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Answering Your Questions About Obama


Thank you, Blog-Buddies, for the comments about our recent face reading. To blow up the main image used for this reading, click here and then copy the picture onto a document, then drag the corners. Today’s professional quality digital photos have remarkable clarity at almost any size.

That’s good for us because the first item I read in this two-part post would be hard to see unless you could blow up the photo a bit. It’s a unique characteristic that I, at least, have never seen on anyone else before. After describing this, I’ll address your questions. (Please note that I will not be taking further requests to read Obama’s face at this time.)

Angled lower lip bottom

The data: Check out the shape at the bottom of the lip. This is like a triangle, an extremely rare item of face data.

The talent: Communication with control, especially having skill at shaping facts to build drama.

The potential challenge: Making strong statements wins fans, and in Obama’s case, helps him to appeal to idealism in his listeners. Could that eventually cause resentment, making some listeners feel manipulated? Although, personally, I think this is unlikely, given Obama’s aura, it is the challenge that goes with this particular oratorical gift.

Curved incisors

The data: Incisors are the teeth next to the front teeth. The shape at the bottom, for Obama, is curved. (More commonly, these are straight.)

The talent: Incisors represent deep patterns about initial way of taking action. Obama’s first instinct is to connect with people’s hearts, rather than their minds (as is the gift with straight incisors).

The potential challenge: Connecting with hearts can be tiring, unless the connector knows how to stay clear. Does Obama risk emotional overwhelm?

Mole on his left cheek

The data: See that mole close to Obama’s nose? (Remember to cross over when reading a face other than your own in the mirror.)

The talent: In his personal life, always coming through when there’s a difficulty, having extra oomph for rising to a challenge. (This would also apply to anything in his career that he TAKES personally.)

The potential challenge: Putting off, or denying, the subtle invitations to fix problems, until problems become relatively dramatic?

Indents at temples

The data: Small areas, at each temple, are slightly concave.

The talent: Having a built-in tachometer for approaching problems spiritually; going within to receive guidance.

The potential challenge: Will it be easy or tough, explaining the source of these spiritually generated ideas?

Blog-buddies, these additional items that you asked about can be found in Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup, the book I wrote to help Baby Boomers and others interpret the huge number of meaningful ways that faces change over time. Made possible by modern techniques of photography, in the 5,000-year history of physiognomy, this type of inquiry in book form is a first.

Here is where each explanation begins:

  1. Straight eyebrows, pg. 16
  2. Down-angled eyebrows, pg. 85
  3. Out-angled ears, pg. 138
  4. Big inner ear circles, pg. 81
  5. Small cheek padding, pg. 92
  6. Blarney lips, pg. 63
  7. Curved chin bottom, pg. 111
  8. Large chin proportions, pg. 76
  9. The beginning of The Mark of Devotion, pg. 185

Special thanks to Ryan and Anita for your wonderful observations:

Anita, excellent list!

Ryan, the trend catcher, I don’t read coloring on faces, so I won’t respond to your question about pigmentation differences at the bottom of the chin, but otherwise I think I have responded to all the points you have raised.

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    Anita says:

    Hi Rose,

    This is great. Also significant and consistent with your post (and Obama’s aura) are his padded nostrils and that nice nose tip, along with the columella you already described in your previous post.

    All of these add up to a portrait of a very intelligent charismatic man who enjoys working with others and being of service.

    If Obama were to get elected, we could enter another era of economic prosperity, consistent with that nose tip (a la Bill Clinton).

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