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Recognize Those Lips?


Natural physical changes are the glory of Face Reading Secrets®. They shine as bright as the stars on a general’s uniform, and who would be a better example than retired General Colin Powell? Continuing from yesterday’s face reading, let’s read his lips. During just a couple of years, they changed so much. Again, let’s use three photos for comparison: 

As with yesterday’s post, PHOTO A, find a picture that shows Powell in 2000. The next photo, PHOTO B, reveals that same set of lips, only in 2001.

Starting to notice a shift yet? Take out your face reader’s eyes from within your eyes. Then comes the clincher. Or maybe I should say, “The clencher.”  Find a third photo, PHOTO C, starring Secretary of State Colin Powell in 2002.  For our first shock, let’s compare lip proportions. Which lip is fuller, or fatter, than the other? It’s always meaningful. And usually, year by year, the proportions stay pretty constant, too. So that’s what you’d expect for Powell, right? After all, who would think of him as flighty?


PHOTO A shows an extra-full lower lip, symbolizing a gift for easy persuasiveness. My British colleague, Lailan Young, sums up the meaning as “Blarney Lips,” a super-persuasive communication style. With these lip proportions, you could easily invite American soldiers to stay for a fifth consecutive tour of duty in Iraq. And no problem. Perhaps they’d say, “That’s all?”

But lip proportions are variable, and by PHOTO C, Powell has lost the gift. Instead, he has developed what I call “everyday persuasiveness,” lip proportions, with a lower lip just slightly fuller than the upper. Meaning? His communication may have gained nuance but it has lost impact.

Natural Lip Liner

Another meaningful mouth change is related to Powell’s natural lip liner. Lucky are the people with this trait — and I don’t mean because they must spend less time in front of the mirror applying makeup. Both PHOTOS A and B show strong lower lip definition. Can you see that chiseled ridge at the outer edge of each lip?

Normally, I describe this as looking as though fairies had sculpted it, but somehow one hesitates to imagine one as a high-level commissioned officer, and who else among the fairy kingdom would have the rank to touch up those lips?  The meaning is a talent for ultra-precise and super-effective communication of facts. When Powell said,”Yellow cake,” speaking before the U.N., the world listened. Bush couldn’t have chosen a more articulate spokesman. Since then, of course, Powell has publicly apologized for his role in starting the war.

As our comparison photos show, long before America had lost that war, Powell had lost that special gift for communication. Before becoming Secretary of State, Powel was a meticulous communicator. As Bush’s representative, speech became a matter of compromise, and the personal loss showed right at mouth level.

Revealing Smiles

Smiles are always revealing.  I love how Powell displays a slight smile in PHOTO A. It is an extraordinary smile for a high-level politician or soldier. Notice how his eyes crinkle, looking more expressive than his mouth? This suggests genuine warmth and concern.

But Powell’s two subsequent non-smiling photos are even more revealing, because you can read his mouth angles. To find angles, imagine a dot at each corner his mouth. Imagine a third dot at center of his mouth. Then connect these dots with an imaginary line.

Immediately you’ll be glad you took the trouble. Notice the big change? The left side of Powell’s mouth slid from up-angled to down-angled. The left side also takes on a sizeable length of line without lip. These asymmetrical changes indicate growing secrecy about what he will communicate publicly.

Diplomacy is the related talent. The challenge? Reticence is a symptom of fear and/or pain.

Long after I published these findings about Powell, he resigned his position as Secretary of State. Gradually it became public knowledge that he had struggled unsuccessfully as a member of the Bush administration, having to speak things he didn’t believe, with his own opinions disrespected.

On a happier note, on Monday I will post a third part to the reading of Powell, reading his face in the present. Meanwhile, share your comments and questions. The community of face readers will be watching!

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