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Assassinated Aura


Imagine. It is the planning meeting for your next lifetime at Earth School.

You are going to be a leader, and do it the very hardest way possible. Besides choosing to govern a wildly unruly land during a time of great strife, hey, you’re feeling ambitious. “Let me do it as a woman. Let me be the first in my country to become Prime Minister.” 

Then, for just that special touch of karma catharsis, try this on for size: Some 18 corruption and criminal cases will be charged against your husband. After 10 years, none will be proved in court. Nonetheless, he will spend eight years in jail, sometimes being tortured.

And still, ambitious soul that you are, you’re saying “Gimme more!” So you volunteer to pay the ultimate sacrifice for your chosen cause. That would, of course, be a politically motivated assassination.

What, you weren’t at Bhutto’s planning meeting? Okay. Neither was I. But being here at Earth School, we do have Deeper Perception. So let’s read the aura of Benazir Bhutto. Even if we can only conjecture about her planning meeting, we can read her aura quote definitively from any photo. This one was taken just months before her assassination.

For an introduction to my techniques of Aura Reading Through All Your Senses®, click here. And, should you wish to enlarge the photo referenced above, then copy onto a document and drag the corners to your heart’s content.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Newbies at reading auras from photos, don’t try this one at home. I didn’t find her root chakra off her torso since this wasn’t a full-length photograph. More advanced photo readers, you can find the first layer at any part of the aura and read outward, one layer at the time. That’s what I did here.

What a formidable presence! Think elephant, taking his time walking through his jungle. Think general, a most successful general, used to taking command. Then wrap these very male qualities in some wrapping paper that is definitely female this time around (unlike the last couple of lifetimes, perhaps). Elegance of a refined nervous system paces that long-developing strength.

Throat Chakra Databank for Speaking before a Sympathetic Audience

This, of course, is what Bhutto is doing at the time of this picture. A transcript of her last speech, in America, began, ” Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a privilege for me to be here this afternoon as the guest of the Council on Foreign Relations. Thank you for inviting me.”

Passionate, heartfelt, caring, deeply calm, spiritually inspired and strong,– these are the attributes.

The day of her death, I happened to hear a recording of Bhutto’s voice on the radio. As I remember the excerpt, she was responding to the issue of her safety when going back to her country by saying that she trusted God. I cringe when politicians play the “God card,” but this was no game. I was so touched by the sincerity in her voice. It felt like a private comment that she was sharing, offered because she was asked, not volunteered to impress anyone.

Throat Chakra Databank for Speaking before a Hostile Audience

Here’s another databank, at the ready, as are all 50 databanks in a person’s major chakras. Even though Bhutto wasn’t using that databank at the time of this photograph, no problem. Any aura reader worth her salt (and curry spices) can research any databank at will.

Bhutto’s voice and energy shift into a kind of authority that leaves an unmistakable impression: Stern, with an icy fury, yet very, very genteel. Another quality to this databank is unshakable confidence that she will win.

High Heart Chakra Databank for Fulfilling her Destiny as a World Server

She’s vulnerable. She feels frightened in that way we humans have when our animal need to survive is threatened. Deep down, we know that we’re in The Zone of life-and-death crisis.

I feel her resolve to stand in this life, naked and alone, truly in a state of surrender that she will serve here as long as she can, as well as she can.


Here at Earth School, everyone feels that terrible aloneness sometimes. After we leave, all illusion is broken, and we remember our connection to all, including to Source. While at Earth School, things are different. We evolve toward that connection.

On this new year’s day, Blog-Buddies, you are preparing for another year of evolution. And you’re in love with possibility, right? On the first day of this bright new year, you’re setting your goals, choosing your projects and resolving to begin new. This is as it should be, and I’m so glad that you are including Deeper Perception as part of this glorious start.

But just as every human life must end in “death” sooner or later, despite your best strivings, you may have some difficult times in this new year. It may even happen that unforeseen circumstances move you into a terrible aloneness.

If this should happen, one resource is the trust modeled so beautifully by Benazir Bhutto. Was she politically great? From the little I know about Pakistani politics, I think so, but you may disagree. Indisputably, however, Bhutto was spiritually great.

Every aura you meet is a resource for auric modeling. Usually this happens unconsciously. Auras together in a room exchange information. The process happens subconsciously. Activating Deeper Perception, you can make the knowledge conscious, saving it as true treasure.

Note: In the January issue of my monthly zine, “Read Life Deeper,” you’ll find a two-part article where I read face changes for Benazir Bhutto. This free zine has thousands of subscribers. Sign up here.

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  1. 1
    Karin says:

    In this case one sees very clearly how a face can change if we pay attention to details, her face kind of collapses and the eyes make a notable change. Recently I was surprised at how the faces of people I knew have changed dramatically, sometimes to an extent as to make the person almost unrecognizable.

    BTW I know 2 people with sanpaku eyes at work, one of them had it only for a while when he started working, maybe it was some kind of sign of strain at work?

  2. 2
    Anita says:

    I think Benazir Bhutto is a fascinating person, controversial, perhaps, but she unquestionably made an impact.

    She was a global person before globalization really hit the scene, educated at Harvard and taking that education back to Pakistan to make a real difference.

    For someone from her background of privilege, it could have been easy for her to sit back and rest on her laurels, but she chose a much more difficult and courageous path. Not many have the cojones to take the path that she did so fearlessly.

  3. 3
    Ryan says:

    Fascinating! Going along with you wrote about her ambition, she has a lot of energy in her aura which I would describe as very “purpose driven”, meaning that she set very specific intentions before incarnating which she is carrying out. I find that same type of energy in a lot of high-profile and notably productive people.

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