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Bill Belichick’s Apology


Integrity vs. excuses—

While Patriots fans are reconsidering their opinion of Bill Belichick, maybe it would help to read his aura. The human energy field is a storehouse of information, the ultimate insider taping.

Often clients ask me to read auras from photos so that I can check up on integrity. From what I’ve heard, Belichick is considered a good guy. Of course, we’re all mixtures. In case you’re curious, here is what I found, checking him out from his photo.

(Incidentally, I’ll admit to having no prior knowledge about him, apart from learning about the controversy and reading his statement. I live in Virginia and, gulp! don’t follow sports usually, except for my son’s travel soccer team. But I’m coming up to
Massachusetts later this month to give workshops at Circles of Wisdom. You know, sometimes an outsider can give the freshest perspective.)

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Speaking, Belicheck scores 10 out of 10 for integrity. He’s clearly a warmhearted guy, larger than life, very enthusiastic and an expressive individual who can’t help letting his passions show.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

Well, here’s where the coach scores a 7 out of 10. What really stands out is the man’s craftiness. In contrast to his personality, where he seems hale and hearty, intellectually how the man can scheme! His thinking is highly analytical. Besides being an absolutely cunning problem solver, there’s a ruthlessness that must serve him well in his sport. Normally, he would be very careful not to cross the line into anything outright wrong, but watch him put his toe right up to that line.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity

No, this isn’t just about church attendance. Spiritual integrity is a really important component to read in a person. George W. Bush, for instance, has his very worst integrity score in this department, which is saying something (and I DID, long before he first began to occupy the White House). How does Belicheck connect to his personal source of inspiration? Give him another 10 out of 10. Think all the best qualities of big, bouncy puppy. The man doesn’t have a hypocritical bone in his body. No wonder he had the grace to mouth more than the current cliché “I accept responsibility” and use the big A word, “apologize.”

I’ll be giving a free presentation the first night of my upcoming book tour at Circles of Wisdom in Andover, with aura readings, face readings, even “empathic merges.” Mr. Belicheck, you’re invited, and so are you, reader, and any athletes you can muscle into the room.

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  1. 1
    Colleen says:

    I like the integrity readings you do and always enjoy them on your monthly E-Zine. Regarding this type of reading, other public figures come to mind, (from the sports world on). Two are Michael Vick and O.J. Simpson. Have you ever read O.J.? I don’t doubt that you did. I would like to see a face and aura reading for O.J. from early life, to around the time of the murders, and currently.
    I can practice integrity readings, myself. I’m not a face reader, yet.

  2. 2
    Anita says:

    This is fascinating, Rose. Thanks for sharing! I am a Patriots fan. 🙂

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