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Five Gold Rings Around Donald Trump


Back in the 1990’s, he seemed cuter than a partridge in a pear tree. But today, Don is more famous for saying, “You’re fired.” Can he muster the appeal, even, of five narrow gold rings?

Like him or loathe him. Or be indifferent to him. But read him along with me! Donald Trump has earned a spot on our advance 12 Days of Christmas.  

This reading for our Fifth Day of Christmas will highlight five ways that The Donald has changed.

Five Gold Rings.

A comparison reading is worth as much as five or more gold rings. Really, who needs all that jewelry? 😉

If you can compare photos, you can do this kind of reading about anyone. With enough practice, your skills will expand. This is why, in a telephone session, using no photos at all, you can ask me to read your aura or the aura of anyone you have known, whether it is the first day you met, that fancy wedding day, or the day when your divorce was granted.

But Donald isn’t asking me, you are, so let’s stick to holograms in the physical, namely his fascinating pictures. Five gold rings! Two photos! Yes! 

Join Me in this Reading

To see him more clearly, play with enlarging the older photo. Start by clicking on this link showing Trump “in a past wife.”

And, for his more recent photograph,– even more posed and airbrushed, if possible –click here to read.

Let’s compare auras, since they can’t be airbrushed. Plus, at the end, I can’t resist commenting on huge changes to one part of his face. (See it yet?) (Hint, cosmetic surgery can’t fix this part, not yet anyway.)

Root Chakra Databank for Making Money

Well, yes, you can read this databank on anyone, and it’s especially relevant for Soul Thrill® Aura Research, whether doing it for yourself (as I’ll be teaching at a one-day workshop this January) having me do the honors for you over the phone, researching choices about business ventures, relationships, or any other aspect of your lifestyle.


Trump had the golden touch. For prosperity’s sake, some New Agers affirm, “I am a money magnet.” Donald didn’t need to affirm. At this point in his life, he was. And his own reaction to being a money magnet combined delight, surprise, confidence, and just the beginnings of arrogance.


None of that golden touch remains. (It wasn’t a gift of his soul, after all, more a karmic dispensation that conferred a temporary experience.) The ability to attract money may be diminished, but it has been replaced by an equally strong sense of entitlement, seasoned with bitterness.

The outstanding quality here, to me, at the time of this photo is a kind of inflammation of the aura databank, ooh, there’s a “medical term” for the 21st century. Money remains central to Donald’s life, rivaled only by his commitment to sex. So let’s go there, next.

Belly Chakra Databank for Sexual Self-Esteem


Sex is enormously important to this man. The thrill isn’t only having sex but having it often, and as creatively as possible. Also, the accoutrements matter: He needs eye candy in the form of owning a wife who looks hot. He needs to be known for his prowess.

Deep down, however, “The Donald” still has the sweetness of a boy child who knows he is loved. This sweetness is available for him to project, at will, as part of his image. It could be the deal clincher.


He’s 20. He’s hot. He’s the hottest, studliest man about town! Well, part of The Donald knows this isn’t quite accurate. But, hey, what else is denial for? Like the money-attraction databank, this part of Trump’s aura has become simultaneously small and swollen with self-importance.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Self-Confidence

Trump is second only to William Shatner for that special Emmy category called “Playing his own parody.”

But auras never lie. What does Trump’s say, beneath any role he plays, whether on TV or elsewhere?


Like stock on the rise, Trump brings a contagious excitement to his business ventures. He has become his own bandwagon, and that popular personality enjoys watching the competition among people desperate to jump on board.

Beneath that luck, and that detached watching, Trump also cares deeply about being fair. This is the root of his confidence, and perhaps a key to understanding how he got that great karma in the first place.


Self-absorption has become Trump’s art form. Donald is no longer engaged energetically as a player in specific business situations. Instead, he shows up like a super-model, expert at finding the best ways to pose. At work, he’ll display himself to best advantage. People and money have become props.

High Heart Chakra for Soul Thrill


Every day, yes, The Donald had as much fun as he possibly could. Being a money magnet was just the start. He reveled in his life and packed each day full of goodies. That’s one adorably stuffed databank, not unlike a super-crammed Christmas stocking.

One difference, however: Donald still wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to experiment with adding more, more, more.


He still shows a strong high heart connection, which means that Donald Trump qualifies for an elite group. Only 1 in 300 people show, aurically, that daily life really expresses the soul. Trump’s connection is meager, however, and relatively joyless.

No matter what he does, regardless of what he buys, this man feels he has seen it all. What else is new? Nothing.

Although I haven’t met Trump in the flesh, I have talked to people with this affliction, met plenty of them at parties for the ultra-wealthy where I have been hired to read faces.

Just this year, I have met such people. It is a strange ailment: You have everything money can buy, yet it brings no pleasure.

People in this position have an existential experience every day as if they just stuffed themselves at a feast, and miss the best part, their old hunger. Jaded people often blame wealth-related experiences as the cause of their disillusionment. My perspective is different. I find STUFF is making their databanks small, storing up bitterness and similar emotions. Old disappointments, disillusionments, cords of attachment and other astral debris, —it’s only STUFF. It can always, always be healed.

But will someone as privileged as Donald consider healing from within, rather than adding new glitz from without? Outer life always seems so much more tempting to someone who can buy it all.

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  1. 1
    Anita says:

    Trump is a good example that money may buy a lot of things, but it doesn’t necessarily buy (or guarantee) happiness.

    He also seems to demonstrate that too much of a good thing can feel empty without a sense of the joy or purpose that was often originally behind what used to bring that happiness.

  2. 2
    Karin says:

    Thanks Rose for doing this profile, I wonder what he has done to get that good karma? I can already imagine him doing a regression at your home to find out, or is that possible over the phone?

    Donald Trump has something to offer for everybody, he has
    a website where he sells airline tickets for much less than most at [Link No Longer Available]

  3. 3

    Karin, I really don’t recommend regressions over the phone. In person is so much more effective that I would only do this kind of a phoner during emergencies.

    This is very different from the sessions of Energy Spirituality where I facilitate cutting cords of attachment, etc. They are just as effective over the phone.

    And for that reason, they are really preferable unless someone lives right down the street. I have had clients fairly nearby go to all the trouble of driving here, coming late due to traffic, and missing part of a session.

    Why do regressions work better in person? The client, whether Donald Trump or someone a bit more motivated to grow, begins by going into a deep hypnotic state. I need to be in the room to monitor how the client is doing and adjust accordingly.

    One of the biggest changes to my website this year, incidentally, is all the articles posted about Past-Life Regression. There are separate articles about different problems and how I would address the particular kind of healing needed.
    Here is a link, if you (or Donald) are curious:

  4. 4
    AnnH says:

    I get a kick out of this reading, Rose. While I actually enjoyed some of Trump’s interviews in the time when the Apprentice was just coming out, he seemed to really go over the top and peaked for me with Rosie O’Donnell’s antics.

    He has often struck me as a walking caricature….and, of course, the Darrell Hammond impersonations of him have been priceless!

  5. 5
    AnnH says:

    Speaking of Darrell Hammond, I can’t help but say, knowing that your cup of reading requests runneth over, that I would be fascinated to read a reading of a brilliant comedian/actor/impressionist like Darrell Hammond….or Dana Carvey..

    What is it that’s going on that allows him to capture all those characters??

    Maybe for a future ezine or if this happens to catch your fancy.

  6. 6
    Karin says:

    Recently I heard something that sounds true for people who are centered in their lower chakras: They don’t have new ideas, they just reshuffle those of other people. Whereas people dominant in the higher chakras have the ideas, but maybe are not grounded enough to put them into reality.

  7. 7
    Anita says:

    Hi Karin,

    This is not something I have heard. Generally speaking, what I have heard is that when people focus on the first three chakras, they are more preoccupied with survival, power, and materialistic concerns – things that have to do with the material plane. When they focus more on the upper three chakras, they start moving beyond a preoccupation with basic material and survival needs and move more into their hearts and concern for others – less focus on the self, more focus on humanity and the human family.

  8. 8

    Such innocent days! Even if it didn’t seem that way at the time.

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