual Reincarnation Triumph. RES helps people to grow emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes they grow so much, it’s like a new lifetime within this life. And this just happened to my client “Beatrice.” For years, I’ve seen it in certain clients. But it has been years since I’ve done a blog post about virtual reincarnation. Such an…

Virtual Reincarnation in The Age of Awakening

If you want to evolve spiritually in The Age of Awakening, including Virtual Reincarnations and maybe even Enlightenment, use discernment. Some relationships require “No.” Not “I’ll keep trying harder.

How Virtual Reincarnation has changed me. A guest post by Isabella

In this guest post, submitted a week before she moved into Enlightenment, ISABELLA shares what has — and hasn’t — fallen away.

The Slow, Subtle Earthquake of Virtual Reincarnation. Guest Post Part 2 by ZELDA

Visiting a friend provides insight into major personal evolution.

Why Virtual Reincarnation Matters More to Me than Enlightenment, Concluding

My friend Jeffrey Chappell hasn’t changed much since we met in 1983. He was always an angel, or close as a human being could reasonably be to an angel: Kind, loving, wise, funny, talented… it’s a long list of wonderful qualities. True, Jeffrey did change in one major way. He moved into Enlightenment. That has…

Virtual Reincarnation and STUFF Removal, Series Part Two

One of the essentials for understanding Virtual Reincarnation is to understand STUFF removal.

My Virtual Reincarnation, a guest post by JULIE

On your personal path to Enlightenment, it could be that you, too, will experience Virtual Reincarnation. It can’t hurt to know what that means, and implies. Here is our second guest post in a row to put a human face to the one-head-at-a-time experience of Virtual Reincarnation.

My Virtual Reincarnation, a guest post by KYLIE

“Probably I have been virtually reincarnated,” writes Blog-Buddy KYLIE. Here are some of the things that have changed for her.

Why Virtual Reincarnation Might Matter More to You than Spiritual Awakening Or, Even, Enlightenment. Part One

What is virtual reincarnation? Why might it matter to you at least as much as spiritual awakening or, even, Enlightenment?

What is Virtual Reincarnation?

What is virtual reincarnation? You asked for a definition, Blog-Buddies, so here we go. My first post ever to define it.

I’m still learning about it, as will be quite obvious to you sophisticated readers. Even though I have gone through virtual reincarnation personally a few of times, I’m still learning what it really means, both personally and professionally. Including how virtual reincarnation relates to the New Age-type idea of “Ascension.”