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O.J. Not O.K.


When read auras rather than faces? When would it be preferable to do a Skilled Empath Merge?

So many resources are available to those of us who use our built-in gifts for Deeper Perception. There is no one, most appropriate technique to use always. Either you will use the technique that you prefer or, if you’ve mastered them all, you can decide based on the situation.

In this case, I started by reading O.J.’s face because this is easier for a newbie to see. Besides,

I love comparing photos to see how a face changes. (If you’re in the greater Boston area, please come to my upcoming workshop about this, “Elvis Helps You Learn to Read Faces.”)  Skilled Empath Merges are the turn-ON techniques of a skilled empath. I only recommend doing this on somebody as troubled as O.J. if you are a very experienced empath, not newly skilled. (If you have been skilled for several years, it is so informative to be able to experience what makes anybody tick, just from a regular photo. For a newbie, better to read the people who are going to inspire you.)

Please see Google Images for a picture of his mug shot at the time of his arrest.

Reading an aura is useful for many different purposes. In this case, I’m simply going to check out the issues raised by face changes. What is going on with his spiritual life, that caused that Dent of Denial? And what has happened with his verbal integrity, related to that big shift to his lips? (Both of these are described in my previous post.)

Finally, I can’t resist reading one more chakra databank, because it may be the most revealing of all. To do these aura readings, I will use the photos here.

1. O.J.’s Third Eye chakra databank for “Willingness to see the truth about your human life”:

  • When booked for the murder of his wife, O.J. showed raw terror, concealed with an athlete’s discipline. “What’s going to happen to me?”
  • By March of 2007 (the most current photo I have been able to find), O.J. shows “I am sophisticated, cool, successful.” There is also a small but very significant conscious identification with evil. Picture a beautiful handwritten letter stained with a random ink blot.

2. O.J.’s Throat chakra databank for Verbal Integrity:

  • When booked for the murder of his wife, O.J. showed “I’ve got to hide.” Again, his aura is absolutely screaming with terror.
  • By March of 2007, O.J. shows greasy, slimy lying as a way of life.

3. O.J.’s Root chakra databank for Version of Reality

  • When booked for the murder of his wife, O.J. showed a complete split-off. Uppermost is “I am fine.” Consciously, O.J. really believes that. Underneath is a raw, terrified encoding of the murder scene, and his part in it.
  • By March of 2007, O.J. shows an even deeper split. Uppermost is the personality of a suave, successful man and great role model. By way of analogy, his personality has the rubbery quality of someone who gives a great big fake smile so often that his face looks like a mask. Underneath is a secret, deeply buried, shameful experience of self as guilty. He feels so chronically lost that “nothing matters. I can do whatever I want.”

One more comment from Rose before I post this reading for YOUR comments. Most of us have been there, right in O.J.s soul-limping shoes. Maybe we haven’t done the identical crimes and felonies but we sure have done the equivalent in other lives. I definitely have. I know this because I’ve gone through a dozen sessions of regression therapy, for the purpose of healing. As a professional hypnotist myself, facilitating Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis®, I have led many clients through perpetrator lifetimes, helping them to release frozen blocks from lifetimes as awful as O.J.’s current earth personality.

When someone is ready to heal, the “doctor” will come. This is true for O.J., for people in our lives who are obnoxious, abusive or worse, and also for those portions of our own selves that make us uncomfortable. Seeking something inspiring to come from today’s grim exercise in human de-volution, I find consolation there.

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  1. 1
    Colleen says:

    Thanks for doing this. It confirms some things I already knew in a more unconscious way.

    I also appreciate your closing comments. When I had the multi-incarnational sessions at the Light Institute of Galisteo, 15 years ago, I saw myself in that hologram of existence and parts of it were not too pretty…the victim as well as the victimizer.

    Another comment on the ” Trial of the Century”…Sometimes our courts reveal a legal system, not necessarily a justice system…and then there is karma.

  2. 2
    CindySue Siereveld says:

    Fascinating!! Just as I been thinking all along.. I am glad this was done.. another controversial case I am curious about is the one with the Ramseys, I am not sure how the little girls name is spelled, but that would be a FASCINATING read! Thanks!!

  3. 3

    CindySue, I’m going to let you do that reading.

    Usually I avoid doing people in the news because of domestic scandals. The reason I chose O.J. is because he accomplished a lot before the big controversy. He has changed in ways that are really fascinating. Today I’m putting up a post about how his face changed over the past two decades.

    The main thing is, I’m glad you wrote and keep those comments coming.

    With very best wishes,


  4. 4
    Mystic44 says:

    Well I am nowhere near able to read anyone yet, so hopefully I will be able to in the future.. but thanks for the vote of confidence!

    This O.J. reading is interesting because I take what you see and then watch as the media picks away at things.. love to watch how things work.. *smiles*

    Well off to other areas of the site.. *hugs* CindySue (Mystic44)

  5. 5

    CindySue, yes, Deeper Perception is all about finding out for yourself, as if holding a magnifying glass up to life.

    Especially because the media play such an important role in life for us today, it is super-survival-skill-extraordinaire to have your own ways to evaluate things more deeply on your own.

    Tonight, I’m going to be trying to explain this to some 50 Japanese students. With the help of a really good interpreter, thank goodness!

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