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Democrats’ Auras before Super Tuesday


How quickly we’re here, the Tuesday that will likely decide who wins the presidential nominations. Today, Democrats, tomorrow Republicans,– being read at the most vital level of all, the aura.

Realistically, the choice is now between Hillary and Barack, so let’s read just the two of them, using this photo of them both together. It’s recent, which I believe is important. Campaigning can change a person, especially at the part of an aura known as the high heart chakra. As I’ve written before, the high heart correlates quite directly with whether or not a candidate wins an election.

After Clinton resorted to negative — and rather deviously negative — campaigning, it didn’t just change how many voters viewed her. It may have changed her.

The following categories matter most to me as a voter.

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity in Public

Obama: Believing emotionally is the key for this leader.  Once he feels a position, he can communicate it powerfully, mobilizing a huge soul-level gift for verbal charisma.

Clinton: Integrity has been heading south for this candidate, and I don’t mean her aiming to move from New York state to the District of Columbia. As Hillary stands tantalizingly close to gaining unprecedented power for a woman, a primal manipulativeness has been activated deep in this chakra databank.

Throat Chakra Databank for Facades in Public

Obama: He projects a personality that is sunny, optimistic, carefree, cool. It’s appealing.  To this aura reader, it’s also quite comical, compared to the chakra databank that I’ll read next.

Clinton: She projects “motherly, calming, I can make you secure.”

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

Obama: At this deeper level than public facade, the candidate is a super hard-working person, serious verging on grim. His ability to project “carefree and cool” is based upon a rock-solid expectancy that he will succeed.

Clinton: Hillary’s determination and drive to win are, amazingly, even greater than that of her Democratic opponent. Her soul feels a calling of historic proportions. It isn’t a construct of her personal ego but, rather, feels to me like the call of destiny.

What does this remind me of most? Long ago, in my monthly zine I read the aura of James Brown while singing. I did a skilled empath merge with him, feeling the lightning-like force he had learned to handle, and it was one of the most intense experiences I’ve had yet as a skilled empath.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity in Public

Obama: He cares enormously about acting with integrity. When that intense intellect decides on any choice, he’ll give it his all.

Clinton: Fascinating! You know how her main sales pitch has been that she is the more seasoned candidate? The truth of that really shows here. Politically, her official job standing may not be super-impressive, but does she ever have experience at handling the politics of destruction.Clinton’s personal and professional choices have been blasted on numerous occasions and each time she has put herself back together, temporarily sadder, long-term both wiser and stronger. Although her databank here isn’t as pure as Obama’s, the strength is unmistakably greater.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity

Obama: “Graced” is the best word to describe this politician at present. He’s a simplifier, not because he thinks in a simplistic way but because once he finds a direction, he can explain it clearly and lead towards it straightforwardly.

Clinton: Heart and soul combine for this very human candidate. Once she makes a choice, and believes it is right, she gains a magnificent spiritual support that helps her stay focused.

 Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict in Public

(Gee, will they ever need to do this? 😉 )

Obama: Straightforward-seeming and graceful, Barack has an elegance to his moves that reminds me of Fred Astaire. The politician makes his moves seem easy. That’s because all the struggle (inner debating, the practice part) occurs first intellectually. Once he decides on a course of action, that’s it, and his graceful dance begins. He gets a kind of momentum going that may not vanquish all who oppose him, but will throw them off balance.

Clinton: Excellent listening ability and practice at political compromise combine, causing her to exude a surprising degree of charm. Finesse is also evident.

Root Chakra Databank for Dealing with Money for the Nation

Obama: Unfortunately, his usual gravitas deserts him here. Frankly, Obama doesn’t seem to be especially good at either bringing in money, holding onto it, or saying no.

In his own life, money flows in as a consequence of his other strengths – the intellectual brilliance, his integrity and spiritual alignment. That particular flow does not exist, alas, in the collective consciousness of America at this time. If he is elected president, Barack will need help to support decisions that would impact the nation’s economy.

Clinton: Finance is one of her strongest areas. She cares a great deal about financial security and knows how to go after it directly. Besides that, she’s canny with money, far more aware than most of economic implications for any political choice. Finally, Hillary’s databank here shows a personal knack for manifesting financial prosperity.

High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul’s Innermost Expectation about Winning this Election

Obama: Joy, passion, and a sacred commitment combine to make him the stronger candidate at this time.

Clinton: But she runs a very close second. She is also intensely connected to spiritual source, aurically graced as a candidate.


Here we have two strong choices, the best I have seen from the Democratic side in the past two elections.

Electability, gauged solely by the auras of the candidates, is nearly equal. Obama is stronger in terms of charm, charisma, simplicity.

Clinton has more survival experience, and her recently compromised integrity may well bounce back; her aura shows (at the solar plexus particularly) that she is exceptionally resilient, consistently willing to learn, adapt, and thrive.

Evaluating a Clinton candidacy, however, it is only common sense to factor in the loathing factor among Republicans and Independents (and even, now, among many Democrats). There is no way to read that in her aura.

But the collective auras, minds, hearts, and hands of millions of Americans will be voting in this important election. And that, even this aura reader, cannot read.

Which other character components would be interesting for you? Comment below, not minding which chakra would correspond. I’ll find the corresponding databank if I can. So speak up about the qualities that matter most to you.

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  1. 1
    Lisa says:


    What’s your take on John Edwards dropping out of the race (or “suspending” it, to use his words)? I migrated over to DU after seeing what has happened to Kos and there are some interesting threads and thoughts about it. The general consensus is that he was pushed out (see this thread if interested: and that’s my feeling too. What a mess our political system is.

    I was and still am an Edwards supporter. Not that he was without flaws, as they all have them. But for me, his energy was the clearest. I feel like we were given no voice, no choice in any of it. (Was I foolish to think we would be?)

    I’m pleased that you feel Obama has integrity and he would get my vote in lieu of Edwards, but right now, I feel very defeated in general.

    Anyone have any thoughts about this? I’d love to hear them.

  2. 2

    Lisa, Edwards was my favorite, too, in terms of his ideas and policies, and I found many strengths in his face and aura.

    But the increasingly rightward slide of his mouth did trouble me, since to me that means that the prospect of greater power was starting to change him for the grabbier.

    I read auras etc. as a humble seeker of deeper truth in the here and now, as you know, so I’m not like some members of this list who are more psychics. They could comment on how primaries and caucuses went. They might complain about the Zeitgeist, rather than any sort of conspiracy.

    But as a practical matter I wouldn’t feel defeated or worried at all about the primary process. Democrats have two super-strong candidates right now, and that matters more than the need to have either of them be absolutely perfect in all ways.

    I would recommend using every bit of outrage and concern to have one-on-one conversations with anyone you know who does NOT plan to vote for the Democratic nominee.

    In particular, I would include in a conversation like that how loveable John McCain is sitting on a collossal stockpile of rage. To me, that’s auric fact, not conjecture, and it makes him a very dangerous candidate indeed.

    I would also recommend practical discussion about McCain’s Republican bona fides. To purists who wouldn’t find Clinton or Obama perfect enough, I recommend looking at McCain’s voting record and positions.

    Maybe they find McCain’s personality style appealing, but who would he place on the Supreme Court, for instance?

  3. 3
    Tina says:

    Since you mentioned your personal choice, I’ll share mine. I plan on voting for Clinton in the primaries. If she does not win the Democratic nomination, I will be voting for McCain. I agree, Obama has a lot of charisma. But personally, I am more concerned about the reality. My concerns are universal healthcare, the economy and a gentle, careful pull-out of Iraq. Too many people will be caught up in that tangle (in Iraq). We have to treat those individuals with a great deal of respect and empathy. I, too, loved Edward’s message regarding universal healthcare and poverty. In my opinion, Clinton is much better-served to lead on those issues.

  4. 4
    Anita says:

    How does the candidate lead/work within a team (their campaign team, future Cabinet, Oval Office staff)?

    How does the candidate respond to opposition/dissenters/people who disagree with them?

  5. 5

    Tina, great to hear from you (as well as from you, Anita; I plan to respond to your question tomorrow). Tina, this is your first comment here, right?

    You might be interested in the reading of McCain in today’s post. Of course, if you are interested in having America leave Iraq, I’m surprised that you’re sympathetic to McCain, who cares more than any of the candidates not only to stay but to “win.”

  6. 6
    Tina says:

    Thanks Rose, for your reply. The Iraq issue is important to me, but so is universal healthcare and the economy. I think it’s important to look at the record of each candidate. Barak Obama has lots of charisma and has done some good things, I think, in his home state of Illinois. But I cannot, in good conscience vote for him. Charisma and Oprah’s endorsement are just not good enough for me. I’m also troubled by his arrogance and some of the comments he’s made lately that are going unnoticed by the biased media. It’s made me angry and I find it incredibly unfair. He has yet to take the hard knocks and I question whether he’s up for them. If he is elected as the Democratic nominee, I will have to think long and hard between him and John McCain. I will not be happy with either choice. I want a proven candidate who agrees with my values. That person is Hillary. But, she’s running behind at the moment. We’ll see how she does tomorrow.

  7. 7
    Tina says:

    After reading the Republican auras, I wanted to cross-post. The Republicans are interesting. My comments above are based on John McCain being the Republican nominee (which all signs are pointing to). But if Romney pulls it out, you’ve given me something to think about (if Barak Obama becomes the Democratic nominee). I’m still voting (and pulling) for Hillary first and foremost.

  8. 8
    Mindy says:

    One of the first things I wanted to do this morning, after voting, was log on here to see what your aura readings said about these two candidates and as I suspected, your readings echo my gut feelings on these two.

    I voted for Hillary this morning – not because I dislike Obama – just as your reading pointed out, Obama is very likable, however, in all of the debates that I’ve seen, Hillary was the only candidate to propose very real concrete action for dealing with our nation’s crisis points.

    Obama’s style is more ideological and while I feel there may be a time for that in our not too distant future, the US for now, needs a pragmatic, experienced leader who has the ability to right the wrongs of this current administration and get us back on the path that we abandoned eight years ago.

    The biggest struggle I have had with Hillary is her ability to be swayed by the political climate of the moment and it almost cost her my vote.

    However, I do think, if she is elected to a position of power, this mild tendency would fall away and she would remain steadfast to the ideals that she espouses. Either way, however, I am very excited about our two candidates. If Obama becomes the Democratic nominee, I will happily vote him into office.

    My biggest worry is Mitt Romney. I feel that man has very little integrity. He truly creeps me out! I’m going to go straight over to your aura reading on him and see if we agree!

  9. 9
    Wendy says:

    Great evaluations. I would like to see Kucinich in the top spot. Wish he could have stayed in the race. If we want to see reall change, it would have been through him or Ron Paul. Does it really matter who gets into office, since the Dems and Reps are a blended party and they all give us the same HAM and CHEESE no matter what comes out of their mouths…

  10. 10
    Lisa says:

    Wendy, your comment about Dems and Republicans being all the same reminded me of myself circa 2000. It mattered to me not one whit who got in the White House. George Bush who? In the intervening years, I’ve seen just how much it DOES matter who is governing this country and what their agenda might be. The effects of having the current administration for the past almost 8 years will be felt in years to come with his choices on who gets on the Supreme Court, what our children learn (or in this case, don’t learn) in school and many other examples.

    I learned by reading and listening to a variety of opinions (left and right leaning) and now really, truly understand how important it is for us all who assumes that mantle.

    I am still a John Edwards supporter. Am I unhappy that he suspended his campaign? Yes. Very much so. Does that mean it no longer matters who gets elected? NO. It matters a great deal.

    None of the candidates are without flaws. It’s a matter of who is best able to pick up our country from the cesspool this administration has made it and move forward with integrity.

  11. 11
    Marcia says:

    Hi, I’ve never posted before, but this is all very fascinating to me. Just curious — I know he’s not one of the top contenders — but has anyone ever read Ron Paul’s aura?

  12. 12
    April says:

    Hi everyone,

    I love both the candidates. I am voting for Hillary because:

    1. As a woman in her general age range, I have a sense of the challenges she has faced professionally and that she has risen this far I find dazzling and as Rose says, an indication of destiny. I admire her determination. I am not sure if younger women take for granted that a woman can just step in to such power, but I remember what the challenges were in past decades.

    2. As appealing as Obama is, I feel he still has time to run again, yet for Hillary it feels as if it is now or perhaps never. It feels to me as if it is her time.

    3. Her experience and capability are vital for someone in this office, and though Obama is smart, I want someone now with experience. Hillary is brilliant and prepared, always does her homework, stays cool and focussed, has proven she can weather the storms and obviously cares with a passion.

    4. HOW could anyone vote for McCain and thus for years of more war?

    Thanks for letting me share!!


  13. 13

    APRIL, beautifully put. I agree with you. And since the primaries for metro D.C. will actually be tomorrow, not the week before (as I first, mistakenly, thought), I’ll be voting for the same choice, and for the reasons you put so well.

    Always a treat to hear from you at this blog.

  14. 14
    Joyce says:

    Now that the battle is on between Obama and McCain, these comments are interesting reading again. AS a general rule, most were skeptical about Obama and his lack of experience versus his eloquence and personality.

    Now it’s down to McCain/Palin v.Obama/Biden so the former info and opinions had to shift and adjust to a new reality. Now we have another personality with the gift of verbal persuasion. I’d like to know your impressions of that combination.

  15. 15

    JOYCE, you can find many newer posts about this cast of characters. Start here, and thanks for writing:

  16. 16
    Joyce says:

    Isn’t anyone bothered by the fact that SNL funsters spoke freely about the fun they are having with McCain Palin and what good jokes they make?

    I wonder why we never hear a thing by the comedians in fun about the Obama, since he warned everyone to be careful about criticizing hiw wife with a stern look.

    Doesn’t that take away our freedom of speech? Why did we allow that? Is that something that should have showed up in an Aura reading or face reading session?

    That was clearly intimidation to me, and no-one is making jokes about him or his wife. Or did I miss them? I”m not promoting McCain, just being careful about the Obama’s.

  17. 17

    JOYCE, I do think that it is not so important to deconstruct everything about Cindy McCain or Michelle Obama. I did one detailed post about them, for instance, but found that pretty much enough.

    Sarah Palin deserves a completely different level of scrutiny though, right?

    Joe Biden isn’t only way less interesting to ridicule. He actually comes out in public and speaks about his views. Also, he has a record that has been well established. Not true for Palin, and when she does more public interviews maybe there will be less satire… or maybe more!

  18. 18
    Fatoumata says:

    Hey Joyce!

    You bring up a good point and I actuallyu think I am about to echo Rose a little bit.
    have also noticed that even on other comedy shows such as Mad Tv, there are way more jokes about McCain and Palin than the Obama’s. (They do have a great Obama impersonator though.) Like I told someone earlier, Palin is simply more interetsing and therefore more entertaining. I’m not exactly sure when Obama did the “Back off my wife” thing, but if it was anytime around that horrible New Yorker cover then I completely understand why he said that. Nobody cares about freedom of speech when it comes to their families. There were some very ugly things being said about Michelle before along racist and terrorist lines. I also remember Obama and Biden stepping forward when the media began to attack Palin over her pregnant teenage daughter and said “Families are off limits. We are not going there.” Which I found honorable and I am glad that they said that. Now, other than my long winded response (hee hee), I just think that Obama’s smooth and cool demeanor and Michelle’s poise and down to earth feel, make for a little less comic material than Biden’s sort of high strung speaking and major gaffes, and Palin’s rambling full of syntax errors.

  19. 19
    Joyce says:

    Hey there, Fatoumata.

    I came to the conclusion about the same way, and it was validated on the portion of the Today or Good morning show interview that was on this a.m. with two of the SNL crew.

    I caught part of that.

    They see no reason to cut back on the ridicule of Palin McCain silliness. The only thing people come up for the Obama’s is so serious that we can only try to find truth in the criticism, which is a lot tougher to do.

    Still I sense a heaviness around them, It all sounds good but that’s the plan. To convince us of their plan and to trust it is the best one.

    Is anyone esle getting that heavy (pay attention, things are not as they appear) feeling?

  20. 20
    Joyce says:

    Rose, I agree about Biden except that the gaffes he makes are not ridiculed as they are for others. He is a strong, steady image of being informed, controlled and willing to work quietly in the background. My point is that the treatment in not general jokes about the candidates as it usually is.

    It’s about specific people who represent a specific party, and segmenting of our nations voters.

    More and more questionable people are backing Obama; he is not being made the butt of jokes, even about the things that are in question.

    It’s an eerie feeling of a force field of some kind of energy around him. And the media struggle to be fair and balanced.

    And now the voter fraud he helped fund with $800k that is showig fraud in several states. Anyone know what that is or feel it??? I”m chalenging myself now, too.

  21. 21

    JOYCE, I regularly read The Washington Post and listen to news on public radio. What have I heard about repeatedly?

    McCain and Palin have been lying about Obama in some desperate ways. I don’t believe there has been voter fraud. I don’t believe there are questionable people around him. I wonder where you are getting your news.

    Elsewhere in this blog I recommend, and it remains a great resource for evaluating what is true and what false.

  22. 22
    Fatoumata says:

    Hey Joyce,

    As much as I am an Obama supporter, I understand your concerns. Bill Ayers has a troubled past, and the fact that they keep calling him an “unrepentant terrorist” is misleading. I believe that Ayers still held some of his non-conventional views but was very remoreseful over his wrongdoings so he settled into his college professor career. I believe that in Obama,he saw someone that reflected his views, but would carry it out within the confines of legal activities. I do not get a heavy feeling around the Obama’s. I don’t even get it with the McCain/Palin ticket. I DO sense that not only Barack but also Michelle are buckling down on saying ANTYTHING outside of the issues, which is a very good tactic. The more silent and respectful they are, with the Mccain ticket gling crazy, the more Presidential Obama looks. Let’s face it to, media portrayal also has the ability to lead us into sensing something if we are not careful. Being a little but of a radical myself, (certainly not to the point of violence or bombing anything) , I guess it takes a lot more from someone to make me feel unconfortable. I DO believe that the education system needs a drastic reform, among other things. 🙂

  23. 23
    Joyce says:

    Rose, I”m stumped when you say you odn’t get the news about voter fraud, (Acorn) and questionalbe people around him. Radio, TV and newspapers are all reporting the multitude of people calling in to report the number of times they were asked to sign voter registration cards. some 10 or 15, one guy 70 cards. They showed some on TV as well and of course only the signer Knows for sure, Which is why I raised the question. MY concern is not anti Obama, I am an independent and not concerned about race color of creed other than freedom of religion and freedom of speech ( There are things about theISlam that I adire and remember Jesus walked those deserts in those counties. The video of Farakan announcing that Obama is the Messiah is very clear and was played on Friday I think.

    I watch parts of MSNBC, CNN and Fox news (foxnews is the official headquarters for the election news and interviews and those videos from both parties. I see Obama speeches and McCain speeches and their managers regarding the commercials who sit there and proudly admit that negative advertising works. Believe me, both of them attack each other. Both lie about the other and it’s their campaign managers and ad agencies that come up with this stuff. The post is known as the Democratic newspapaer. Check out the Weekly Standard and a couple of other publication to cross check for the truth.

    I don’t support McCain Palin any more that Obama and have waiting eagerly for someone to say something that makes it clear to me which one I should vote for. I admire and dislike elements of each of them but laugh at some of it since it’s all part of the game of politics. Now we’re down to the wire and too much is happening, accusations of wrong doing or just plain bad ideas on both sides. It’s down and dirty politics and I don’t like it either, perhaps why I get that bad feeling, but I don’t make things up. It’s happening Rose. just like I said. I thought this was a forum for truth? It was not my intention to offend, but get viewpoints from others
    who may have batter insight.

  24. 24

    JOYCE, when I asked where you get your news, I wondered what your answer might be.

    Anyone who believes FOX is the “official” or “fair and balanced” TV station about anything but the Republican viewpoint… well, I do invite you to look around you with clearer eyesight. This isn’t about Deeper Perception but common sense. Just because they call themselves what you have come to believe, does that mean it isn’t worth questioning?

    Then, while you’re at it:

    The troubled past of Ayers happened when Obama was eight years old. Then Ayers totally turned his life around. Does anyone really need to make this a big issue? (Except for partisans who are truly desperate)

    McCain’s role with the Keating Five is far more serious, and pertinent, as he may well have had shady dealings related to bank de-regulation.

    In any case, the serious facts about McCon, and lies from his CURRENT campaign, can be found at, an impartial website (unlike Fox news).

    Meanwhile Palin does have a legal problem NOW in Alaska, over illegal firing, using her political job as a launchpad for personal vendetta.

    Palin does have ties to a wacko political group, to which her husband has been a member, advocating that Alaska secede from the Union.

    Palin was caught on video submitting gratefully to laying on of hands by an astral-entity-ridden preacher who claimed to protect her against “witchcraft and Israelites.”

    Palin did lie to the American people right from when she gave her first speech at the Republican convention, about saying “Thanks, but no thanks” to the notorious bridge to nowhere. Actually, she said “no” after Congress had said no. Rather a big difference. Before then, she was a big advocate for the pork project.

    I saw her telling this lie on TV. I saw the “protect me from witches and Jews” video. And I have also seen a video that shows what is involved in chasing wolves from helicopters and shooting them dead, incredible cruelty! There, I’ve seen Palin offering $125 for a body part from any wolf killed this way and I couldn’t agree more with the video that concluded, to paraphrase, “Do we want someone this cruel as our leader?”

    All this without aura reading or face reading comments, Joyce. They only show up more serious problems, as I’ve been doing at this blog.

  25. 25
    Joyce says:

    I guess I know when I have been properly chastised for raising issues that are not in agreement with yours. The news is out there and I’m not the only one who is raising questions about the real Obama and other issues.

    Asking is not the same thing as accusing so I will not apologize for having a different set of beliefs. Socialism is not my idea of improvement but the results will be revealed in time. IF he raises taxes to the wrong important people, or corporations, things will get very interesting. And you’ll hear it first on FoxNews. chuckle. No offense intended.

  26. 26

    JOYCE, no offense is taken. I just don’t pursue non-issues that are raised over and over again on a station you happen to like and I don’t… you guessed it, Fox news.

    Please do have a look at today’s post and comment on where you fit in. I’m curious!

    Best wishes,


  27. 27
    Joyce says:

    I’m sorry, which blog am I being compared in? Isnp’t this todays blog? I didn’t realize that this was a pro Obama site so I apologize for bringing up issues that may be uncomfortable.

    More on the questions I have raised may be covered tonight during the debate. I can tell by your reply to me that you only quote the anti-Palin blurbs from your news source. Apparanntly there is nothing available to you are things to question the recent events that include some of his questionable relationahips. Your info is outdated. There is more that isn’t being discussed, perhaps because it isn’t as pleasing.

    No matter since time will take care of any of this and we will all learn what we need to from it. Signing off till after the elections.

  28. 28
    Fatoumata says:

    Joyce and Rose:

    I am a little disappointed to see the level that this conversation has gotten to.

    Joyce, nothing is wrong with you raising questions. I believe that forums like this should be for that. We are learning about great spiritual gifts and testing them with and against our perceptions of reality. It is a delicate balance, I know.

    I must admit Joyce, that while I will not put Fox News completely down as a credible news source, I will say that they appear a bit slanted. I have learned to trust CNN a little more to present neutral information on all sides, but Fox News has Obama-bashed from the beginning of the primaries. They obviously do not like him, so I would be careful about any information that they give regarding Obama.

    The same with Fox News as it regards African-Americans. Again, they do not use the most credible sources for information and I have witnessed the journalists bully anyone who disagrees with them. Again, just approach this news source with some caution. However, you SHOULD NOT be made to feel as though you will be chastized for disagreeing. That is a big problem.

    For my perspective, I have found that your and my comment exchanges have stimulated much research and evalutaion on my part. Thank you for that. I’m still an Obama girl though. Lol! 😉


    I hope that you will not take offense to this, but some of your comments can come across rather rough and condescending when someone disagrees with you. Of course, this is written word and is left open for interpretation, but one could easily perceive that type of energy. I LOVE this site, but even I have to admit that your readings seem slanted towards Obama.

    Though I have certainly chosen him as the better candidate in my eyes, I would be concerned about information from someone that obviously favors him. I believe that was the only point Joyce was trying to make and she had legitimate concerns.

    As the site moderator, I believe that a better approach would have been to help guide her to gifts of intuition and teach her how to differentiate between outside influences and truly intuitive information.

    It “sounded” as though you were angrily defending your position. This may not be right but that is how it came across and obviously Joyce interpreted it this way too. I certainly agree with you most of the time. It does not take a very skilled empath to see McCain’s rage or Obama’s spiritual connection. He may have the actions of typical politicians, but on the whole, this is a sacred race to him.

    I also feel a sadness in McCain, and I do believe that he has some regrets about having to personally attack Obama. I am not sure if anyone remembers but the two of them had a good relationship in the beginning of Obama’s Senate career, then had a disagreement and there has been tension ever since. I think the two beneath it all really respect each other.

    Okay, so I’m ending this long winded repsonse now. Lol! Peace and love everybody,and let’s have fun using these skills at the final debate tonight!

  29. 29

    I will have fun doing this, FATOUMATA. And I thank you for a thoughtful post.

    As far as guiding Blog-Buddies to use the techniques that I teach, I do that to the best of my ability given what this blog is, a blog. My books and personal sessions and workshops do most of that teaching for me because these are appropriate ways that I have found to thoroughly teach what I have developed to people who show a reasonable commitment to learn.

    On this blog, I offer examples of the skill sets in action. When possible, given the time available, I do answer questions from those who are actively using the skill sets I teach.

    Joyce has been very generous with her opinions and time, but I don’t see how to coach a contributor when none of her opinions appears to be based upon what I teach.

    If it seems condescending that I refuse to become involved in long blog exchanges about Ayers — whose later-repented activism occurred when Obama was eight years old — so be it. Let’s leave that for political blogs, please.

    As for your comments about Obama and McCain, I agree with you about the latter’s sadness. Actually, I have done a pretty extensive reading of McCain’s aura, sadness and all. You’ll find it here: . You and Joyce are cordially invited to read his aura and add the comments that you get from doing this.

    Regarding the idea the two candidates still both like each other, I don’t find that by reading either auras or body language. In their first debate, McCain didn’t even LOOK at Obama. Overall, I’d say that aurically Obama inwardly refuses to engage with McCain’s attacks. McCain’s aura is a study in suppressed rage, and in both debates so far he has become angrier as the minutes pass. I’ve read that he avoids physically looking at Obama in order to avoid a temper outburst.

    At the end of their second debate, it seemed pretty clear that McCain refused to shake hands with him at the end. If you watched, you saw wife Cindy swoop in and relieve John of the need to shake hands.

    But who knows what we’ll see, reading auras and faces and body language at the debate tonight. If I catch McCain looking at Obama, I’ll jump in and read what, if anything, does happen to his aura. Deeper Perception is a great adventure!

  30. 30
    Fatoumata says:

    Thanks for your response Rose!

    The fact that you would not go back and forth about Ayers is understandable. It was not that part in particular but the general tone. But judging by this response, you obviously did not mean it that way so that can rest. 🙂

    With Obama and McCain liking or notliking each other, I agree with you on the part that we saw on tv, however later Michelle Obama revealed some information on exchanges that happened off-camera.

    With that information it would not have looked simply like McCain refused to shake hands with Obama, but more that he was letting him know that Cindy was behind him so that the two could greet. Michelle said she and Cindy had already greeted and conversed backstage and that Obama and McCain had already exchanged a hand shake. Let’s see what the final night brings! I’m excited.

  31. 31
    Joyce says:

    Thank you both for your thoughtful blogs in response to mine. Thank you especially for seeing what I felt was happening Fatoumata and for clarifying it so well in your reply.

    It is at the point where the outer has to agree with the inner for me to make a choice. In good conscience I am trying to stir up enough interest with people of spiritual mind to offer the insights that are coming out now. There is no question about who is the most intelligent, the most erudite, skilled at debate and excellent as forming coherent thought and I understand the attraction to his presentations.

    But Idolatry is a big mistake for a political leader to have since we still have to be able to hold people accountable with a clear head. IF you’ve ever read the book ” How to win friends and influence people” You recognize the techniques he’s using. I sure do but I’m not faulting them, just aware of them. They sound right, they sound like they are in our best interests and appear to offer hope to a segment of our society. Most osf us recognize the Idolatry as an influence in this election. He’s been labled “The Messiah” And I do object to that.

    Did anyone notice that in an earlier blog I said I also watch MSNBC and CNN news??

  32. 32
    Joyce says:

    But both have learned new things and changed their minds or flip-flopped which I think is a good thing. We are supposed to learn and be willing to give up the old to have the new. Let’s hope it’s going to work in real time as well as it works in the creative mind.

  33. 33

    JOYCE, thank you for all your comments, including the latest.

    I DID notice you mentioned MSNBC and CNN.

    and I DO agree with you that idolatry isn’t desirable. I could have written today’s post for you! Let all of us here know what you think of it.

  34. 34
    Neon Artemis says:


    I’m not worried about Obama so much because I think his wife can keep his ego in check. I also think Obama is in touch with his own spirituality and self enough not to fall for ego strokes.

    I think the idealism is natural since we’ve been through such hard times and want a better future, and here is a man who gives us hope for that future. But, at the same time, he is a human being and has his own foibles like everyone else does.

    The GOP just likes to go extreme with everything, he’s the messiah and now all of the sudden he is palling around with terrorists. Very black and white thinking and judgments.

    I’ll be glad when Obama is in office because I don’t feel he is an emotional toddler like McCain nor a unfeeling narcissist/sociopath like Sarah Palin.

  35. 35
    Jordan says:

    Rose, have you seen a change in Obama’s aura since the beginning of the year? More specifically, a change since summertime? My reason for asking is, I’m sure, too “out there” for most people, but I’ve read a few channeled sources that say that a higher dimensional aspect of his soul merged with him, sort of like a “walk-in”, this summer. Any observations? I know that you now comment on how huge his aura is, and you didn’t say anything about it in this post, back in February.

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