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Powell’s New Power


What a difference a decade makes! Ten years ago, Powell was short-listed as a Republican nominee for president. Five years ago, he was W.’s Secretary of State. Now he’s advising Democratic nominee Barack Obama. And has his face ever changed, keeping  pace with all that inner transformation.

Let’s revisit those cheeks.

Last view, from 2002, Powell had developed jowls, especially on the right, corresponding to a sagging power base. Now he has grown a whole second layer of cheek padding, a power outline. This symbolizes recovery from being down and out, cheek-wise, to gaining tremendous new strength. Greater influence than before, why not?

Muscular in texture, Powell’s new cheek padding suggests a stronger connected than ever before to his inner power and authenticity.

Next, let’s recap Powell’s mouth, as it were. Those persuasive lip proportions are back and strong as ever. In our photo from June of this year, Powell’s lower lip has inflated to five times the fullness of his upper lip, and his lower-lip chiseling has returned as well. Precise and powerful speech, what an asset for Obama! And what a comeback for Powell!

The contrast with auras is huge, as well. Check out the Persuasiveness Databank in photos for each year, which may be found in Google Images.

Photo A: Powell in 2000

Impressive words aren’t Powell’s main attraction. They’re more like the icing on the cake, while the General’s competence would be the cake. He knows so much, this gives him exceptional standing to give advice. In short, he has come by his persuasiveness the hard way. He earned it.

Photo B: Powell in 2001

Persuasiveness is clouded by an overlay of stored-up anger and frustration.

Photo C: Powell in 2002

Persuasiveness suffers even more. The old confidence lies beneath the surface, ready to flash out, as needed. But everyday patterning is more about loss, being ignored and disrespected. Powell’s confidence is shaken; at this time, he is deeply unhappy.

Powell now rolls in with the force of a tank. He’s confident, not outrageous but strongly statesmanlike. Respected by others, and free to give his opinions, Powell’s own self-respect is restored.

Have you ever been there? A toxic relationship at work, or at home, knocks the confidence right out of you. For a while, you struggle, functioning at maybe a third of your full strength. Eventually, the situation rights itself and you’re free again. Power and confidence, such as you haven’t known for years, returns. And you aren’t only restored but made more whole than previously.

Share your story of inner transformation. And if you can, also send along photos from before and after. Let your Blog-Buddies here read the pictures.

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