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Today’s radio interview is a phoner for a British show called “The Night Before,” at I’m to read faces and, hopefully, inspire listeners to become face readers and members of our online community at this blog.

The broadcast will air this Sunday — 16 December, as they say in the U.K. Over a million listeners are in the audience, but here you can read in advance all the juicy parts, my readings of three big music stars I know nothing about, Dave Grohl, Anthony Kiedis and Gerard Way.

These are just quick comments, prepared before the interview. Mostly it’s face reading, plus a quick comment, via a skilled empath merge, about the “Performance” databank at the throat chakra. After the interview, I have also transcribed my notes on Nick, the host, and Alex, the show’s producer.

Listeners, Blog-Buddies, add your comments here!  Please note that you can find photos of these people at Google Images.



Such a bad boy!

Protruding Overlip, Philtrum included

Sex couldn’t be a much bigger deal than it is for this guy. For the sort of music he performs, this has to be a major source of attraction.

Crisp Lip Edges

Mind in charge of his every utterance, every vocalization — this man clearly specializes in social niceties. Also greets them with contempt! For more evidence that he suffers no fools…

Triangular Lower Lip

When was the last time you saw such a thing? And that lower lip is ultra-full, too. Meaning? Besides being what Brits might accurately call “frightfully persuasive,” he must be in control of every conversation. Otherwise, he won’t play.

Double Triangles at his Upper Lip

These proclaim a soul-level gift for performing and speaking in a way that is a marketer’s dream. He reaches his group. He speaks/sings on their behalf, and does it powerfully.

Skilled Empath Merge

He’ll sing your secrets, unflinchingly. Somehow he seems like part of your family, someone who has known you since birth. You may not like him, but you may love him, and if you’re a listener on his wavelength, Anthony will pull on your attention with a magnetic intensity.


Or was that “Growl”?


Spontaneity is a major talent for the singer. Even if he sings a song countless times, it will sound improvised.

Huge Nostrils

The man goes through money the way prize-winning stallions go through mares.

Round Nostrils

Financially, you can expect prosperity consciousness. Emotionally, he’s a big spender, too. The man doesn’t hold back.

Skilled Empath Merge

Dave specializes in broadcasting primal emotions. Don’t look for nuance here. And if you can’t take power, cover up your ears when his songs come on the radio. For so many people, though, he can be a great releaser of pent-up emotions.



Way kinky, and way proud of it.

Up-Angled Left Eyebrow

Gerard understands the latest trends. In fact, he prefers to shape them. “Outrageous” could be one of his ultimate compliments.

Extreme Mouth Lifting to the Left

Remember those teenagers years, when life was often about “us” vs. “them”? For Way, the battle continues. His hatred of authority figures ripples off of that mouth. Nor is he ashamed to revile certain people, embrace others.

Sanpaku Right Eye

Look carefully under that hairdo and you will see three whites at the singer’s right eye. Even without reading his aura, you can tell he gives everything, as if he would live forever… or as if he’d prefer a short, intense life to a long life with even one day of boredom. The singer is pouring out his life force energy, letting it gush out to puddle into his trademarked form of notoriety. Gerard, don’t pull a Janis Joplin! You’re too deep-down sweet.

Skilled Empath Merge

Empath talent has a lot to do with Gerard’s impact as an artist. Holistic Knowing is another of his soul-level gifts. So his live performances must be exceptional. He merges with his audience, singing for them, singing out of them.


Sarcastic and oh-so-hip, Alex is the Senior Producer for this night-time show.

Discussed on the interview: That distinctive mustache-and-beard combo.

I suggested that Alex prides himself on communicating with finesse and elegance. “Job Hell for Alex” would be trying to please everybody by being as ordinary as possible.

Oh, that mouth!

Even Lip Proportions + Straight – Bottomed

Read that as sensuality, hipness and, definitely, sarcasm.

Not discussed on the show, those…

Down-Angled Eyes

They proclaim Alex to be a no B.S. guy with an instinct for problem finding, problem solving. What he went through to get those down angles, that is the challenge and it’s not potential, as with most items in my system of Face Reading Secrets®. No, he has been through plenty of already, I suspect, particularly in his career. Hence the more down-angled right eye.

Add all these up together and oh, Alex! The potential for sarcasm is simply huge.


Sensitive but Sharp

NICK is the co-host of “The Night Before.” He led me through deep discussion about the meaning of “wonky,” as I described the following combination of attributes:

Curved Eyebrows

Indicate emotional intelligence, being unusually tuned into everyone’s feelings.

Extreme Blarney Lips

(ratio of upper to lower lips about 1:20)

Indicate that yes, he could sell rain-making machines all over the U.K. He could persuade listeners of just about anything.

Deep Set Eyes, especially on the left

Clearly he can hide well what he feels.

Be careful with this guy. He may well be seriously persuasive on the outside, laughing hysterically on the inside.

All I know for sure about this challenge is Wow! Nick asked me some of the smartest questions of any broadcaster, anywhere. This was my first interview for “The Night Before,” and I’d love to come back to read Amy, the co-host who wasn’t able to broadcast this time.

If you’re a regular listener, you know all this cast of characters. Recognize them from my descriptions?

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  1. 1
    Lisa says:

    Rose, in your face reading book, you talk about underbites, overbites and evenbites. However, what does an openbite signify? An openbite is when the front teeth do not close together–a space remains between the top and bottom front teeth even though the back molars are touching.

    My son has an openbite and we are discussing whether “correcting” it with braces is a good idea for him. I know there is soul-level gift and challenge associated with the openbite and your insight is appreciated.

  2. 2

    NATASHA asked about listening in. The broadcast is Sunday, 16th December, starting at 10 p.m. To listen online, you can click here:

    Unfortunately, Nick hasn’t responded yet to my inquiry about when, precisely, our taped bits will be aired. I suspect he is just really spontaneous in the way he juggles the phone and the callers.

    If you DO listen, please comment away about how it sounded on the airways TO YOU.

  3. 3

    With an open bite, the talent is dispassion over life choices, even life circumstances for that individual’s present incarnation. The potential challenge is that this kind of dispassion is a big deal. If your son is at risk for being spaced out, it might make sense to close the gap. If he is already very grounded, even over-serious about responsibilities and relationships, closing the gap might be a big mistake.

    Of course, being braces-aged, he may well be below 18, so you wouldn’t assess him through face reading, right? Right? But you can certainly read his aura to learn about these tendencies, especially if his behavior has you uncertain.

    Now if he has such an open bite that the poor kid can’t chew, that would definitely warrant braces… or else very large tooth implants. 😉

  4. 4
    AnnH says:

    Rose, I’ll admit that I haven’t yet bought the face reading book, though intend to very soon since I am eager to delve into this, too. Lisa’s tooth question prompted me to ask a tooth question I’ve been wondering about.

    I have a gap between my front teeth (diastema)and am wondering what it means in the system of face reading. I’ve always loved my gap and my dentists have never encouraged me to close it up. I always associated it with creativity and independence, though I have no idea if that’s what face reading would indicate.

    Years ago I came across a quirky little documentary entitled Gap-Toothed Women, by Les Blank.

    It’s only 30 minutes long and features a bunch of women who only have one thing in common – the gap – and how they’ve related to it in their lives. Sounds goofy, but is actually an interesting little film.

  5. 5

    Ann, all your comments in this latest batch (not just on this thread) have been so great. Thank you.

    I WILL respond to this, but it deserves to be an article in my zine. Perhaps for the upcoming January issue, otherwise February. So look for it there (signup is free at

  6. 6

    Ooh, important PS to Ann and Lisa and anybody else asking me to explain the meaning of different face data.

    It hit me this morning, these have been my first occasions to remind everyone of the blog rules posted atop the page here. I have a policy to not respond to all these or I will be at risk for blog burnout. So I did answer one inquiry and will put the second into my next zine, but otherwise I am going to be very consistent about enforcing the blog rules.

    After all, I do offer books (THE POWER OF FACE READING and WRINKLES ARE GOD’S MAKEUP) full of information you won’t find elsewhere. (Except for that very sincere form of flattery found in some face reading books by others. Hint: When someone includes “The Power of Face Reading” in the subtitle to his book, isn’t that charming? And then there’s the woman who had the highly original idea of titling her book “Face Reading Secrets,” as in the name of my trademarked system.
    Flattery, yes.)

    Many different types of personal sessions are offered for having your face read, along with the simpler $15 Face Reports. And if you have additional questions, I offer a mentoring program by correspondence, an incredible Face Reading Intensive, and also a totally-flexible-to-schedule five-hour block of mentoring appointments. All of these are the “official” ways for me to answer any and all questions you may have about face data.

    I was reminded today that I must do better at saying no, because being a source for knowledge about Deeper Perception is at least a full-time job. Tonight, I was working at my computer (about 8 p.m. on a Saturday night, what’s new?) and a woman called. She asked, honest to goodness, “How late are you open?”

    Hey, she sounded like a fun gal.

    This matched perfectly with the fellow who called me this very morning at 8:00 a.m., then called back at 9, asking if I would mind his coming early for his regression appointment. Waiting until 10 a.m. might have been too great a hardship. (Still, he wound up enduring it just fine.)

    Ooh, in 2008 and beyond will my work and I become utterly irresistible? Could be fun. So I must start to enforce those blog policies from now on.

  7. 7
    AnnH says:

    Ooooh, so sorry about the teeth question! Of course it makes sense that you can’t answer every individual question and I wasn’t thinking. If it’s any consolation, this thread prompted me to buy the face reading book, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. 🙂

  8. 8
    Anita says:

    I think this is one of my favorite face readings so far, all the faces of these performers. There’s just something about reading the faces of performers and how their soul-level gifts manifest on their face that is so interesting – especially so because people with this level of fame often have “very’s” in their faces!

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