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Let Those Lips Sing their Truth


Oh, this advance third day of Christmas is a gift that keeps on giving.

After that rather depressing peek into the aura of Kanye West, I’ve got to find something more uplifting. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, not lamenting train wrecks. So bring on Face Reading Secrets®,where you can always find something good.

For pure uplift, what’s the most distinctive thing about the face of Kanye West? See for yourself, Blog-Buddies.

I’ll help you do your own face reading by supplying a photo link. Click here to see a version of our photo that you can use to give Kanye a close-up. This face reader chooses…

Kanye’s upper lip: Oboy! I could separate out the distinctive items of face data:

  • A rare, teardrop-shaped bulge in the center,
  • the triangles,
  • the chiseling,
  • the lipfulness,
  • the proportions with his lower lip.

But instead I’ll use the advanced face reader’s technique I’ll teach in my annual Face Reading Intensive, July 18-20, and let that lip tell its own tale.


Power is my specialty as a soul, with communication my chosen arena of expression beyond all others. I teach power in an unmistakable way, through connection to people, modeling for them what they can become.

My consciousness is big. I came in that way, as soul. I came here to speak for a whole cohort of souls. I attract women who want someone strong and unafraid to act boldly, someone to model unconditional acceptance of personal need. I can inspire any man who has felt sexually inadequate, helping him to regain confidence.

With music, especially, I communicate as the adept soul I am. I move energy in precise configurations to say this:

Wake up. Stop being a victim. Nobody can stop you unless you give permission.

What you feel, what you desire, it counts. Don’t give up. Reach out instead.

Why be ashamed to feel? Don’t interrupt your own desires with worry over other people’s rules. You will not know what you can do unless you dare. I’m here to tell you to dare and do and be outrageous.

Guess what? Some people will love you. And they’re the only ones who count.

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  1. 1
    AnnH says:

    Awesome, Rose! What I love about these readings is that you articulate my brushstrokes about these people. You eloquently put words to the general vibes I’ve had about them.

    With Kanye West, I’ve picked up on the big power thing and haven’t been so thrilled with how full of himself he is, but at the same time, appreciate the power he transmits through his songs and his outrageousness…and I have to admit that I just plain like “Golddigger” (hope I spelled that right).

  2. 2

    Ann. good to have some feedback. I know NOTHING about West except for what you have just written.

    Golddigger? Interesting! 😉

  3. 3
    AnnH says:

    He’s a rap singer and rap tends to annoy me…just the energy of it and how it never seems to stop. He did Golddigger with Jamie Foxx, another interesting candidate for a reading. Foxx won the Oscar for portraying Ray Charles and is a talented comedian and singer.

  4. 4
    Anita says:

    I think the tale above in italics is hilarious! And, yes, Kanye is legendary for his confidence bordering on arrogance and self-absorption.

    He himself did a brilliant send-up of himself on “Saturday Night Live,” skewering this very public image of himself.

    If there is any musician I would associate with sheer testosterone right now, it is Kanye West.

  5. 5
    Anita says:

    Whether you like Kanye or not, his impact is unforgettable and huge. In an age where any celebrity is considered good celebrity, it pays to be Kanye.

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