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The Aura of a Spy


Today’s post is a follow-up to yesterday’s face reading of Valerie Plame Wilson.

Let’s start with an aura level ability common to many spies. They are experts at sending out highly effective facades. Which is your first reaction, seeing Plame on her book cover?

  1. Charming
  2. Honest, candid, and open
  3. Sophisticated but sunny and inwardly uncomplicated
  4. All of the above

Yes, I think she sends out all three sets of facade, and all but the first is false.

Personally, I have enormous sympathy with Valerie Plame. No spy, working for her country, should be publicly outed, or receive death threats. Although I haven’t read her book yet, what she and her husband have suffered has been appalling. And don’t even get me started on the Bush administration…

However noble the cause, however, every spy pays a high price inwardly. Yes, every spy. Here are my most poignant findings about the aura of Valerie Plame.

Root Chakra Databank for Version of Reality

Courage is a gift of Plame’s soul. She needs it. Fear abounds. Much of her life experience is polarized, seen as a struggle between good and bad forces. I’m not saying “paranoid,” more “stuck in a movie like the old Westerns.”

Root Chakra Databank for Risk Taking

Living on the edge brings excitement to life. Many people enjoy their risks vicariously, watching James Bond movies or the like. To feel most alive, Plame must personally be in the action.

Heart Chakra Databank for Connecting to Others Emotionally

Executive ability—, that’s the most polite way to put this gift of her soul. With rare exceptions, such as loved family members, an inner calculation is constantly made. “What is this person good for?” Typically, relationships are assessed more than felt.

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity

Sweetness is a gift of Plame’s soul, but long-term vigilance has left its mark. She constantly and minutely monitors her speech, doing a kind of simultaneous translation of her every word. This is one of the universal spy characteristics.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity

Connection to spiritual source is strong. According to her lights, she’s working for God. So if you’re looking for an idealistic spy, you will find one in Plame.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity

Strength lies here, plus unabashed power.

Would the former covert operative use that strength to do unpleasant things? In a heartbeat.

And would Plame be willing to promise one thing and do another? Can a duck both swim and walk? This is another signature spy quality. I can’t vouch for it in ducks who are spies but I’ve sure found it in the human ones.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Intellectual Growth

Here is the big test for spies. It shows up every time: The most organized minds you’ve ever met, with compartments for every kind of information and relationship. Levels of secrecy! Degrees of denial!

Nobody else thinks like a spy. You may think you have figured out the plot in a Graham Greene novel. But being a spy is no fictional exercise. It brings pain and distortion to the spy’s aura. Like any choice to do dirty work, however nobly undertaken, there will be consequences.

Blog-buds, comment away with your observations about the great Valerie Plame. Or, for a fascinating exercise, read the same databanks in a photo of former spy and superb novelist Graham Greene.

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  1. 1
    Colleen says:

    Dear Rose,

    You know how I like these entries!

    I found that much of what you said matched what I got when I read Ms. Plame-Wilson’s aura as I watched that portion of “60 Minutes” last Sunday. I did not articulate it as well as you have done here. She was doing what thrilled her soul as a spy.

    I’m not primarily clairvoyant (or much at all), but I received an image of a honeycomb when reading her throat and solar plexus chakras.

    I am still working with cutting cords and find the book fabulous!

  2. 2
    Kira says:

    My first reaction is phony and guarded.

  3. 3
    Karin says:

    I also recently got ‘too many boxes’ from a man I read, who had the habit of presenting a very controlling facade incompatible with how he really is at work and I wondered what was true of what he was telling me….

  4. 4
    Ryan says:

    Today when I looked at a photo of a man my empathy kicked in and said “He is a prime candidate for a heart attack later in life.” Even though this man is physically very healthy, he has an enormous amount of gunk in his aura which has the potential to eventually affect his physical health.

    I firmly believe that pretty much all physical illness has underlying emotional causes on top of conventional (non-emotional) causes of illness.

    I just realized that Valerie Wilson’s aura contains a lot of “toxicity”, and I would not be surprised if she develops a serious illness at some point. I am not saying she is a bad person, but I can agree with the statement that “every spy pays a high price inwardly.”

  5. 5
    Melanie says:

    I’ve been wondering if “lightworkers” could actually do good, working for the government, for instance in the army. If I enlisted in the army and perhaps went on to do intelligence work, could I help bring light to this area, or would the very nature of such work, and being asked to follow a chain of command, corrupt my aura?

    Is there a need for those of us who consider ourselves “more aware” to voluntarily enter such environments, or are they part of an old construct that we don’t need to work with?

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