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That Rascal, James, a GUEST POST by Colleen


Blog-Buddies, you may remember from a previous post that Colleen Arcury has been preparing a Skilled Empath merge with James Hillman. I’m so proud of her courage, and her insights.

I did the reading all at the same time, then scribbled notes as fast as I could. I experienced so much, that I’m not sure that I got all the information with the right energy fields. What a learning experience! I still have no words for some of it. Here goes:

How does this person relate to physical reality?

This is a very strong-willed, even stubborn person who is innately curious. He is an intellectual and social rabble rouser. He is also completely authentic.

(St. Germain, present during the session, offered this comment… and who would know better about being authentic?) I experienced a huge, commanding presence, “a warrior for the soul.”

How does this person experience creativity?

He smashes boundaries of thought, concepts, and belief systems. This is his play. He attends to his inner promptings… his angel. He prods others to think for themselves and is not necessarily polite about it. This is a vibrant, imaginative man!

Here is another experience that I had while doing this reading. I kept hearing the strings of an instrument being played… does he like music?

I realized that this was much like what I had experienced when doing energy work on some people years earlier…I actually would hear the strings of their energy being played as my hands passed through their energy field. In this case, it was the strings of a violin and a soulful cello…??? I’m not really sure of this interpretation, or maybe I could leave it to stand on its own.

How does this person relate to power?

This is a person of enormous intellectual gifts. He has not played it safe in academic circles, upsetting the prevailing wisdom. At the point in his life, revealed by the photo, he has  a strong sense of self and is empowered to say what he wants.

There is evidence of earlier struggles with the issue of power as a younger man with such gifts as his.

This man has a strong sense of humor, witty, with some sarcasm. It can be the kind of intelligent humor that goes right over people’s heads and some do not “get it”. At other times his humor is irreverent, even bawdy. What a rascal! He is an “intellectual transformer” to be sure.

How does this person experience/express emotional reality?

There is some pain and scarring from earlier professional and personal relationships, (I sense two significant ones).  This person is much softer inside than his exterior personality expresses. He has a huge capacity, an almost sensual experience and love of humanity in all it’s variations, despite it’s flaws and frailty. There is a deep compassion for humans from a high spiritual perspective, (present at the third eye also). He has an absolute passion for the expression of soul in a human life. He has a strong sense of loyalty to his close friends.

How does this person communicate intimately and with the world?

This man exerts a strong transforming presence as a communicator when speaking to an audience. He aurically beckons  his listeners to think in new ways. He does not suffer fools gladly. He has the gift of clairaudience. He really does hear those ancestors… those invisibles.

He might just laugh at this reading though! He does reveal himself in public to a degree, but even more to those close to him. He can be difficult and this has pushed some away.

One of his favorite things to do communication-wise is to pitch ideas, thoughts, and comments in dialogue form laced with irreverent humor to a close friend who is at the same level as himself. The analogy here would be tossing these ways of thinking-being as one would toss a ball back and forth in the yard.

How does this person experience spirit in daily life?

Mr. Hillman has a huge third eye. He does have perception that goes right to the truth of another. He does perceive the image in the heart. He also has the gift of spiritual oneness.

Talk about having a mythic sensibility… he has that too. His third eye dances with assistance from the higher realms.

Last, but not least, is he expressing his soul in daily life? Yes. His high heart sings with expression of his daimon.

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  1. 1
    Colleen says:


    Thanks so much. I remember that one of the things I like so much about “Cut Cords of Attachment” is the part about questioning.

    How could I forget? That is very important and is worth the price of the book.

    I will go back and do just that.

    I still have difficulty trusting and putting something on your blog is so BIG to me. Well, I did this for all to view and read. Now I can continue to refine and continue to trust. One of my biggest hurdles is perfectionism (a scourge really) limiting in so many areas of life.

  2. 2

    Colleen, I am so proud of you. Even you were still fairly new to the process of doing an empath merge, you courageously wrote down what you received and persevered. That’s a cumulative skill, so the next one will be easier and so forth.

    About this part: “In this case, it was the strings of a violin and a soulful cello…??? I’m not really sure of this interpretation, or maybe I could leave it to stand on its own.”

    Never, never leave your own process to stand on its own. Since you have read CUT CORDS OF ATTACHMENT, you may have seen a detailed explanation about why I recommend this. And what to do about it: Questioning.

    After you have completed research about someone, you still can go back, get big with St. Germain, and take the research further. It’s no harder than adding comments to a blog post!

    Colleen, again, I am SO PROUD of you. And this profile of James Hillman is GREAT.

  3. 3
    Julie says:

    Thanks for taking the leap and posting your reading on the blog for us, Colleen.

    I thought it was wonderful. It sure sounds like James Hillman to me! I read an interview with him once and he’s quite a character, a rascal, like you said.

    You did a nice job with your descriptions, putting things into words that are not easy to put into words.

    Congratulations and thanks for an interesting reading!

  4. 4
    Colleen says:

    Thanks Julie! To you and the other blog buddies, I have something to add. I went back to “Cut Cords of Attachment”, and read, again, the section on Questioning. I wanted to clarify further what the meaning of hearing the strings of an instrument meant in relation to the reading of Mr. Hillman. Here is what I received.

    It was the tones that most resemble the cello that I heard during the merge with J.H. One reason is because I often hear tones and it is a way to relay information to me about the subject I am reading. The cello in regards to this subject says a lot about his work on behalf of all things soul.

    Remember, the cello is an instrument that helps people release grief, express deep emotions,experience the rhythms of everyday human life. In Hillman’s work, the tonal quality expresses the moving down from spirit into form, the embodiment of the human experience. This is just another way of emphasizing what his gift of the soul is…to assist others in caring for the soul while growing down in completion of that life.

  5. 5

    Holy Cow! Colleen, this is AMAZING! I am truly blown away by your skill.

    For the parts for which you have no words….maybe you can do a little dance to express them 😉 HA HA

  6. 6
    Colleen says:

    Dear Sharon,

    Thank you so much for your kind comments. I have this one last day off before I work for a long stretch over Christmas (part of the travel nurse thing, so more of the regular staff can have the Holiday off).

    I will make up my own dance today (no joke)! I will go back to Lexington, Ky, to participate in a high sacred ceremony for NYE, then back here.

    Today will be the soul dancing day! Bless you, Sharon:-)

  7. 7
    Anita says:

    Nice job, Colleen!

  8. 8
    AnnH says:

    Colleen, you inspire me to really dig into developing my Deeper Perception skills! Thanks for sharing all of this with us. I look forward to practicing and doing readings like this.

  9. 9
    Colleen says:

    Wow! Anita, Ann H. Thanks for being so supportive of my stepping off the cliff. I was really nervous about doing it. I’m encouraged to continue and Rose is such a great teacher. I can see how possible it is to help each other grow!

  10. 10
    Melanie says:

    Wow, another aloquent writer! Thanks for sharing that reading with us, Colleen. And I am absolutely blown away by your clarificatio on the cello. It’s breathtaking to me how rich with meaning one bit of information can be. Very poignant.

  11. 11
    Ryan says:

    [Colleen, #9] Thanks for being so supportive of my stepping off the cliff. I was really nervous about doing it.

    Welcome to the Guest Posters Club. 😀

    I will have to put finding some of James Hillman’s books or other writing into my database of things to do/buy because his ideas sound really interesting.

  12. 12
    Anita says:

    I think it’s great to see so many people “stepping off the cliff.”

    Nice job!

  13. 13
    Suzanne Schroedl says:

    Wow! Great reading Colleen! How perfect–he is indeed an “intellectual and social rabble rouser.”!! I’d actually never seen a photo of him before–how perfectly it fits! Looking at his photo my instinctive response is just to smile and laugh–what an infectious sparkle he has. Anyway, I think your reading is dead-on.

  14. 14
    Elaine Warfield says:

    Colleen: I read this again and I have to say I have felt the same way at times when doing Magic Picture, kind of wondering if I was getting this right, but I’m trusting the process/myself more and more. Great job! You say you heard the strings of an instrument being played, well I see pictures like I’m watching a video when I’m doing Magic Picture from “Become the Most Important Person in the Room,” and the accompanying words are right there. So cool!

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