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Owen Wilson. A Celebrity Aura Reading

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson stars in today’s celebrity reading.


Owen Wilson’s recent suicide attempt shocked me. How about you?

I’m so glad he’s okay. Although not his greatest fan, I have enjoyed watching him perform.

My immediate reaction was to wonder what about his troubles would show in his aura. I’d also like to read about some of the gifts of his soul, those unchanging super-deep components that everyone has.

When someone is in trouble, one of the best ways to help is to remember those gifts of the soul, encoded right in an aura, and perfectly easy to read from photos once you have had some training. It’s like the spiritual technique of blessing a person by seeing him whole and well… only less generic, more specific. You know. If you were down and out, wouldn’t you prefer having someone give you that more personal version?

For an introduction to the method used here, click onto these FAQs. (The photo used for this article comes from ABC news.)

Owen Wilson’s Troubles

Right from the root chakra, it’s obvious the boy has problems. Yesterday, in line at Costco, I thumbed through the cover story about Wilson in People Magazine, reading pictures the way I so often do. Immediately, I was started by what I found at the root chakra databank about Version of Reality—, necessary, occasionally, even for a movie star.

Extra-large emphasis at the root chakra caught my attention. Usually being grounded is a plus. But this was some weirdly distorted planet where the actor had, energetically, taken up residence. Drugs!

I didn’t know about whether the actor was known to take drugs, so I read far enough in the magazine article to tell that I could comment on this without appearing to libel him. Evidently, his drug-taking was well known.

Even on the surface of our photo here, doesn’t it show? Blog-Buddies, your comments are invited!

Partly, Wilson’s reaction to drugs has helped him be funny. But a low-level fear was present as well at this root chakra databank, bringing an off-kilter, surreal quality to life. Another casualty of taking drugs was, clearly, his Sexual Functioning databank at
Wilson’s second chakra.

Deeper down, here’s a wonderful gift of his soul at the root chakra:  Owen has a puppy-like playfulness and irreverence.

HOW MUCH POWER for Owen Wilson?

Drug experimentation clearly walloped Wilson right in his power area. When I investigated the Solar Plexus Chakra databank for Using Power, it felt scary: No sense of personal power center. Besides the emptiness, I felt sadness, long-term resentments, but mostly fear about not being able to hold his own life together.

Reading deeper, here’s soul-level gift with personal power: Originality, freshness, a spunky confidence that tells the world, “Take me as I am.” Note to blog-self: Sometime we must cover auric modeling in depth. Here I’ll just note that most people would pay good money for a contact high with Owen Wilson’s spunk. (And, come to think of it, many of us have, whether we knew it or not.)

OUCH, THAT HEART belonging to Owen Wilson

At the time of this photo, Owen was suffering enormously in his Heart Chakra databank for Emotional Self-Awareness. Icy-hot ointment might feel good on a sore muscle but, trust me, emotionally it doesn’t feel so great.

Owen felt cold, separated from his emotions. Like the power problems, these issues didn’t just result from taking drugs but were long-term tendencies. Energy Spirituality can help with problems like these, so when I encounter them I wish I were invited to facilitate healing…


Of course, Owen Wilson wouldn’t feel comfortable with that kind of emotional blockage. I’ve read many a movie star who was shockingly self-absorbed, and happy to be that way.

Someone like that won’t send out a cry for help via suicide attempts. And, beautifully, his gift of the soul shows a heart radiant with kindness, friendliness and humility.

Long may it live, blockage gone, joy returned!

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    Anita says:

    Keep ’em coming, Rose!

  2. 2
    Nancy says:

    I will have to read your FAQ’s. And, the link to the picture did not work, just so ya know.

    I have always thought that Wilson was not connected to his body or his emotions. Part of him feels very sad. He covers everything w. being the Jokester.

  3. 3
    Anita says:

    Terrific, keep ’em coming!

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