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Under Construction


Blog-Buddies, just want to let you know that I HAVEN’T forgotten you, nor have I gone to teach in Japan for a month. (That part won’t happen until this June.)

Instead I have been working with some tech-smart people to install the completed redesign of this blog. Just more user-friendly and a cuter look, not grand in the scheme of the blogosphere but something I have been pining for, and actively working on, for nearly six months.

Questioning More Cord Cutting Myths

In Part 2 of this series, let’s continue our pursuit of “Just right” in the context of cutting cords of attachment, a form of spiritual reading and a key technique for doing healing with Energy Spirituality. 

  • Just because a psychic knows a great deal about intuitive reading or aura reading doesn’t mean the practitioner is qualified to cut cords.
  • Just because a healer does wonders with energy fields, that doesn’t mean the practitioner is qualified to cut cords.

  • Just because a hypnotist or regression therapist does superb work in a session, that doesn’t mean the practitioner is qualified to cut cords.

Call In and Laugh






Just how hard is it to call into the station when someone you know is on talk radio? Not hard at all, once you get used to it. So don’t be shy!

(In this old photo, I’m tuning my empathic “radio dial” to one of my favorite students, Tom. I empathically merged with him. The photo doesn’t exactly apply to this post but radio’s don’t thrill my soul like Tom’s gorgeous face. Hope you like it too!)

Celebrate OSCAR with Aura Readings


When you think of Academy Awards, do you think “spiritual reading”? If not, why not?

I have an annual custom of doing aura readings, comparing auras of top-nominated actors with their auras in roles; it’s a way to show that deeper perception can be practical.

Anyone nominated for Best Actor or Actress has the technical skills down cold.  The voice, the walk, the imagination, the ability to make a role seem spontaneous and real.  But an

Expect Too Little from Cutting Cords?


Within one week I had the most fascinating set of extreme experiences. The topic was cutting cords of attachment, a form of spiritual reading that heals. Expecting too little is the category for the first part of this series of posts.

“I work with my cords every day,” said my friend “Sylvia.” She’s a professional Reiki healer and teacher. She’s talented and, mostly, knowledgeable. Intuitive reading is her daily bread.

Questions about Discernment and Witchcraft


Blog-Buddies, this question comes from AlisaK:

Hi, it’s been a while since I wrote and want to ask a couple of questions if you have the time and patience!

I am asking because of the biblical reference to “discernment”, as in a gift of (Acts, I think). And then there is the biblical direction to not practice witchcraft.

Three Loveables






Happy Valentine’s Day, Blog-Buddy. Today I praise your perceptive heart.

You’re reading this because you care enough about people to look deeper into yourself and others.

I also praise your perceptive mind, your intellect, your questing spirit.

DOWN TO EARTH, a Guest Post by Ryan Biggerstaff





Down to earth. This phrase is seen lots OF places where people describe themselves or are described by other people, such as personal ads, profiles on sites such as Myspace, and magazine and news articles.

What does “down to earth” mean? 

More About Math, a GUEST POST BY JIM


Blog-Buddies, have you been following this earlier GUEST POST,  reading the aura and face of controversial mathematician Dennis DeTurck? I’m so happy to have received this Guest Post from a member of our community who is an avid face reader and also a professional in the field of mathematics. Meet Jim through his first Guest Post here:

A mathematician is, above everything else, a servant of the Truth.  Yes, our Truth does come only with a capital T.  So, there is no room in the core of mathe-magic-land for people who too strongly promote self-interest, as people like De Turck do. 

Why Does Spiritual Healing Matter?

Some 10 days from now, I will teach a Spiritual Healing Intensive about how to detect and then remove different kinds of astral influence. Aura readers, even very skilled ones, don’t necessarily notice these things unless they have received training. These influences are strong and very common, but subtle.

Incidentally, by “astral influence” I don’t mean some far-out astrological phenomenon but, instead, a practical, easy kind of healing that most people never think to do.