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RAGE in the CouRAGE of John McCain


Here we continue our face reading of Senator John McCain. Use any favorite head shots you can find, and expand, through IMAGES at

Very Angled Brows

The Data: Check out the shape of each eyebrow, looking at the top edge. On each brow, you’ll see a hinge where the hair changes direction.

The Talent: Quizzical thinking, where McCain never accepts events as they are presented. He’s driven to interpret constantly. Call it extreme intellectual independence.

The Potential Challenge: If that quizzical mind doesn’t like what it finds, there are going to be words. Are other people willing to hear them?


The Data: Eyebrows are placed so low, they practically tumble in the senator’s eyes.

The Talent: Spontaneous speech, as refreshing in a politician as it is rare.

The Potential Challenge: Is spontaneity that strong really safe for America’s commander-in-chief?

No Eyelid Thickness

The Data: Love him or not, McCain will never get hired as an eyeshadow model. One reason is that he has no visible eyelids (unless he blinks). This isn’t like a single eyelid (called “hidden eyelid” in Japan). His eyelids fold over, creating a double eyelid. But that lower portion just doesn’t show.

The Talent: Emotionally, he’s a loner. Even with those he cares, deep down he feels separate. This can be a source of inner strength.

The Potential Challenge: With McCain’s cheek proportions, as seen in Part One of this reading, we saw that socially he can be super-ingratiating, charming, rock solid. But eyelid thickness is a deeper face category. Despite appearances, does McCain not care what others think?

Downturned Nose Tip

The Data: You’ll see this characteristic most clearly in a profile shot like this one.

The nose tip is lower than the nostrils. By contrast, most people have up-turned nose tips.

The Talent: Career moves are planned, not spontaneous. McCain’s nose tip suggests an exceptional ability to strategize his career moves.

The Potential Challenge: Ruthlessness — is it part of his secret calculations?

Smile, Right Angled, plus a Mouth Pull to the right

The Data: Sometimes a mouth just won’t stay put. It pulls to one side of the face or another. On McCain, that would be the right side. And sometimes a person smiles crookedly, with one side higher. On McCain, that’s also the right side.

This picture shows these characteristics clearly.

The Talent: He makes listeners feel like part of an in-group, his group.

The Potential Challenge: Ever hear the expression “talking out of one side of his mouth”? Either characteristic, a mouth pull or crooked smile, aiming toward the right suggests pandering to people in his public life. With both characteristics, the likelihood of deception in public grows even stronger.


Deeper than how a person acts socially (cheeks), even deeper than how he treats his significant others (eyes), nose tips reveal primal choices. McCain values survival. You’ll find more signs of courage in his cheeks and chin (discussed in Part One).

In McCain’s work life, he’s a strategist. Unlike his spontaneous speech choices (lowbrows), there’s nothing spontaneous about his positioning as a politician. Combine that with his tenacity (see Part One) and his will of iron (also discussed in Part One) and wow! You’re unlikely to find a more intense fighter for whatever cause he believes in.

Will you find that comforting or potentially dangerous? That depends on whether or not you like what McCain says politically.

And speaking of political conversation, whenever I hear people talk about liberal bias in the media, I have to laugh. The bias couldn’t really run more Republican.

While teaching workshops in Japan last year, I found an armed forces radio station that carried radio programs in English. I got to hear Rush Limbaugh. Never did they seem to play his liberal counterpart. Maybe that’s because there is no liberal counterpart, specializing in hate speech. (One possible exception is the current culture at DailyKOS.)

With election coverage, I don’t think any news junkie will forget how Howard Dean was blasted for his roar. Almost instantly, he went from front runner to has-been, with his moment of shame blasted all over the airwaves. Meanwhile, McCain made a little joke, singing a song parody, “Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.”

And this makes no impression? This is a candidate for a job where he’ll have his finger on the hot-button for America’s atomic weapons, but his little song gives no cause for concern?

McCain has admirable and attractive qualities, including exceptional courage. But voters might want to consider the rage that shows in his face.


For background about the ancient art of reading faces for character, click here. In my system of Face Reading Secrets®, each item of face data goes with a talent, also a potential challenge which I will summarize here ending with a question mark.

Sometimes we overcome our challenges, other times we don’t. But they’re always worth paying attention to, especially in a man who might become the president of the United States.

(You can also learn from my how-to book, The Power of Face Reading, which is sold in foreign editions as well – Spanish, German, Russian, etc. Click here for details, and here to learn about seven different types of face reading session that I offer.)

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  1. 1
    Karin says:

    I guess this candidate reminds most people of a bulldog, in other words a raging dog. And there we are again at the RAGE, even without a detailed face reading.

  2. 2

    Blog-Buddies, I spoke with someone who read this post and later read a cover story on McCain in Newsweek. The main point in the article was McCain’s temper.

    Evidently he has shown it a lot in dealings politically; it’s not just a face reader’s secret. But now you have the satisfaction of seeing where this very serious pattern shows on his face.

  3. 3
    ann lerew says:

    You people have absolutely no scientific or empirical evidence to authorize your assertions so why don’t you just shut up?

  4. 4
    Lisa W. says:

    The accuracy of a face reading can be verified and the accuracy of a person who reads faces can be measured with precision.

    A review of Rose’s website or her books on reading faces provides the astute investigator and the public with evidence of accuracy.

    The prior comment in this thread made me think about intuition of all types. Intuition is subjective, based on one’s perception. Nevertheless, the accuracy of intuition can be measured with scientific and mathemetical precision, thereby providing “scientific or empirical evidence” of intuition.

    For example, Norm Sheely, M.D. did extensive measuring and testing of the medical intuition abilities of Caroline Myss.

  5. 5
    Anita says:

    Hmmm. It depends on what you define as “scientific” and as “evidence,” I think.

    Incidentally, that is a criticism also leveled at psychiatrists, who are trained medical doctors and scientists. Like making people “happier” isn’t a scientific outcome, even though it can make a huge qualitative difference to someone’s life – though the outcome could largely be seen as “subjective” and not objective – or as subjective viewpoints of those who witness someone recovering from major depressive disorder, for example.

    Yet “objective” research has shown psychiatrists to be more effective at what they do than any other medical specialists.

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