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The Face of a Winner


Fresh from his victory in yesterday’s first state primary, Obama is glowing.

But then his face always glows. For this election, there is no more likeable candidate, Democratic or Republican.

Today we’ll look beneath the glow at his face itself. What can we learn about the soul-level strengths and potential challenges of the current senator from Illinois? 

Every item of face data has two meanings, in my system of Face Reading Secrets® both a talent that is definitely present and a potential challenge, that may or may not have been overcome.

Because challenges are really questions, I follow each one with a question mark.

This perspective is one of the distinctive features of my update of the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy. You can pick up bits and pieces from this blog, but if you’re serious about mastering this useful art, I would recommend that you start with my how-to book, The Power of Face Reading.

And, yes, let’s start this face reading with face data about power.


The data: Forehead wider than cheeks

The talent: Dynamism which can inspire Obama to accomplish more than any of the other top Democratic contenders. Passion for change is a very congruent message for Barack. (If you’re interested, we can do a post later where we discuss congruence between a candidate and that candidate’s real strengths.)

The potential challenge: As president, would Obama’s inner intensity cause frustration when dealing with the slowness of vested interests and the political process itself?


The data: Eyebrows that nearly tumble into Obama’s eyes, the brows are placed so close to them.

The talent: Spontaneous speech, with exceptional ability to think on his feet and own the moment.

The potential challenge: Rash speech?


The data: Brows contain a huge amount of hair from start to end. They may be the fattest part of Barack Obama.

The talent: Intellectual power is immense. (Actually, given other factors in his face and aura, Obama strikes me as the brightest of all the major candidates, either party, and that’s saying a lot because many of these people are exceedingly smart.)

The potential challenge: Could he seem like all-brain, all-the-time, former Democratic candidate Michael Dukakis? (With Barack’s enormous and genuine charm, this problem is unlikely, but I note this challenge because others with similar eyebrows may have trouble overcoming it, and this blog is foremost a teaching tool.)


The data: An extra chunk of nose hangs between and beneath the nostrils. Technically, this is known as a “hanging columella.”

The talent: Work must involve genuine service for him to stay motivated.

The potential challenge: If he didn’t feel that he really could make a difference, could Obama stay interested in politics?

Admittedly this challenge, too, is unlikely. Especially today! It is a glory day, not only for me but for everyone who has been rooting for this fresh face in politics. Tomorrow we’ll explore more face data on Barack Obama. Today, ask your questions. And if you notice something on his face of special interest, don’t be shy about mentioning it.

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  1. 1
    Ryan says:

    And if you notice something on his face of special interest, don’t be shy about mentioning it.

    His long, very sharp looking canine teeth. The one on the right side of his face seems to be longer than the left one.

    I see what looks like the beginning of a vertical line over his third eye. (I like finding the early stages of facial changes.)

    What are those indentions at his temples?

    Why is the bottom of his chin darker than the rest of his skin?

  2. 2
    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    This is great. I notice long canine teeth, curved incisors, an interesting mole next to his left nostril, straight downangled eyebrows, outangled ears, big inner ear circles, blarney lips, curved chin with a nice chunk of chin, little to no cheek padding, blarney lips.

  3. 3

    Blog-buddies, turn to the next post for my answers to these questions. No more comments requesting readings of Obama’s face please. Or I could be on this topic, radiant but stuck, for weeks to come!

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