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Each of my books has a cool back story, but I’ve never told any of them in public. Until now. Blog-Buddies, are you interested in hearing the story behind the book being published today?

That new book is Cut Cords of Attachment Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality. At my website, you can read a sample chapter, check out the reading group guideand learn how to receive an autographed, numbered copy. But you won’t find the back story. That’s more a blog thing.

For more than two decades, I have cut cords of attachment for clients. I have done it in many parts of America, Japan, England and Ireland. Plus I have done phoners to clients who spoke excellent English but mainly spoke far-out languages like Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, and Australian.

Yet writing a how-to book about cutting cords didn’t occur to me until I received an invitation from a company I will call Publisher #1. They consider cutting cords of attachment to be a trend. So their editor invited me to submit an outline and sample chapter.

I did.

Thus began my short education about the nature of post-modern New Age publishing in
America.  The editor from Publisher #1 told me, “I really like your work. And I’m so glad you submitted this because I have another cord-cutting book here by another author whose work I don’t really care for.”Fast forward a couple of months. “I’m sorry,” said the editor at Publisher #1. “The decision was made that your approach was too complicated.”But by then I was having the time of my life, writing away. During three weeks in Japan, I drafted a third of the book. It was one of the easiest, high-energy manuscripts of my life. Stories just poured out, some moving, some funny—stories I had never thought I would have a place to tell. What a delight! What a great way to help people!


Besides, I wasn’t scared of self-publishing. So what if Publisher #1 wasn’t interested?

Next I was approached by Publisher #2, an even bigger New Age publisher. This editor went back and forth with me for four months, adding a certain literary tension to 2006. Never before in my life had I been involved in such extensive negotiations. Mainly I learned how big-time publishers, aiming for huge sales, can have a special affection for dumb and dumber. My first clue about this came from the assistant to my big editor at with Publisher #2. When sending her email address for receiving my manuscript for the book called “Cut Cords of Attachment,” she gave me this fascinating bit of big-publisher wisdom:

“When you send us your book, remember to tell people what cords of attachment are and how to cut them.”

Through lengthy phone calls and email exchanges with my editor,  I learned that Publisher #2 was worried because my system for publishing cords, though easy, is not quite a no brainer. I give the reader simple techniques that add up to professional-level skills. But having more than one tiny little technique in the book was, apparently, going to be way too complicated.

After the four months, and many delays, this editor emailed me with the bad news. I wish I had saved her exact words, because they were priceless. Unfortunately, I was too busy crying. To paraphrase, “Rose, you know how much you like doing things your way. Well, we’re going to let you. I’m sure you will be very grateful for all our suggestions about how to improve your book… when you publish it yourself.”

Meanwhile, I had been approached by Publisher #3, even a bigger house than Publisher #2. Their top regional sales rep. was a big fan of my work. He talked with me for hours, promising to pitch all my titles to the acquisitions editor. I gave him so many free copies of all my books, he needed a large box to take them away.

Being self-published brings freedom to make sure my work is published with integrity. Still, it would have meant a lot to me to be brought to press and marketed by prestigious Publisher #3. Visions, like sugarplums, danced in my head.

  • Books in bookstores! (Big chains refuse to stock books by self-publishers.)

  • Clout! (Many readers assume that the big publishers buy the best books—although, in fact, they mostly buy the safe books.)

  • My first review in Publisher’s Weekly since my first book, a cookbook, was published in 1982! (All the big magazine and newspaper reviewers refuse to consider books by self-publishers, unless they become blockbuster bestsellers.)

Well, you guessed it. Publisher #3 rejected my work also. What made this parade of triple rejection especially notable for me? In all three cases, I had been approached by the very publishers who wound up rejecting me.

Otherwise, in a writing career that has spanned four decades, I have always been the one to approach publishers and editors, never the reverse. Yet there was something about this book that attracted America’s three biggest New Age publishers.

So maybe, this time, I am onto something big.

Blog-Buddies, don’t be surprised if, in 2008 and beyond, many books hit the marketplace on the subject of cutting cords of attachment. But only this one gives readers the method called 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment™. It is also the first book being published on this subject.

Now, if you want simple, I recommend Doreen Virtue’s discussion of cutting cords, the only previous reference that I have found in print. Yes, in Angel Medicine, Doreen explains the whole cord thing on pages 231-232. Easy, right? 

Actually, you can find some references on the Internet that are even simpler. The gist is, “Ask Archangel Michael to cut all your cords.” How simple! How neat and tidy! Don’t be surprised if you find this method described, very cutely, in books by Publishers #1, #2, and #3. Also expect enough padding to make readers feel that they are really clever. And doing a happening thing. 

The only real problem is that, with all respect, this “Celestial Quickie” method works only for a day or two. If you want to learn techniques that bring results permanently, deeply and powerfully, you will find them in Cut Cords of Attachment: Heal Yourself and Others with Energy Spirituality.  

In conclusion, it is not especially difficult to cut cords of attachment with professional-level skill. Only you need to be willing to do this–allow the learning process as much time and attention as some folks spend shopping for a new pair of jeans.

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  1. 1
    Colleen says:

    Congratulations on the birth of a new book. You have one human child and several non human children:-) The labor wasn’t too bad was it? It is very helpful that Mitch could be present for the development and birth. This is the only time when it makes sense to sell your children!!!

  2. 2
    Julie says:

    Rose, I’m sorry that it didn’t work out for you with the big publishers, but I am glad that you’ve self-published and are getting your book out there to the public. I do think that you are onto something big with this, that you have STARTED something big!

    There is a real need for concrete skills and high quality in cord cutting. I could see how with an oversimplified approach, you might have absolutely no result from a cord cutting. Or if you go to a healer who doesn’t really know what they’re doing, having the cord cut might hurt more than leaving it in place! It is not an area in me at least where I’d want someone to “experiment”. Quality is so important and I’m glad you are putting your wealth of experience out there to help people cut cords safely and effectively.

  3. 3
    Mystic44 says:

    Fanks!! *childish grin* There is a lot you are opening me up to here, Rose.

    Learning has been a slow process through my life because I have always been in the “low income” bracket, and opportunity does not come around as much for us, so we have to improvise so to speak. Also, I want to add that I was raised around no “belief system.”

    So the search for answers was a kind of bumpy one, to put it lightly. I have my feet more firmly planted on the ground but I feel like this wave of knowledge is coming through right now and WOW!

    Not just meeting you and learning from your writings, but also I will be starting a spiritual group in my home, just a few people right now, and that has been a dream of mine forever seems like! I live in a very very Dutch Christian Reformed community, and the more spiritual I became the less I kind of fit in.

    So with that being said.. thanks for the Light!!

  4. 4

    Dear CindySue:

    I don’t know which I enjoyed more about your post, the excitement or the honesty. They must be officially tied!

    There is a story I feel moved to share, as someone who has PURPOSELY been on a spiritual path for more than four decades -— I make that distinction because, of course, everyone is growing spiritually at Earth School, consciously or not, at the slow speed of the prevailing culture or counter-culture and rambunctiously fast.

    Finding one’s way here is difficult whether one is raised low income or super rich or anywhere in between. (This is not to gloss over the undeniable problems of economic hardship.)

    One of the wackiest things about living on earth is that, spiritually, nothing is labeled properly on the surface. This, precisely, is why it is so important for any spiritual seeker to use Deeper Perception.

    *Who really would be an appropriate spiritual teacher for you?
    *Do you have the standing to get together a spiritual group?

    The answers come clearest when someone shows the kind of discernment that you are developing.

    CindySue, you could have a long string of college degrees after your name, or the title Reverend, and you still would have to use that very same discernment.

    Paying attention every day of your life, in every situation, like it or not, that is required to learn the deeper truth about any person, company, or event. Labels, money, social status —-spiritually they mean less than nothing.

    One reason I shared my weird story about publishing Cut Cords of Attachment is that people assume the big, rich publishing houses are in the business of presenting the very best work, while (as I was reminded so vividly) their big priority is making money. And this brings up the story I wanted to share in response to your post.

    Here’s the background. For many years, it was my dream to be published by one of the big houses. Bantam-Doubleday-Dell eventually did publish one of my books on face reading. It sure was interesting to watch my dream die as this publisher showed the most colossal disrespect for my book and me….

    Eventually, I got my first royalty statement (this was back in 1991), and there was the disillusioning truth in black and white. I would recieve no royalty at all. By Dell’s standards, my book was a big belly-flop.

    Yet I had done a couple of hundred of really huge media interviews before Dell ever published my book. I had figured they would help me get more interviews, but they didn’t. etc., etc.

    Nevertheless, I hadn’t waited for their support but had worked my heart out to let people know about the new book. And I had felt so inspired doing it all, too.

    That was real, I knew. But now I had evidence of failure, in columns, plain as day and five times as ugly.

    Well, I was devastated. So I had a session with one of my mentors, Tantra Maat. (Her website is ) Here is what I remember her saying:

    “Never, never, never believe that money is a reflection of someone’s spiritual worth. Especially those who are spiritual teachers. The holiest man I ever have met was a beggar on the streets in Ireland.”

    You know, CindySue, even when you are using Deeper Perception —- whether you own my techniques or you have learned the equivalent elsewhere or you have developed your own -— even then, sometimes the myths of the world will sneak in.

    This still happens to me, anyway. I’ll think someone really famous must really be spiritually wise, or that someone’s informal living room gathering can’t possibly matter as much as a neighborhood church that draws hundreds every Sunday.

    As if! Here at Earth School, we must learn the truest things we can find, and learn them again and again. Each time we learn more completely.

    For me, some of the biggest learning requires that I wake up inwardly and remember to use Deeper Perception. Then it is easy to discern what is really happening in life, underneath the misleading labels. For me, another part of everyday learning involves remembering to co-create with God (the topic of my book “Let Today Be a Holiday”). I am learning to do it as a grownup rather than some begging child. (Talk about counter-culture!)

    I’ll bet every reader of this blog has a thrilling saga about what and how you are learning. It would be an honor if you would share some of that sacred story here. You never know how far your inspiration will reach.

  5. 5
    CindySue Siereveld says:

    Alrighty then.. I will take this opportunity to do just that.

    First, I want to thank you for the response to my post. This is very true indeed, simply saying of course that money does not mean things happen faster or better etc. But I do tend to see some are heard more when they have the higher status and, as you said in the reading you gave me at the other site, “You may not always be taken as seriously as you deserve” is so true in every way.

    I always feel I am not heard in everyday life; I have more influence on line.

    I do understand what you are saying though.. really!

    I guess I will always dream of having that resource to touch more people instead of feeling held back, but I have learned tons and tons through my experiences. As I said, I was not raised around any religion. My mother was raised by her Southern Baptist grandmother and the only thing my mom seemed to carry forward was the stricter-than-strict upbringing.

    I was a gentle rebel, a rebel none the less, and left home at a very early age. One of the first things I knew was I was hurt so much in my childhood that I was not going to be that way to my children, or to the people I care about. I hated being so sensitive, but how come more people are not kind and patient?

    So there came about the start of “Change Happens In The Mirror”, like I said the start. As I went through struggle after struggle with some of the meanest, most uncaring individuals, I just could not fathom how people could be that way, in every life situation. So the more I experienced, the more I became who I needed to be in my life.

    It was like a snowball effect for me.

    I searched out churches through time, not knowing one from another. That is hard believe me.

    I have not actually met anyone else who did not have some kind of religious upbringing or influence. So try to imagine all the remarks I may have said that made people snicker, “ha ha .”

    Well, after feeling like I was in a place of intense, actually negative, gatherings in these (as they call them, “Holy Roller”) churches, I was like HOLY CRAP…. *tears,* that could not be a good thing!!

    And felt I still needed to search. There had to be a more lighter loving and supportive place I could call home. I did eventually end up at a non-denominational church, where I grew and found myself, so to speak. And after that I knew it was ok to be myself, and that I did not HAVE to go to a church or dress up.

    I did not even own a dress!!

    I eventually moved on after that big spiritual growth spirt and started reading many books that eventually had a commonality to them, and I knew inside it was true.

    I had times I felt this awful foreboding feeling, it came out of no where, and happened often when there was no reason to feel it. 2 years later I ended up in a very abusive relationship and that familiar foreboding hit me.. that’s why!

    Pretty much after that, I realized I was gettin things and it was a learning process after that.

    I started paying close attention to how I felt. The more I tuned in, the better I got, but it took me a very long time to trust myself. Imagine that, coming from abuse?? lol

    I had times I did not listen and wham.. I found out why I should have!!!

    But overall. when someone asks me if I could change anything about my life, I say “Not one thing!! It has made me who I am!!”

    I dream of some day being a part of a large group and working to inspire others. Giving others what I always needed and the more I do it, the more I am healed. Just simply loving, caring appreciating others and changing the negativity in the world one person at a time.

    I am currently a mother of 3 girls; 2 are grown, and my youngest is 8; step mom to 4. We have custody of 2 that came out of severe sexual abuse, and have learning disabilities, one on 3 medications. And I am grandmother to 6.

    I had the most dysfunctional family growing up, but wow, I am the proudest mom ever! Most of my work is done with my step- children. They are a huge challenge, but I know in the end I will have made a difference and they will have tools in their pockets if they ever need them.

    I thank you so much, Rose, for opening your heart to things I have wrote and said. Means so much, and your comments remind me of what the minister once told me. He seemed to get the biggest kick out of me and my childlike enthusiasm, he said something like I was a ray of light *smiles*

    I will keep in touch and use this wonderful site in my pursuit of improving my abilities as an empath. Thanks Again!

    *hugs* CindySue

  6. 6
    Anita says:

    I come from a fairly solid middle-class background and have what many would call a “fancy” education. I also know many people who come from “fancier” backgrounds than me and who have even “fancier” educations than I do.

    What I can tell you is exactly what Rose said in her post. Having material resources helps, but it doesn’t solve everything. This implies no disrespect whatsoever to those who have suffered any kind of hardship.

    I can also tell you that having a lot of material resources creates a different set of problems, such as wondering whether people really like you for who you are or because you are famous/pretty/rich/fill-in-the-blank. I have witnessed this again over and over again, particularly in our increasingly media- and celebrity-saturated culture. And, let me tell you, I no longer hold any envy for that level of non-stop attention.

    In fact, I can tell you that sometimes, the fancy degrees and the money and the pretty faces are even more misleading – it sometimes lulls people into forgetting to use the skills of deeper perception, like walking into a fancy department store and seeing a designer label and high price tag automatically presumes high quality and workmanship. I can tell you from shopping with my fashion designer trained mom that she’s scooped up more eye-catching pieces sifting through the Nordstrom Rack, Loehmann’s, etc., that have people ask, “Where did you get that?” I know because people have picked up my clothing on the back of the University dining hall seats, only to find that the label has been cut out or marked over by a black Sharpie pen!

    Like Rose, I know and have met Tantra Maat. While I have never been to Ireland, some of my most powerful spiritual teachers have not been the people with the fancy degrees and the most money. And, trust me, I’ve met them. I’ve even had Rose do personnel profiles of some of them because they did a real number on me. (Remember what I said about how misleading those Earth labels can be.)

    In fact, some of the most powerful “teachers” I have met at my school have been the janitors, the cleaning crew, the cafeteria workers, and the administrative assistants. How my University would literally fall to the ground without them and yet how unrecognized they are. I should know – my own mother once worked as a janitor, cleaning toilets in a nursing home. It is because of her that my life is different and that I have the opportunities that I now have. Why I know labels mean nothing but, like Rose, I’ve had some hard lessons to remind me of this fact time and again.

    How the wheel of life turns and is full of such mystery and wonder.

    You might see me and the people I know and assume our lives are perfect. If you read our faces and auras, you would see a different picture, a richer picture. Our pretty clothes and expensive make-up and handbags still don’t hide who we really are.

    Isn’t that the real beauty and truth of deeper perception? Aren’t we all really just souls in human form, walking on the material plane of Earth School, all struggling and learning and fulfilling our Life Contracts in our own way?

  7. 7
    Colleen says:

    Dear Rose,
    I was very moved by your account of having your own cords of attachment cut in a “skillful”, yet compassionate manner. Your story illustrates so well that using one’s own gift set to do this is just as powerful for facilitating healing in others. It is an empowering story.

  8. 8
    Mystic44 says:

    Thanks, Anita for your reply. Very well heard, indeed.

    As a matter of fact there were times in my life when I was greatly exposed to how people treat you because of how you look. At one time, I gained a lot of weight. When I got to my highest weight of 212, I was able to lose a large amount of it. All of a sudden, doors were opened for me, and it was like I was special or something. I got so angry inside, thinking “I am still the same person!”

    Overall I know that money has nothing to do with your spiritual growth. But I think I will always dream of traveling and experiencing the world to expand my understanding more completely. I am so thankful for the Internet because that is my way of traveling. *smiles*

    There is a poem I would like to share, I wrote this in 2002, the words just came to me, and still inspire me to this day:

    Journey Of An Angel
    Written by CindySue Siereveld
    Copyright 2002

    We are but angels on a journey,
    In A world that carries darkness and struggle,
    Journey onward,
    Paths, choices, mountains,
    Paths given,
    Choices inevitable,
    Mountains of fear,
    See the path with an open heart,
    Choose only for oneself,
    Fear not when you know,
    You will always be safe.
    Do you see your heart so open,
    That it may be crushed,
    Although it opens easily?
    Embrace that which makes it open,
    Never fear pain,
    If it is equally embraced,
    Growth is also the result,
    And beauty is what you will see and feel,
    Even through the storms.

  9. 9
    Ouija says:

    “Now, if you want simple, I recommend Doreen Virtue’s discussion of cutting cords, the only previous reference that I have found in print.”

    Huna, founded by Max Freedom Long, has been teaching about cutting “aka cords” for quite a while now. I wonder if this is similar to what Rose is calling cords of attachment.

  10. 10

    Interesting question, Ouija. I can’t answer it, but I bet you can. Click on this link which explains what I call “cords of attachment,” plus some background on why I trademarked my method of removing them: (Scroll down a bit from the first screen to see all the articles available.)

    Then, since you know about Huna, you can clarify for everyone. I would be interested. At this point, I know of Huna only as a beautiful, sacred tradition.


  11. 11
    Ouija says:

    Here’s a link to an article by Belinda Farrell which includes her explanation of aka cords and an exercise for cutting them.

    Apparently she also has a CD that “…gently guides you through the process of ‘cutting negative cords’ to Call Back Your Spirit and Receive More Joy.”

  12. 12
    Colleen says:

    Dear Ouija,
    I have read the article by Belinda Farrell in which she explains “aka cords” and gives her exercise for cutting them. I’m not sure I quite understand the term “aka cords,” but that is not what concerned me the most after having read the article.

    First of all, let me say that I honor her intention to create a way by which others can forgive and release unhealthy attachments in order to become whole. It is so very important. I had some problems with that method, however. Quite frankly, I was astounded when I read it!

    Visualizing a stage where many are gathered, ex-husbands, ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, parents, siblings, co-workers, possibly rapists, sexual molesters, dark entities, parts of yourself, etc….

    and then asking them one big questions such as, “Do you support my magnificent connection with my higher self, now?”

    Supposedly, if that answer is yes, then nothing further is needed. If there is doubt or the answer to the question is no, then forgiveness is needed.

    Supposedly, after forgiveness is given and received, then a mass cord cutting is done with whatever energetic tool is chosen, e.g., scissors, a knife, or even a chainsaw.

    With all the possible beings one could have on that stage…I’m thinking chainsaw for sure! 😉

    Wow…! That is too many people for me! I’d forget who I was forgiving and for what.

    Each cord of attachment contains information about each person that is attached to it, not to mention the emotions etc.that can come up with a cord cutting between two people. Multiply that by many and well…I don’t think I could handle such an exercise and I’m a pretty stable person. Add to that a trauma like rape or incest and… you get the picture.

    Back to that one question in this online technique: It is wonderful that another being or person who caused you grief, pain etc. would now support your magnificent connection to your higher self.

    Of course, that support would have to come from some of the person’s on the stages’ higher selves!

    As nice as the question is, it is not very specific about the issue between yourself and the other person(s). Again, too general. BTW, from what I know about dark entities and others who have crossed over…they don’t become instantly enlightened once they drop the body, either!

    Another part of this article bothered me even more. It is very helpful to release darker energies that have been a part of a traumatic experience. The article says that if one does not send these energies where they can evolve to a higher form, that one would delay their own evolution and would prevent those energies from ascending.

    Here is what I believe. When you release any energies/entities that are attached to you, they are released to their right place of expression (where they need to be). The only one responsible for their ascension is them! No one else.

    By the time I read this my head was spinning. One last point is that the article suggests one would need to cut the cords every day.

    Oh dear! I guess that might be needed if one were to do a mass execution…oops..or cord cutting as described!

    When cords are cut by a skilled person (even if that person is you), done with a bit of process (not twenty years), thoughtfulness as to the information contained within them, and some awareness of the after effects, plus instructions, they need never be cut again. Ever.

    What I have written is my opinion, but I would not recommend this or any other cord cutting that is many cords at one time, no matter how well intended.

  13. 13
    Happy says:

    This comment is so late, but then I brought the book only recently, and it helped a lot. I read the book cover to cover a few times before putting it the drawer. But something happened recently that made me take it out again and this time to actually use the technique that was in the book. It helped. I thought I would never be rid of those dark thoughts that came from watching television, of all places. I cut cords to two television programs, using the method that was described to cut cords to an event. I don’t feel the fear that has plagued me for so long. I am very glad that you published the book anyway.

  14. 14

    HAPPY, it is lovely to hear from you at this blog.

    I’m glad you are doing well and thanks so much for your appreciative words about this book.

    A small clarification for teaching purposes: There is no such thing as a cord of attachment to a TV program.

  15. 15

    Rather, cords of attachment are to people.

    If you watch a TV show and, at the time, a person you see for the first time and become interested in is in the show, you will (not may) have a spiritual tie and a cord of attachment to that person.

    I think most folks who read through one of my books for cutting cords of attachment would probably benefit from reading it a second time.

  16. 16
    Happy says:

    I really do need to read it again 🙂 I had the book open the whole time. I cannot be sure now who the cord was connected to now because I did the dialog part hastily and only got two dialogues.

    I do think it worked though because I felt rid of the insecurities that normally come by and there were some events that happened that usually began the insecure feelings.

  17. 17

    HAPPY, your attitude is great. Thanks for writing back.

    Based on what you wrote, I strongly recommend you develop aura reading skills before you attempt to cut any more cords of attachment.

    I’ll be blunt here: To find only two items of Cord Dialog in a Dialog Box is not adequate for powerful healing.

    I recommend “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses” to get better skills at energetic literacy.

    You can build skills. Just keep at it.

  18. 18
    Happy says:

    Rose, thanks so much for the recommendation. I didn’t realize that dialogue was aura reading, I have a copy of “Aura Reading Through All Your Senses” but I didn’t do much apart from flipping through it. I’m going to go find it.

    Thanks for the replies and encouragement.

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