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A Rare View of Hillary Clinton


Senator Clinton’s face is unusually expressive for a politician of either gender. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, for instance, seems wooden by comparison. (Or more dignified, depending upon your perspective.)

Even someone without Clinton’s mobility has something else going on facially. It’s far more revealing than expression or body language. Are you counter-culture enough to see it? 

Faces change. They structurally change over time. Every one of these changes is meaningful. For close to 10 years, this discovery drove me. It’s not just that I wrote Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup: How You Can Find Meaning in Your Evolving Face. During that decade, I lived facial change. Whenever I could, I’d compare photos of the same person, searching for insight.

Physiognomy has been done for 5,000 years, but nobody else had thought to write books about this aspect. Understandable! Who had photos back in the day? But whatever the tragic findings of future historians, deconstructing the Internet Age, I don’t think they’ll find that we suffered from lack of pictures.

Here I’m going to point out a handful of really significant changes to Hillary Clinton’s face. Feel free to notice more and add your observations as comments, below. I’ll supply the page numbers in WAGM to interpret those changes and, should you find something that isn’t covered there, I will summarize.

If you look closely, with a face reader’s eye, you may be able to find dozens of changes. And, speaking of finding, I was fortunate to find this rare head shot of Hillary Clinton, age 21. If you can help me to locate old photos of other top presidential candidates, and supply a link, I’ll do similar readings on them. Comment away!

We’ll use these two photos to read Clinton’s evolving face. The photo at age 21 is here and here she is now, more than three decades later. I’m giving you these links because the easiest way to see faces in detail is to click on the link, copy the photo onto a document, and pull on the corners to enlarge what you’re seeing.

And, for basics about face reading, click here.


The Physical Change:

Lower eyelid curve means the shape at the bottom half of an eye. It can range anywhere from super-curvy to straight. For Clinton, that’s just what it does. The huge openness of her eyes continued well into when she moved into the White House. I remember staring at her photos in The Washington Post. It’s so unusual to have a high-profile political wife with that degree of openness. Sure enough, attacks began from what Clinton called “a vast right-wing conspiracy,” her face changed.

Sure, we can always narrow or round our eyes, moment by moment, but the default position counts. For Hillary Clinton, that meant going from 10 to 1.

The Inner Meaning:
Clinton learned to trust nobody, not until that person has proven trustworthy. She may not enjoy people as much as she once did. But that lost innocence has compensations, one of which is greater loyalty to those people who do pass her test.


The Physical Change:

To see eye angles, imagine one dot each at the inner and outer eye corners. Connect those dots with an imaginary line. Comparing Clinton’s left eye in each photo (which will be on your right side of the page), note that it used to go up quite a lot. Now it angles way down.

The Inner Meaning:

In personal life, rather than public life, Clinton has gone through hell. She’s come back, sadder and wiser and way more compassionate.

Interestingly, her left eye now resembles whose? Check out this photo of her rather famous husband, who now has a down-angled left eye as well.

Yes, when husbands and wives come to look alike, that’s no coincidence, not to a face reader, anyway. Every change to the physical face is meaningful.


The Physical Change:

Younger, Hillary’s lower lip is so much fuller, it’s maybe quadruple the size of her upper lip now. But that isn’t even the most interesting mouth change. The texture starts off puffy and soft. What happens later?

Reading lip texture is one of the perks of becoming an expert face reader.

Imagine, with practice you don’t have to actually kiss a mouth in order to know about that texture! Hillary’s lower lip became unusually muscular. What does it mean that she lost that puff, that fluff?

The Inner Meaning:

Lower lips symbolize communicating facts. (Upper lips relate to talking about feelings.) Clinton must have been some debater back in the day, because she had a flirtatious quality when talking facts. She could tell people what they wanted to hear, finding just the appropriate fact and timing it perfectly. Now all she has is the passion of her convictions. When Hillary speaks now, you may agree or disagree, but you’d have to be pretty far gone not to believe she’s sincere.

The challenge is that she’s lost that easy, confident persuasiveness. Speaking with passion and conviction is not common among today’s high-level politicians. They risk seeming strident (not to mention losing the Romney-like plasticity). For a female politician to speak passionately and assertively could be a particularly great liability among those who like their women to be sweet and supportive, more like a Laura Bush.


The Physical Change:

Chins are the bottom line of the face, the part that tells so much about ethics and decision making. Hillary’s chin changed in numerous ways. Here I want to emphasize her is the sheer length. Notice how petite that chin used to be. Now her chin is more than double the size, taking into consideration the proportions on the rest of her face.

The Inner Meaning:

Earlier, Clinton had one of those consciences that wouldn’t quit. She pushed herself to walk her talk, and probably was her own worst critic. Today, of course, she’d be hard pressed to match the virulence of the hatred directed against her. Fortunately, she has toughened up, become more of a risk taker. Sure she can take attacks on the chin now. She has grown way more chin. The potential challenge is being ethically less pristine. If she does become elected, it will be important for her to guard against this challenge.


The Physical Change:

For 5,000 years, physiognomists have compared the three lengths within a face. In my system, these Priority Areas tell a great deal about how the personality comes across. Compare these three lengths on Hillary:

Priority Area I: Hairline to highest part of eyebrow.

Priority Area II: Highest part of eyebrow to lowest part of the nose.

Priority Area III: Lowest part of the nose to the chin (first chin only, please!)

The college grad had a clear, and dramatic, priority on her face, Area II.

Now all three Priority Areas have equal length. This is how Hillary Clinton looks just like King George Bush the First.

The Inner Meaning:

Ambition showed plainly on the young woman’s face. If you had a strong nose for the scent, you could smell it a mile off. Now her ambitions have been incorporated into the rest of her life. She also cares about learning. Plus she’s more street smart. It’s easier for Hillary Clinton now, to appeal to people who fear ambitious women.

But that job will never be easy, not yet. Do you realize that 20 other countries have elected a woman as highest political official but not yet our oh-so-advanced United States?

During the Clinton years, Bob Woodward outed Hillary Clinton as someone who really admired Eleanor Roosevelt and was even involved in emulating her in ways that could be called, gasp! New Age.

When we admire people, we do learn from them, whether Woodward approves or not. Eleanor Roosevelt is one of my heroes as well. In Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup, I include her among six famous people whose face changes are discussed in detail, and Roosevelt leads them all. She changed more than most people you’ll ever meet, 20 significant changes plus wrinkles. What do you think it means, when somebody’s face changes that much?

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  1. 1
    Colleen says:

    When someone’s face changes as much as Eleanor Roosevelt, and even Hillary Clinton’s, it suggests a lot of growth here at Earth school. It doesn’t mean the lesson’s are always pleasant for that person or others around them.

    These face readings of Hillary Clinton have resulted in more admiration from me, not less. I think of some people I know who have circulated things on the internet about the Clinton’s indirectly being responsible for the deaths of many who worked under them. I think that kind of thing is irresponsible, even in the name of an upcoming election.

  2. 2
    Lisa says:

    Hillary’s 21 year old chin would never run for national office. The change in her chin length struck me right away because I have a short chin like Hillary at 21.

    The changes in faces over time are so interesting!

    Lisa W.

  3. 3
    Anita says:

    When a person’s face changes over time, it means that there have been many inner changes in the person, which have manifested or “out-pictured” in the face.

    The less a face changes, the less a person has changed on the inside.

  4. 4

    LORI ROCK has this wonderful comment:

    I laughed when you said that Hillary had the potential to have “unprecedented power for a woman”.

    I don’t believe that politicians (woman or man) or any other human has any more or any less power than me!!! ;}

    All Power…Divine Power…is precedented
    …because we have all had it before….we just need to remember it.

    And I think Presidents…at least in this century and the 20th century…have definitely forgotten their own Divine Power and are relying on power they believe they need to beg, borrow or steal from the people. And we let them. No one can take anything from us that we aren’t willing to give.

    Of course, we would be even happier if they could remember to add a little Divine Love and Divine Wisdom to their battle cry, too! The true holy trinity…Divine Love, Divine Wisdom and Divine Power.

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