Deeper Perception Made Practical

Soul Retrieval Energy Healing in the Age of Awakening

Soul Retrieval Energy Healing helps because today it’s quite common for bits of a person’s soul expression to be scattered… just about anywhere.

Soul Retrieval Energy Healing isn’t new. But our Energy Spirituality method is way-way-updatedly different from the astral-based versions of old.

Let me help you find out how this important kind of aura healing works. Since this knowledge can make you a smarter consumer. (Technically, as a client of energy healing services, you’re always a consumer, right?)

Everyday Blinking… Advanced Aura Research

Everyday Blinking. Angel Wings Don’t Do It Justice. But There is No Photo that Shows God Having Wings.

Everyday Blinking. Research that… why?

And what does it mean that today’s aura research is “Advanced”?

Most of us never consider the sacredness of an ordinary blink. What happens then to our consciousness?

Could a quick little blink hold a large spiritual significance?

Turns out, good quality aura reading reveals what’s going on spiritually within us…  even during ordinary, everyday blinking.

Dispel Creativity Fears. Enlightenment Coaching NOW

Dispel Creativity Fears. Energy Spirituality Newsletter Announcement for January 2021..

Dispel Creativity Fears. Here’s one surprising reason why that matters:

What’s Enlightenment Coaching NOW, in the Age of Awakening? It honors you, the individual.

Conspiracy Theorist Skilled Empath Merge

Conspiracy Theorist Skilled Empath Merge. Each one is different. This domestic terrorist has been marked by cocaine addiction.

Conspiracy Theorist Skilled Empath Merge.

Let’s learn what it’s like to be avid Trump supporter Mike Lindell.

Founding Enlightenment Coaching for the Age of Awakening

Founding Enlightenment Coaching, Energy Spirituality-Style. Some methods are way more effective than others. How to tell?

Founding Enlightenment Coaching for TODAY. Now’s the Age of Awakening. Seems to me, today’s Spiritual Enlightenment Coaches need old credentials + new ones.

Today you’ll learn about my qualifications as an Enlightenment teacher. Especially, you can discover… What’s in it for you?

See the Christ in Others? Please Don’t.

See the Christ in Others. Do you have any idea how bad that is for you… and others?

See the Christ in Others? Please don’t even try. Here are seven good reasons to stop wasting your time on this idealistic project. (Which can cripple your aura.)

Temporarily crippling it, anyway. Auras can always bounce back, depending on your choices in life.

So why not choose to do something better than try this impossible self-imposed task? Together, let’s explore.

Josh Hawley Skilled Empath Merge

Josh Hawley Skilled Empath Merge. What a shame that senators can’t wear crowns. (Not yet, anyway.)

Josh Hawley Skilled Empath Merge. The Senator is thrusting himself into the news, refusing to recognize the outcome of the recent U.S. Presidential Election. Why?

Granted, this Skilled Empath Merge won’t really tell us WHY. However, we’ll learn plenty about the senator’s WHO.

Skilled Empath Merge BECAUSE… Your Thoughts?

Skilled Empath Merge BECAUSE — Among other reasons, we’ll have such fun with this post.

Skilled Empath Merge BECAUSE…

Hey, I’ll aim to make that abundantly clear. First of all, though…

Thanks to this post we’ll begin 2021 with big fun: How you can get free readings of celebrities at this blog.

Today you’ll learn how to submit your ideas of candidates for Skilled Empath Merge.

Energy Spirituality Discoveries 2020

Energy Spirituality Discoveries 2020. What an amazing Top Ten!

Energy Spirituality Discoveries 2020.

Surprising beauties were part of this pandemic year, this Free Will Encouraging year. When your choices had a lot to do with:

Aura Reading Samin Nosrat

Aura Reading Samin Nosrat by researching 5 spicy chakra databanks

Aura Reading Samin Nosrat. What fun to read the aura of the author of “Salt Fat Acid Heat“!

In her honor, exotic chakra databanks! (You could call them super-tasty parts of the outstanding chef’s aura.)