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Valerie the Spy


Strangely, I live in the spy capital of the United States. CIA headquarters is half an hour from my house; more employees than we might think are among us. In “Empowered by Empathy,” I describe what happened when I inadvertently outed a spy, reading her aura at a Borders book signing.

Teaching adult ed. aura reading at McLean High School, I had another close encounter of the spy kind when I met with an elderly couple. Class was officially over, and I owed them short aura readings. I told “Fred,” attempting tact:

“How interesting. You have secret compartments in your solar plexus chakra, just like a spy I met once.”

Fred’s wife glared at me. Then she barked, “He’s retired now.”

Aurically, spies can’t retire. It’s like the muscles of a professional body builder. In ways that can’t be undone, a spy’s aura becomes deformed, or evolved, into an uncommon shape. And face data can also reveal the long-term habits that work for a spy.

Are these habits naughty or nice, noble or nefarious? Let Santa Claus decide. Here I will simply read spy-related data about Valerie Plame, the covert operative who was apparently outed and slandered by the Bush team, as described in her new book, “Fair Game.” It’s not every day that you know in advance which person in the crowd has spy characteristics.

Today, I’ll read spy-related attributes on her face. Tomorrow, we’ll go deeper to find spy-ness in her aura.

Face Reading Secrets® of America’s Most Famous Spy

My system of Face Reading Secrets® isn’t designed to help choose a profession, be it butcher, baker or spy. Just this week, a face reading client asked me to find her life work from her face and I had to politely decline, either that or make something up. (Fear not, my client was perfectly happy; there was plenty of other useful information I could tell her.)

Physiognomy shows something different: a huge assortment of talents and challenges, one face part at a time. To see the following subtle but meaningful details on Valerie Plame, click here for a photo.  And now, let’s do some face!

Crooked smile, angling up toward the right.

(Remember to tell left from right in a photo!)

Talent: In public, showing engagement that she does not, privately, feel. This can bring popularity.

Potential challenge: Dissembling or lying.

Shape in lower half of eyes: straight on right eye, curvy on left eye

Talent: Highly wary at work, warm in private life

Potential challenge: Something to hide, or fear, while at work

Multiple dimples on right cheek only.

(Look carefully and you’ll find both a peek-a-boo, “round” dimple and a powerline dimple.)

Talent: Charming people at work only. The dimple combo suggests an uncommon degree of charm which will catch people off guard.

Potential challenge: Manipulating people at work.

Angled chin bottom

This is the rarest of shapes at the end of a chin, because most people have curvy chins. Straight chins are second-most common.

Talent: A super-strong will for making decisions. Nobody will push Valerie Plame around if she can help it.

Potential challenge: Controlling behavior.

In short, Plame has talents that would help her immensely to succeed as a spy. What observations do you have? And if any of you DC locals have stories about your own close encounters with spies, comment away!

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    Colleen says:

    Oh boy…I have an angled chin too! I can see what that has meant in my life (not that it has always pleased others either).

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