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Face Reading of O.J. Simpson


Decades ago, O.J. Simpson was a beloved athlete and comedic actor.

Auditioning for “The Terminator,” he lost the leading role to Arnold Schwarzenegger because, according to director James Cameron, “People would not have believed a nice guy like O.J. playing the part of a ruthless killer.”

And, of course, O.J. won fans for his role the hit comedy “Naked Gun.”

Those were happier days for Simpson. Changes to his face data are followed by quick summaries.

A dozen meaningful changes happened, as read by this physiognomist. Just for fun, I threw in one face part that you would expect to change but didn’t.

 Face Reading Fact #1.

Day after his chase in the Bronco, O.J.’s eyelid thickness on the left eye became temporarily swollen. (Despite protestations that his relationship with his ex-wife was not an issue, this “personal life” eye revealed that he was upset about closeness to a significant other.)

 Face Reading Fact #2.

Left eye went from up-angled to down-angled. In personal life, O.J. went from guardedly optimistic to problem-aware.

 Face Reading Fact #3.

Right eye went from slightly down-angled to VERY down-angled. In career, he went from slightly disappointed with his circumstances to VERY disappointed.

 Face Reading Fact #4.

Eyelid thickness on both eyes went from none to big. Intimacy style shifted from aloof to very dependent on significant others.

 Face Reading Fact #5.

Simpson now has a left-angled nose, rather than one that lists towards the right side of his face. He has shifted from seeking fame to— -surprise – —preferring to live a more incognito life.

 Face Reading Fact #6.

Right eyebrow shape has changed from straight to angled. Less cerebral in his career, Simpson now cares more about going after what he wants.

 Face Reading Fact #7.

Angle of right ear has gone from out to in. His way of handling other people’s rules in career used to be more outrageous. Now he cares more about just blending in.

 Face Reading Fact #8.

Angle of left ear has gone from in to out. O.J.’s way of handling other people’s rules in his personal life used to be more conventional. Now he cares more about doing things his way.

 Face Reading Fact #9.

Shift from lip proportions has gone from lower lip twice the size of the upper one to lower lip five times the size of the upper one. Attempts to persuade others have become more extreme.

Face Reading Fact #10.

Lower eyelid curve has gone from very straight to very curvy. Simpson is more open to people seeking friendship in his personal life, than he used to be.

 Face Reading Fact #11.

The tension in his right cheek has gone. He has stopped pushing himself to be a leader.

 Face Reading Fact #12.

Contrary to the cliché that nose tips always get bigger with age, Simpson’s nose tip has NOT grown bigger. Prosperity consciousness still rules his spending style, i.e., he figures that plenty of money will always be available, somehow. Guess he makes that belief work for him!

 Face Reading Fact #13.

Simpson has developed a Dent of Denial on his forehead. Inwardly, he is cut off from consciously recognizing the truth about his own life.

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  1. 1
    Lisa says:


    I am so fascinated by your OJ readings. I think when one puts the aura readings side-by-side with the face readings, a fuller picture comes into view. And it really does show how our faces (and energy fields!) change as our life circumstances change.

    (I am LOVING your blog!!)


  2. 2
    Colleen says:

    I agree with what Lisa just said. It makes me wonder how someone can live without deeper perception in some form.


  3. 3
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    I, too, would have to agree with Lisa. I think the readings of OJ are fascinating and the face and aura readings complement each otherr, each providing a unique set of data for deeper perception.

    Great photos, too!

  4. 4
    MeL says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post. I’m wondering how my face would change in the near future. LOL

  5. 5
    CindySue Siereveld says:

    I am extremely fascinated as well! What a wonderful Blog!! So much information, great tools for leaning!! I am hoping to learn how to do these readings as I have come to a strong foundation, I think, in my empathic abilities. Great place to call home Rose… So blessed to have met you! CindySue

  6. 6
    joshua says:

    Hi, Rose!

    I was really amazed with what you shared here. I didn’t know that chnages in our features tell a lot about ourselves. Thanks a lot! Wonderful post you’ve got here!

  7. 7
    Siani says:

    What a fascinating analysis of the fall of O.J. I dread to think what my physiognomy would reveal about me!

  8. 8

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments. Siani, what your face reveals will depend a lot on the system of physiognomy being used. They’re not all alike, any more than all types of automobile are alike.

    One of the guiding principles in developing my system of Face Reading Secrets(R) is the idea that “God don’t make no junk.”

    There is always a talent, then a potential challenge. I did emphasize the problems in reading O.J. because I felt it was warranted under the circumstances. But, in general, one of the most uplifting things you can do is to sit down with a mirror and a copy of “The Power of Face Reading” and learn about the gifts that show in your face.

  9. 9
    Sencha says:

    I too enjoyed your aura and face readings of OJ. I wonder if you’d consider doing an aura read of infamous spree killer Nicholas Sheley? I wonder what the influence, if any, drugs had on his violent crimes, and I do recall your doing a blog on the influence of drugs. Some blame drugs for this type of violence but I wonder if these kinds of men were angry individuals to begin with. These are complicated issues and probably not ones that an aura reading could properly address. However, it would be fascinating! I wonder what we’d learn from an empathic merge with this individual?

  10. 10

    SENCHA, I’m going to pass on this invitation, although I do agree with you that such a reading would be fascinating. I don’t lightly do empath merges with people who are crazy, or even read their auras, without having some compelling reason.

    Isn’t it interesting how so much media and public attention go to the sickest among us? My preference is to read people who are talented, admirable, or at least trying to do important work in the world.

    When you use your ability to read auras — which you know you have, right? — perhaps you’ll develop more of a taste for these luscious and more subtle pleasures.

    Meanwhile, thank you so much for commenting. Please do keep reading and adding your ideas.

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