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Does Jackie Warner Pass the Hype Test?


On our Seventh Day of Christmas, the theme is fun! Recreation! Make that professional recreation! Plus certified entertainment! And, of course, the fun of Deeper Perception.

Bring on Jackie Warner, of the Bravo reality show “Work Out.” She’s impressive as an entrepreneur, as well as an athlete. In her short life, she has been amazingly successful, plus an undeniable discipline shows in that body.

I also admire that Jackie has come out as a lesbian, because so many gays and lesbians still are in hiding. And the process of hiding sexual orientation limits us all.

Have I seen Jackie’s show, however? Never. All I know about Ms. Warner comes from Wikipedia’s short entry and the original question from Melanie Test, a professional trainer, who asked that I read Warner, saying, “I’’ve found myself skeptical about her authenticity as well and doubt a lot of her trainer’s methods. Does she know something real or is this another case of hype? …Can viewers really trust the presenter?”

Well, friends, Read along with me. Here’s an image that you can enlarge for purposes of reading: Click, copy and pull corners. Now doesn’t that sound like great exercise?

And here is a more human looking version of Jackie Warner, where the ultra-glam trainer looks more like a regular person.


The best way I know to answer Melanie’s questions about hype is to compare Warner’s aura in these two photos. Of course, this would be a supplement to common sense, not a substitute. Whenever you read someone as a consumer (or a voter), first investigate the actions, then the claims. Third, if that person is still worth your time, read that person with Deeper Perception.

(Or ask me to do it. If you’re curious about anyone at work or in your personal life)

Ideally, when reading True-false for hype, you will have the same photo op that we have here. It’s fascinating to compare someone who is pictured in a more-or-less in a normal state to an image of that same person selling herself or her services. I’ll call the gym photo “Jackie being herself” because it is relatively authentic in comparison to the fabulous iconic photo that I’ll call “Jackie on parade.”

Root Chakra Databank for Entrepreneurial Ability

Jackie being herself: Entrepreneurial intelligence is evident as a gift of her soul, but more pressing (bench pressing?) her need to succeed. The ultra-ambitious trainer is determined to be Number 1, racing toward her goals at a speed of 500 miles an hour– or at least settling for the fastest speed that is humanly possible.

Jackie on parade: The display here isn’t at all what I expected. Gone is the entrepreneurial push. Present instead is vulnerability. “Here I am. And here is my dream. Will you accept me?”

Root Chakra Databank for Athletic Adventurousness

Jackie being herself: Readers, I’m sorry, but mostly I notice her body screaming, “Feed me.” In her pursuit of the anorexic ideal, Jackie has sacrificed her comfort and a great deal of her physical strength.

Jackie on parade: Out from her aura pops a façade body, strongly projected: “I’m so exciting. I’m living your dream. Buy what I’m selling.”

Beneath that façade, Jackie is projecting a second façade, through sheer force of will. “I am successful.”


Let’s put together the info. from these two different root chakra databanks. When selling herself, Jackie strongly downplays the aspect of herself that seeks money and fame. Instead, she intensifies what she is selling, an athletic fantasy.

How does somebody do that? The word is “intention.” Never underestimate the power of intention here at Earth School, where each of us directs vast reserves of consciousness and spiritual power to manifest whatever we choose.

Now, just a couple of other databanks to round out the picture…


Throat Chakra Databank for Presenting Herself in Public

Jackie being herself: Captured in this photo, Jackie isn’t “on.” She’s being a normal person, not a sales machine, and it’s heartwarming. Give her another decade of oversized fame and maybe it will be different, but at this time in her life Jackie knows how to let the game drop.

She is no Cher, a diva for decades, no Jennifer Lopez in her prime. If Jackie allows this ingenuousness to show on “Work Out,” it’s the smartest business move she could make.

Jackie on parade: Out sprongs a performer’s gift for sending an energy flare.  “I’m strong. I’m alluring. You can be like me.”

Well, Melanie, you win points for that reaction of skepticism, don’t you?

Heart Chakra Databank for Connecting to Others Emotionally

Jackie being herself: Self-absorbed is the name of this game. According to Wikipedia, Jackie has a significant other. But according to her own heart chakra, she is her own significant other.

Many a performer (also many a non-performer) shows this way of being. Because I do so much Soul Energy Awakening Hypnosis® with clients, I am not shocked at this kind of “experiment.” Unless we explore a variety of ways to be human, we won’t learn all we can from Earth School.

I should add that when you read the aura of a body builder you will often find self-absorption at the heart chakra. It’s that kind of sport.

Jackie on parade: Get ready for a big wave of projection, Blog-Buddies. Here’s how she advertises herself at this databank: “Gee, I’m exciting! I’m so desirable! I attract all the love I could possibly want. If you buy what I’m selling, your life can be just like mine.”


Well, there is the secret of Jackie’s success. Besides self-discipline and good karma for fame, Jackie is a world-class sender of facades and flares. Selling in this way could be called “The Secret.”

I know that several of you Blog-Buddies have requested that I do readings of the folks responsible for The Secret. Suffice it to say that this is their “secret” as well.

Wishing doesn’t make things so. Wishing plus action could be a winning combination, and I hope that everyone who likes the idea of The Secret remembers that second part of the equation.

But for selling yourself or your product, you only need the wishing part of The Secret. I’m not in a position to assess Jackie Warner’s training methods or products. Using Deeper Perception, however, I can vouch for her uncommon ability to project strong messages on the level of auras.

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  1. 1
    J says:

    Being a homosexual myself, the show caught my attention enough to watch a little bit of.

    She does seem to want good things for other people and is not the kind of person who would carelessly hurt other people.

    For example, she started a special program where she took on select people to help them lose weight, but the softer sides of her are overshadowed by her self-absorption which is very real as has been described here.

    A lot of the people who work in her gym are quite the characters also, especially Brian. Doug has rather transcendental qualities to him. Their bios can be seen here:

  2. 2
    Karin says:

    Self-absorption, narcissism, body-building and homosexuality seem to be frequently associated.

  3. 3
    Anita says:

    Fascinating reading, Rose. I love how it captures Warner’s layers of complexity – the paradoxical aspects. Isn’t it amazing how complex and nuanced we all are?

    Huh. I actually haven’t found what Karin says to be true, in my limited and personal experience. If anything, at my university, it seems that the people do are really into body-building are more on the “macho” or “tough” side. Or just super into fitness, :lol:!

    Frankly, my body could use more gym workouts, but I don’t have the ambition that Warner does – it’s sad, but I’d rather sit on the couch and read a good book than go to the gym, pretty much most or all of the time, actually!

  4. 4

    Have you found that, Karin? I’ve met many into body-building who are almost frantically heterosexual. They feel that the muscles will make them more attractive. Maybe the aspect of sexual orientation depends on which gym you go to. 😉

  5. 5
    Ryan says:

    …when you read the aura of a body builder you will often find self-absorption at the heart chakra. It’s that kind of sport.

    I agree, and that statement reminds me of perceptions I have had about other groups of self-absorbed people. I recently decided to turn on the television and go channel surfing, and I was quickly reminded of why I watch so little television when I came across some show about life in a modeling agency.

    More sensitive people (especially empaths) tend to have the energy in their auras concentrated in their upper chakras (heart, third eye, crown), and they are more comfortable with non-physical life than they are with physical life. Not-so-sensitive people tend to have their energy concentrated in their lower chakras (root, lower abdominal, solar plexus) and they are more comfortable with physical life than they are with non-physical life. Although less common, some people have very strong intellectual energy in their auras. I suppose this intellectual energy could be considered as an extension of physical, “down to earth” energy, but some people are more intellectual than they are anything else.

    I have noticed over the years from occassional exposure to media such as this modeling agency television show that people who work in those types of industries/professions are not comfortable with life at all. The nature of their consciousness is that they are not comfortable with physical life, they do not identify as energy presences that exist separate from their bodies, and they are not easy-going intellectually.

    When I read the auras of these types of people I often describe what I sense as like a certain toy that a toddler would play with. Think of a toddler with a set of blocks – cubes, cones, spheres, et cetera – that fit into a plastic board with holes that correspond to the shapes of the blocks. The auras of these types of people often have lots of plastic blocks that never quite fit correctly into holes if they fit at all – think of trying to fit a cone into a square hole where the square hole is smaller than the base of the cone.

  6. 6

    Ryan, that is a description of much STUFF indeed in those people. I think the most important thing to take from our thread about body building is that anybody can be interested in going to the gym. There may be gifts of the soul, there may be STUFF.

    Any motivation has value for that person’s evolution at the time.

    Even going through a phase of being self-absorbed isn’t so horrible. It is a way to play with reality here that most souls want to experiment with, not only during certain periods of childhood but later, as well.

    Would I choose that for myself now? No. But that’s different.

    What I really love about your latest comment is how it shows your using aura reading and Skilled Empath merges when you watch TV. You’re growing by leaps and bounds and I’m proud of you!

    As for you, brainy and balanced Anita, you remind me of the quip attributed to a former president of the University of Chicago: “Sometimes I get the urge to exercise. When that happens I lie down and rest until it goes away.” 😉

    Yes, I am proud of you, too. I also want to thank Karin and J. for participating in this thread. Each of you adds such great perspective!

  7. 7
    Melanie says:

    I’m a bit surprised that Karin finds most homosexuals to be self-absorbed and narcissistic. Not something I’ve found, and I’ve associated with the homosexual crowd for years.

    Thanks for that reading, Rose! I love reading your prose – even when I read auras myself, I haven’t yet been able to express my impressions as thoroughly and eloquently as you do. Thus, I’m ever-so-grateful to be able to continue gleaning from you!

    It’s a refreshing reminder to actually -read- the difference between the projected facade and the real person. I’m still grappling with that issue – I hevn’t yet been willing to consciously project anything that’s not “the real me” as a trainer, and I feel it’s hurt me because I have thus far refused to capiatlize on hype. I feel too much like I’d be suckering people. But some people, like Jackie, do that very well!

  8. 8
    Anita says:

    This is a great discussion. By the way, you will find the sime dilemma in the medical field as well, although through a different lens and wording. I have heard med students and medical professionals complain: Why does it seem that the people who backstab get ahead? Why is so much emphasis placed on intellectual achievement to the exclusion of human kindness? Why is there so much “fake” empathy, rather than real compassion? Why are fields like dermatology and plastic surgery glorified when fields like psychiatry and family medicine are not?

    The same choices face physicians as in any other profession. Do you want to run your practice like a factory and treat your patients like robots or cattle, seeing as many as you can in a day to maximize profits, or do you take a pay cut and see fewer patients but provide the kind of high-quality care you feel is in alignment with your personal values and integrity?

    What this discussion is also alluding to is the fact that body-building/being a personal trainer, spiritual teacher, physician, etc., are all businesses. We don’t provide our services for free, we have to promote our services to make a living, just like anybody else. So how do we “promote” ourselves and our services AND also provide the service, with integrity?

  9. 9

    Melanie, only Karin would know for sure what she meant, but I read her comment as linking a trio, Self-absorption, narcissism and body-building, with perhaps, in her view, homosexuality.

    Ack! I guess I’m not going to make this any better, apart from saying that I disagree. I have met straight people with the dreaded trio as well as gays, and I have also met many people (of either sexual persuasion, or bi) who were involved in fitness and body building and yet they didn’t have either of the dreaded attributes.

    More about your other comment follows.

  10. 10

    On the topic of selling out, Melanie, which is the more direct name for what we’re discussing (rather than hard-selling, projecting energies, etc.), I understand your concern.

    I have felt it myself.

    Why is it that so much popularity goes to certain people in the metaphysical field who have sellout auras?

    That reflects the degree of discernment in American consciousness now. If the multitudes crave someone who is, let’s say, 25% phony and otherwise pure, or someone who teaches metaphysical skills at the level of kindergarten, is that any of your business? Or mine?

    By doing your work as a world server, and doing it with full integrity, you will attract the people with enough consciousness to appreciate you. To raise consciousness in the country, and in the world, surely that is the only way to proceed. Bulk brainwashing might be nice, but who has that much paint? (Besides, which of us would want that karma!)

    In your field, being a fitness coach, and my field, teaching Deeper Perception, here is one way we will know when American consciousness is higher: When Americans embrace experts who have NOT found it necessary to get cosmetic surgery or take drugs for athletic performance.

    Personally, one of the first things I look for in spiritual teachers is whether they have had the counter-culture courage to keep their real faces, hair color, etc.

  11. 11
    Melanie says:

    AND is there a way to get around the “either-or” of either you have integrity and take a pay cut, or you sell out and thereby become financially set?

    Good point about the glorification about certain medical fields, Anita – I hadn’t thought of it in that light before, but I can see that.

  12. 12
    Julie says:

    That’s a great question, Anita, and I think it can be done, carefully. We can promote ourselves, as it is necessary to do sometimes, but without losing sight of our motivations and values for doing what we do.

    Our original reasons for going into medicine, or the psychic field, or whatever the profession, are the important thing.

    I think sometimes people start off with great intentions, desiring to be of service to people, and get sucked into the game of popularity, never to return.

    When it starts to become more an issue of money, or power, or “How can I get more?” rather than “How can I give more”, things get murky. Something about the nature of popularity (or maybe power is another word for the same thing?) makes for easy corruption.

    So I would say that, by all means, we should promote ourselves, but focus on keeping a spirit of service and being absolutely true to our ethics. And it helps to have facades that are true to who we are and reflect sincere intentions.

  13. 13
    Anita says:

    Great points, Melanie and Julie! Touche touche.

  14. 14
    AnnH says:

    The various threads in blog-land lately that touch on selling and promoting are intriguing to me.

    My observation is that some people seem to feel discomfort around the basic act of communicating one’s services, especially if those services are metaphysical. This is what’s puzzling to me, but then after pondering it for a while, I realized that I’ve actually shifted my view of this a great deal over the past few years, largely as a result of my studies with Sonia Choquette.

    A major component of her work is helping people to get on their soul path, to discover their gifts, to take those gifts into the world. The shift I’ve made, with her encouragement and modeling, is away from an externally driven orientation to an internally driven one. Away from more emphasis on ‘what should I say so that they will buy?’ to emphasis on ‘this is who I am and what I do and what I charge.’ It’s not about manipulation or coercion, but clarity about what I’m offering. I think that when one is very clear and grounded in this internal orientation and presents their services from this place, with detachment, some people may find it hard to believe because they’re simply used to a more manipulative approach.

    I believe that the various folks who are presenting their services, ‘hyping,’ ‘selling,’ whatever you want to call it, will attract those folks who find some compelling reason to work with them. Maybe that’s what you mean, Rose, in your comment about discernment. Consciousness raising tends to be a gradual process and I believe that each step of the way is valuable. When I think back to my experience with a dreadful dentist 15 years ago, I realize that it was the beginning of my fully taking responsibility for my health and healing. I’d had a bad vibe about the guy from the beginning, but didn’t think much of it. 2 years, a botched crown, 2 root canals and many wranglings later, my consciousness was fully awake! 🙂

    When I reflect on the 4-5 astrology readings I’ve had over a period of 10 years, I can see clearly how there’s no way I’d return for a reading to the guy who did my first reading. My consciousness was very different then, there were compelling reasons to go to him, I learned a lot, and it was just part of my process of learning and growing. I really believe that it’s a very personal process and even for those who connect with a professional that folks here are describing as ‘hyping’ their services, well, maybe connecting with those folks is something they need to do and there is valuable information or experiences for them beyond the “hype.” My point here is that I don’t think of what we’re calling hype as an inherently bad thing, but more realistically a phase in a process of development.

    I figure that in all professions, the style of promotion will attract those of matching consciousness.

  15. 15
    Anita says:

    Hi Ann,

    What you say in Comment #14 reminds me of the aphorism, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

    For every student at every level, there is a teacher that is appropriate for that student’s level of development.

    For example, I am interested in going back to taking piano lessons again, but I’m not at the level where having a world-renowned piano teacher at Juilliard would be appropriate. It would be waste of that teacher’s talent and time and spending time together would be a frustrating experience for both of us.

    However, when it comes to science, I am at the level of training and readiness to want and perhaps even need first-class teachers and want to go to a place where I can receive their teaching. That would be a stimulating exchange for both student and teacher alike. I am at a point where I could soak up what their world-class intellects have to offer and be able to run with it and make use of it.

    Whereas if I were learning how to play the piano, I need to start learning by practicing the scales and chords.

    There’s nothing wrong with the fact that I need a basic piano instructor but need a world-class science professor. It’s just where I am right now. When I’m ready to move on from the basics, the next level of right piano teacher will appear for me. And with science, well, maybe I’ll become a world-class instructor and trainer of other science students one day.

  16. 16
    AnnH says:

    Hi Anita,

    Yes, this is basically what I’m saying. It’s the Law of Attraction in action, really. And I agree with you — there’s definitely nothing wrong with being a beginner and in fact, that’s one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from Sonia. To acknowledge and embrace being a beginner. It might take a while to attract the best teachers, but each one along the way teaches me something valuable, even if it’s having the courage to leave them!

    I’ve been pondering this and the various comments in blog-land about “The Secret” that have a decidedly negative cast to them…which is also curious to me.

    I think that sometimes a major shift in consciousness can be jump-started or introduced by a fairly flashy person, movie, book, phenomenon….to me, it’s just a jumping off point for the process of growth and discernment. That’s why the negativity I’m picking up around The Secret is puzzling. I actually think it’s been a pretty fascinating phenomenon and no more or less harmful than anything else lately that’s passed into mass consciousness. I think that there will always be a ‘least common denominator’ effect.

    I’m relating it, too, to the studies I’ve done with Sonia. I noticed lots of what I call ‘tourists’ 🙂 at workshops….enjoying the contact high, but never seeming to really dig in and make significant changes. Which was fine. Some will, some won’t. I decided to go for it and embrace some very new, different and exciting ways of thinking and being in the world, not the least of which has been working with the principles of creative manifestation and the Law of Attraction….and having loads of fun along the way. I’d already studied them a bit with Sonia by the time The Secret came out and then have been exploring various nuances that the movie doesn’t bring up. But as a vehicle to get people to think about different ways to use their brainpower, I think it’s great. Why throw the baby out with the bathwater?

    There will be lots of folks who try to play with it and will get disappointed and leave it at that, which I think is pretty normal and actually a typical American response. But for those who want to dig deeper, there are nuggets in there to chew on.

  17. 17
    Anita says:

    Hi Ann,

    I understand what you are saying, but I have to admit that I have mixed feelings about “The Secret.” Mostly because I think it took some very powerful metaphysical principles and watered them down. Also, the point of “The Secret” wasn’t to encourage more of people’s materialism and manifesting it through the Law of Attraction, but getting people to see/understand that everything we think and do influences everything in our lives.

    What has happened with “The Secret,” for many people, is that they now believe that if they think it, it will just arrive. No work is necessary, they just have to wait for the goodies to arrive.

    I know many people who want to meet that special someone or want more authentic friendships in their lives. But those same people just think those people and relationships are going to arrive on their doorstep, wrapped in a pretty package with a bow. The people I know who really succeeded were the ones who got out there and put their profiles up on or eHarmony, went to mixers or joined book clubs, and put themselves out there, over and over again.

    The other piece I would add that doesn’t have to do with “The Secret” but with a workshop I attended is that sometimes the instructors or the workshops can deliberately or inadvertently promote a cult-like worship or following. The more you try to unravel it or understand it, the more caught up in it you get and the more tangled up you get in the web. I also think back to the ridiculous extremes that some people took the “rebirthing” process in order to heal childhood wounds and the several deaths that occurred because of suffocation and aspiration (people dying because they choked on their own vomit).

    Yes, I realize that this is not the fault of the people who brought these ideas to the public but rather an indication that the public needs to become more discerning. Nevertheless, if the public jumps on something with such full force, then it’s worth further investigation. The general public hasn’t reacted to Abraham Hicks with the same degree of hysteria, nor do you see little children waving around wands, all trying to be the next Harry Potter or Hermione.

    But there are many many people out there who are disappointed because they read or saw “The Secret” and now wonder why all their dreams haven’t come true, why they don’t have 10 mansions and 20 fancy cars.

  18. 18
    Anita says:

    I was re-reading comment #5 from Ryan, which was very interesting.

    I think what I most took away from that is the importance of balance, including balance in auras.

    While many in the spiritual community value, even revere, the development of the higher chakras (fourth, fifth, and sixth), doing so at the expense of the development of the lower chakras (first, second, and third) can leave them ungrounded. Also, it implies a moral superiority that isn’t necessarily right or appropriate – like developing spirituality to the exclusion of any material concerns is the higher and more morally correct way to live.

    I wouldn’t promote more preoccupation with physical reality, only because that is what the dominant forces of mainstream society seem to be promoting. Yet I have gone to many meditation retreats where people are so preoccupied with their spiritual development that they seem to have a difficult time or unable to function on the material plane – doing things like paying the bills on time, grocery shopping, maintaining a home, are deemed superfluous. I wouldn’t want to live in that other extreme either.

    Besides, being a human being is fun! Being in a human body is fun. I enjoy eating and hiking, etc. Also very grounding activities. Otherwise, I might just float off into the ethers!

  19. 19
    AnnH says:

    I’m sure with you on this, Anita! Having the balance is so important. This is what I enjoy most about Rose’s work and our discussions here.

    I also like a distinction I learned about a few years ago…the difference between “spiritual” and “spirited.”

    I grew weary of heavily spiritual folks…the seriousness, lack of playfulness, humor, or spontaneity. I much prefer a more spirited approach…as in having a spirit that is alive, well, awake and regularly fed by those things in the physical world that feed me and ground me.

  20. 20
    Colleen says:

    Gosh, I was reading through the comments here and something struck me.

    Rose stated that one of the things she looks for in spiritual teachers is whether they have the counter-culture courage to keep their real hair color etc.

    My hair went almost white while I was still in my 40’s. It runs in my mother’s side of the family.

    I color my hair on a regular basis and have let it go also. I know a very high frequency person, Lea Schultz, who channels Samuel (not an astral being, but pure unlimited source energy). Lea has dyed her hair red for years and loves to wear very fashionable beautiful clothes and shoes. She is an model of living love in form, the real deal. I know many who have let their hair go and it’s beautiful also. I like to play with’s fun. I’m sure the chemicals are not good for me either.

  21. 21

    Colleen, please don’t think I’m saying that an authentic spiritual teacher like Lea is making a dreadful mistake by coloring her hair.

    I do consider it a plus for authenticity if a teacher avoids facial surgery, other cosmetic surgery. I don’t expect that a person do something so hugely counter-culture as to leave hair color real. (What you have called “letting it go.”)

    Just think of the implications there, BTW, Colleen. That a person doesn’t care? That a person is a slob? The word “real” doesn’t enter the conversation, does it?

    I wonder, why not? Why do we take it for granted that so many big-time teachers in the holistic field do what they can to look like 20-year-olds? Do some of them have more in common with actors than with seekers of truth?

    I will tell you that this particular teacher has moments when she looks in the mirror and groans. When it comes to society’s programming, I should go out right away and buy myself a new face. I should definitely disguise the color of my hair.

    But that isn’t a sacrifice I’m prepared to make. Playing with one’s appearance, staying current with fashions, I’m all for that.

    Anyway, the most important thing would clearly be that person’s aura, and aren’t you glad you can read that?

  22. 22
    Colleen says:

    Thanks for your comments, Rose. It gave me pause to consider what I mean (to myself) when I talk about letting it go (referring to hair color). How do I feel about myself?

    Rose, you are a beautiful woman and would look good no matter what. Many of my spiritual cohorts do not color their hair and it looks great!

    I do not want to have plastic surgery either…women in our society are so pressured to look younger. Your stronger sense of self shines through your comments!

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