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Why I’m Grateful to Mahmoud Amadinejad.

Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinejad, speaking at Columbia University, sent out the shockwaves that you might expect of a holocaust denier who has said that that Israel should be “wiped off the map.”

An article in EDGE Boston, observed that “CNN’s Jeanne Moos… presented the views of an expert in reading facial expressions. Said the face-reading expert, “”He tried to paste a smile on [as the crowd at Colombia jeered him for his remark], but actually, an anger expression came up under that [showed]… actually, he got rattled by it.””

To this face reader, noticing temporary mood is a relatively trivial exercise, even if the mood belongs to a world-class fanatic who happens to be president of a nuclear-weapon-building state neighboring Iraq. Technically, that expert for CNN was an expression reader, not a face reader, or physiognomist.

As the latter sort of expert, I’ll comment a bit on the leader’s deep-down character, then lead you into an analysis one level deeper. Follow me into the aura of Mahmoud Amadinejad only if you have a strong curiosity… and a strong stomach.


For 5,000 years, physiognomists have urged students of human nature to examine each person’s most extreme face data. For the Iranian leader, that would be his ultra-down-angled eyebrows.

Really, have you ever seen a more extreme example, whether on an extremist or some peaceable gent down at your local Seven Eleven? To interpret this, I’’ll use my modern-day update of the ancient art of physiognomy, Face Reading Secrets®.

On friend or foe, interpretation of any face data involves both a talent and a potential challenge. For Amadinejad’s long sloping brows, the talent is a long memory about the past.

What, for a holocaust denier? The man’s personal list of loyalties and hatreds goes back even longer than mere 20th century historical fact. The challenge would be an inability to let go of the past. Judging from the man’s public pronouncements, I find it likely that this challenge hasn’t been overcome yet – especially once you glimpse the guy’s mouth.

Even a casual observer of human nature will feel the rage packed in there, like eight great tomatoes in a little bitty can of Contadina tomato paste, only way less delicious.

So let’s go beyond the obvious and use the deeper perception of physiognomy.


First VERY about that mouth is the shortness. The lips are also extremely muscular in texture. His pursed (even wallet-like, super-compressed) lips only make that texture more intense.

Like it or not, muscular lips do go with a talent: sincerity as a communicator. Does Amadinejad bow to Mecca each morning, then follow his prayers with “Death to all Jews, gays, and other people who meet with my disapproval?”

Does he really, really, truly, sincerely believe? Not having been invited recently into his personal quarters, I can’’t say “Yes” based on eavesdropping. But his mouth sure tells that tale. And I must add that his muscular lips correspond to a talent for impassioned speech, an ability to move people’s emotions.

What would be the corresponding challenge? Sounding shrill. Thus, the Iranian president is a highly effective speaker on behalf of his chosen cause, both a true believer and shrilly intense.


To find the man beneath the hate speech, check out his aura.

I’’ll be teaching how to do this, along with some face reading workshops (the really wild one is semi-hosted by Elvis) in Massachusetts, at Circles of Wisdom this coming week. Join me tomorrow, Friday, if you can, for the free intro. (Info is at .)

What shows beneath temporary emotion? I’’ll read:

Mahmoud’s heart chakra databank about What he really feels, deep down.”

And there I find a heart as cold as ice. (No global warming here, honest.)

Hatred is wrapped around Amadinejad’s heart as a kind of perverse sales strategy. The man uses hatred, anger, and such to help with his larger passion, which is unquestionably power.

Now I’ll choose one more chakra databank to read on him, because even if we had all day, who would want to linger in the energy field of this guy? Let’s check out “

His version of reality” at the root chakra databank.

(What, you think that everyone here at Earth School lives in the same reality? Then you might have even more to learn here than I do.)

Welcome to ‘Toon Town. Here in Amadinejad-Root-Chakra-Ville, you couldn’t find more extreme black-and-white. Bad guys! Heroes!

Yes, you’’ll find good and bad galore, only his inner domain is populated with way more bad guys than good. Now comes the part I find truly interesting. For him, bad IS good, in the sense that anger fuels energy. Amadinejad feeds off anger the way that a vulture feeds off death.

To me, earth isn’t just a spiritual school but a world of polarity, where positive and negative balance out, night follows day, winter comes after summer, hangover follows one’s witty performance at the bar, and so forth.

You are reading this article, I suspect, because you care to be informed about your world. Probably you also care about being a good, following the rules. You have people you love. You may even follow a religion, whether organized or what I call “disorganized.” I do all of these “good girl” things, do them passionately.

Well, maybe people like us should get down on our knees—, not for a very long time, admittedly, more like half a second—, to thank folks like the Iranian President.

He has generously agreed to serve the world by taking the role of bad guy. He might balance out the equivalent of, say 5,000 do-gooders like you or me. Hey, it’’s a nasty job but someone has to do it.

What’’s the best way to keep a nasty-bags like that from getting any stronger? Don’’t be scared of him, not for a minute. Fear and rage taste better to his aura than even –ooh, think of something really gourmet delectable,– maybe Coca Cola?

Take a tip from what Omigod-Big-Scary-Mahmy did yesterday. Paste on a smile. Laughter would work even better.

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  1. 1
    Anita says:

    Fascinating read of a fascinating person. This was a terrific and insightful post, Rose.

    Thank you.

  2. 2

    When is talent enough? When does a mind-body-spirit practitioner need more, need training?

    I’ll bet every lurker at this blog has an opinion about talent vs. formal training, and probably it’s a strong opinion, too. Inviting you to add your perspective, and thanking everyone who has contributed to this conversation so far (Oh, Tamara, blush!), I’ll chime in here.

    Actually, this will be my first remote blog comment ever, since I’m in Massachusetts now on a book tour, sponsored by

    To me, talent unquestionably matters most. When strongly present–one of the signs for this being satisfied clients–as for CindySue and Tamara and Colleen, how wonderful! Why would training be needed? Often it isn’t.

    Yet training may help to protect the practitioner in tremendously important ways. Many of my students are psychics or healers or counselors of one sort or another; for them, it made a huge difference when they received training to stop picking up other people’s pain.

    Yes, they were talented as empaths, along with their other talents. Without this particular kind of training, they could help other people just fine, only they still suffered in consequence.

    Many a gifted practitioner grows more stressed during the years, plumps up extra, or cannot stop smoking… simply because all the training received in his/her specialty never included the training that empaths need.

    Another point about training was brought home to me yesterday, when I gave an all-day about Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®. One of the students, “Claire,” already saw colors and interpreted them fine; she simply came to the workshop out of curiosity to find out if I could teach her any little extras. By the end of the day, Claire told the class: “All I did before was just the tip of the iceberg.”

    Everyone else in that workshop went from “No reading” or “Failed attempts at reading” to powerful, informative aura reading, which was great. But that first student may have gained the most.

    Claire is already an enormously talented psychic and healer. She had taught aura reading herself, and had already augmented her gifts with an eclectic, and perfect, assortment of training. But never had she thought that she might require the kind of skill sets I taught.

    On the surface, there would be no point to this extra kind of training. Yet Claire did benefit. In fact, today she’s taking a workshop for empaths and I can’t wait to find out the difference a little offbeat bit of training can make.

  3. 3
    CindySue Siereveld says:

    Hi Rose!

    Well, I do have to say I am curious, to say the least, about reading auras.

    Most of my experience through my life has been my tools to help others in different ways, like just feeling the energy. Then, as I am feeling the energy I will get a feeling from my own experiences, and be able to assist that person like reaching in my tool box of my life trials.

    I kind of look at it as a VERY simple form of reaching out to others, and sense this is how I am meant to help.

    Everyone is made differently, and has different skills. But in reality I have found I cannot absorb complicated things, so instead of going around feeling stupid like I did when I was young, I embraced the fact that I am a simple person and I can help in simple ways, but have a huge impact.

    I have found sitting down for any period of time and just reading is never been my strong point, so off I go.. to experience some more lol

    This is a great article too! I was very fascinated by it. *Hugs* to all!

    CindySue (Mystic44)

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