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Power-Packed Hillary’s Face


My strategy for reading all the major campaigners is simple: Faces first, faces all around. By the time I’ve done with the majors, we’ll see who’s left. Then I’ll do aura readings and, if it feel safe, Skilled Empath merges. This is the usual order I’d recommend whenever you use deeper perception. Start with the most casual, simple, fun parts and go deeper only after you’ve decided that a person qualifies to receive more attention from you.

With Hillary Clinton, it’s a pleasure. After all these years in politics, her mouth still is positioned firmly in the middle of her face. Right off, that’s a rare sign of integrity as a communicator. This shouldn’t be rare for high-level politicians, but take a look at Edwards, Huckabee, Romney, and Giuliani.

As always, we’ll be using my system of Face Reading Secrets®, a contemporary update of the 5,000-year-old art of physiognomy, reading faces for character. With every item of physical face data, there is a corresponding challenge. I use a question mark as a reminder that challenges may, or may not, have been overcome.

And, as always, I do invite you to take out a mirror  and glance at it for each item being discussed. If you have the same thing, it means the same thing.

Two power-related attributes instantly mark Hillary’s face as unusual for a presidential candidate.

Cheek Proportions

Cheeks are the widest part of Senator Clinton’s face. This corresponds to the “leaderlike power style” that I describe in The Power of Face Reading. None of the other presidential hopefuls has this characteristic.

The Talent: Strongest leadership qualities in personality, compared to other kinds of cheek proportions. Obviously eager and able. Wishes to take responsibility. Doesn’t fear the spotlight but craves it.

The Challenge: Historically, America has elected just two politicians with this style, Lincoln and Kennedy. Is it too controversial to combine obvious political power of the presidency with a style that rubs it in?

Cheek Emphasis

Look carefully to find where cheeks stick out most and you’ll find that Hillary has Low-Slung Cheeks, with the greatest emphasis near her mouth. It’s a bit higher on the right side of her face, but a factor on both sides nonetheless.

The Talent: Willingness to suffer fools, if necessary. The cheek owner uses her/his power to help to give unconditional support to a person or cause that is difficult and, even, embarrassing.

The Challenge: The life contract includes at least one such person? In her case, this would be husband Bill. (Personally, I consider him one of the greatest American presidents. I consider the sex scandal about him to be a much smaller scandal than many non-scandals created by Mr. Bush, which non-scandal-hood is in itself a scandal. But that’s a different post!)

Starter Eyebrows

Currently, Clinton’s eyebrows are much stronger at the start (near the nose) than at the end. Eyebrows are the easiest part of the face to change, which is appropriate since they correspond to intellectual patterns, also the easiest to change.

The Talent: Creativity for new projects.

The Challenge: Difficulty in finishing them? (My advice: Hillary, if you’re elected, let those eyebrows grow out again! This will boost your ability to complete projects.)

Double Chin

Aw, thank you so much, CNN, for emphasizing Clinton’s double chin in your often-used photographs. You could have snapped photos showing something similar in Giuliani, McCain, and other candidates, but did you? Of course not. It’s so much more fun to do this to a woman because most Americans consider double chins to be ugly and shameful. Surely, to some executive over at CNN, it’s plus double fun to shame a woman who is ambitious enough to aim for the presidency.

Face reading is counter-culture, however, so I’m glad to talk about the meaning of any double chin in general and this one in particular.

The Talent: Extra chins signify extra grounding, being more down-to-earth than earlier in that person’s life. This is completely congruent with a photo of Clinton laughing. She’s famous for having a big, bold belly laugh. This face data confirms that this candidate is gutsy, sensuous, real.

The Challenge: If you prefer your women dainty and purely decorative, will Hillary offend you?

Hillary Clinton’s face shows integrity in numerous ways, from the well-centered mouth to the loyalty and leadership in her cheeks to the strength in that anchor at the bottom of her face. Yet that very oomphiness might put her over the top, even if she were a male candidate. And trimming those eyebrows was definitely a mistake.

As a face reader, I’m most impressed by the enormous growth that Senator Clinton has undergone inwardly, which shows physically in the huge number of meaningful changes to her face over time. Tomorrow, I’ll summarize them.

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  1. 1
    Colleen says:

    Dearest Rose,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. The aura and face readings you do are my favorite part of this blog…even though I am not a face reader. My high heart hums with delight…in fact I perk up all over!
    Your way of articulating what you read is very well done. I delight in your expression of your gifts…it is a fun thing for me to engage in.

  2. 2
    Karin says:

    Thinking of the current financial crisis I would think about dropping out of the presidential race…..

  3. 3

    Clear sign of sanity, Karin. Obviously you have no future in politics. 😉

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