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O.J.’s Dent of Denial


O.J.’s latest arrest may seem beyond belief.

Isn’t it enough that he escaped conviction for murdering his wife and Ronald Goldman? That he managed to avoid paying millions of damages to Goldman’s family, after losing the civil suit? That he actually wrote a book entitled, “If I Did It”?

Now the former star of football field and film is dealing with seven felony charges over stealing sports memorabilia.

Is this latest crime merely one more over-the-top story in a hero-turned-hoodlum celebrity-hood? Instead, the latest O.J. drama may support the idea that truth will out. Deeper perception shows that people carry within them the truth of what they have done, encoded in both faces and auras. And that truth will out-picture in life events, sooner or later.


No wonder I have had so many requests to read the face and aura of this interesting man. What secrets can we find in that face? Do Face Reading along with me, and comment freely to this post.


Note that face data can be a bit subtle, if you don’t spend a lot of your life doing physiognomy. A great advantage with photos like those shown here is that you can easily increase their size.

 How Guilt Showed on O.J.

My aha! came the day after the big Bronco chase, when O.J. proclaimed his complete innocence and America wondered “Huh? Then why the big car chase?” I saw his mug shot in the newspaper, took a good look, and thought “His face tells the tale.”

Millions of not-yet face readers have seen that famous photo without noticing. Do you see the big clue?

Check out that swollen left eyelid. (Remember, when reading faces from photos you must cross over to tell right from left, as if shaking hands.) And the left eye is about personal relationships, e.g., to a wife! Compare the size of that eyelid to the other one.

Ordinarily, as in our more recent photo, O.J.’s eyelids are equally full. That means his intimacy style is the same, whether in public or private. Back when he was booked for murder, however, the intimacy part of his face was swollen up extra-large. I read that as inflamed passions over a personal relationship and thought, “For a man who claims he is innocent, that intimacy part of his face doth protest too much.”

Ominous Changes

Two notable shifts to Simpson’s face reveal how he has changed since he literally got away with murder. Again, just for fun, first compare photos for yourself. What do you notice?

First, I am struck by the shift to his lip proportions. In 1994, Simpson’s upper lip was a bit fuller than his lower lip. By this year, his lower lip has become four times fuller than that upper lip. Meaning? Persuasiveness has grown hugely.

The potential challenge with this involves lying. Hmm, could that be the case for the wholesome Mr. O.J.? We’ll have to read his aura to check that part out.

Second, look carefully at that forehead in a photo from 2007. You’re not just seeing creases related to lifted eyebrows. Notice that big vertical Dent of Denial, framed by ridges, right at Simpson’s third eye. Not a good sign for spiritual life.

Majorly serious, chronic spiritual problems show on a forehead. And this is a picture-perfect piece of memorabilia, not about sports but rationalization. When someone refuses to see the truth, strange things happen. The face shows it, if you only know where to look.

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  1. 1
    Ryan says:

    Is this “Dent of Denial” what you are referring to on page 187 of Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup in the second section?

  2. 2
    Karin says:

    I tried to enlarge the pictures of O.J., but they start off with too few KB (4 KB actually), if one wants to have a good zoom the initial image should be at least several hundred KB.

    It’s impossible for me to see the details you are talking about at your blog, and I tried with Mac and PC. Maybe you have a special program to enlarge pics?

    Is the dent of denial at the same place like the spirituality plus found in Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama and others and how can I tell the difference? Either it is VERY good or VERY bad….

    At images one loads are converted into several downloadable sizes depending on what you uploaded initially, of course a bad image with few KB will not give good results, one reason why photographers usually upload only images of less than 100 KB to prevent theft of their pictures.

  3. 3

    Dear Karin, thanks for writing.

    First about finding better photos, here are some links that will work as I continue to upgrade my skills online:
    For O.J. in the past, click here
    [Link No Longer Available]
    And for how he changed, click here
    [Link No Longer Available]

    Otherwise, you and Ryan have raised some good face reading questions that deserve their own comment. Coming soon….

  4. 4

    Now, for Ryan and Karin and all you enthusiastic physignomists, about the esoteric world of forehead markings, unknown to Botox aficionados…

    O.J.’s Dent of Denial is distinctive. That’s why I gave this face data its very own name.

    You need to look at whether the mark goes out or in, the direction, the location. Ryan, you’re right that I comment on something similar, but different, on page 187 of “Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup.”

    You’re going into a conversation about third eye indents, culminating on page 189 and the very strange mark on the forehead of the least religious president in American history.

    Where does O.J.’s forehead doodle differ? He has a kind of double ridge framing the indent, and that hard flesh is about denial.

    You know what, Ryan and Karin (and any other advanced face readers who are able to follow me here)? O.J.’s Dent of Denial doesn’t look that different from a well-chiseled philtrum, only in an unexpected place. How’s that for wacky?

    Blog-Buddies, if you want to become that kind of face reading expert, I go into a lot of detail about these marks in on pages 181-189.

    Incidentally, “Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup” is mostly NOT about wrinkles and dents and, instead, mostly investigates natural changes to facial features like ears, cheeks and eyes. Enjoy!

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