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Republicans’ Auras before Super Tuesday


I’ll be voting for one of these guys tomorrow. To find out why, keep reading, as I compare and contrast the auras of the top two Republican candidates.

The following categories matter most to me as a voter, so they’re the ones I will read on the Republican front-runners.

Let’s start with

Throat Chakra Databank for Verbal Integrity in Public

One candidate is famous for high integrity and independence, while the other would be excoriated for flip-flopping… were he a Democrat. But since he is one of their own, Republicans downplay radical changes from the former blue-state governor. Auras aren’t about reputation or spin, fortunately, so let’s investigate what happens when auras, themselves, are allowed to speak.

McCain: I’d call what he has “predictability” more than “integrity.” An uncommonly rigid mind produces reflexive reactions that are expressed without pretense.

Romney: He has stellar integrity (in his own mind) and always will. To an outside observer,– this one,– the key to understanding Romney right now is his obsession with gaining power. Presidential candidates at their finest aren’t exactly normal people. Back when he served as Governor, Romney’s verbal integrity impressed me. Now his “beliefs,” and words, depend upon situation, not principle.

Throat Chakra Databank for Façades in Public

This chakra databank relates to the impression made by a candidate when presenting himself to the public. Unless one is discerning, the façade is all that matters.

It’s like what happens when a person dresses really well. Typically, we call that “attractive,” don’t we? The image being presented precedes and fades last, like the smile on the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland.

McCain: “I’m solid, dependable. I speak my mind.” John sends out an uncommonly strong façade. He’s way more talented at doing this than any other Republican or Democratic candidate.

Romney: “You can depend on me. I’m so sincere. I am here only to serve you.” Uh-huh. Note that final phrase, because it is a favorite façade choice of all those who are truly obsessed with gaining political power.

Root Chakra Databank for Presence in the Room

This databank represents the overall impression a person makes when entering a room. Not a word need be uttered. Personality presence is related to the databank we just read, about verbal façade, but the root chakra projection brings a more visceral experience.

For example, yesterday I spoke with a lifelong Democrat who began the primary season by rooting for Edwards. “Ellen” liked everything he said. Yet as the months of campaigning went on, Ellen told me, “His energy wasn’t there, or at least it wasn’t backing the words that he said. Even before Edwards dropped out I, sadly, changed my mind about him. It wasn’t anything he said or did. It was just him.”

By contrast, both these Republican candidates make a very strong showing with their personality energy.

McCain: Although the amount of personal energy is only moderate, the projected message is strong: “I’m dependable, rock solid. I will protect you. Yet I also have a delightful sense of humor, a twinkle in my eye.”

Romney: His energy presence is twice as strong than John’s (yet still a fraction of the sizable intensity projected by either Obama or Clinton). Mitt’s personality projection is, nonetheless powerfully attractive: “I’m statesmanlike, flexible, youthful. I am strong.”

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Power Integrity in Public

This is my second lie detector test. Does a person do what he says he will do? And whatever he does, is coercion involved or simply action?

McCain: Here is where John McCain’s aura shows him to be, simply, admirable. He implements well, gathering energy and power as he goes. The Arizona Senator does exactly what he says he will do. When following through with actions, using the power at his disposal, McCain is at his very best.

Romney: The former Massachusetts Governor also is very effective at wielding power. His actions are more ego-based than McCain’s. Listening to this aura databank, I find that “Bow to my will” is his underlying expectation directed toward others.

What else shows in that databank? The politician is clear about what he wants and, aside from being pushy, does a great job of following through once he has committed to a course of action. Long story short, Romney does demonstrate pretty good integrity.

Third Eye Chakra Databank for Spiritual Integrity

This third lie detector test concerns connection to spiritual source. Does this person have hooks or hypocrisy? Or does he simply live according to his lights?

McCain: Score more points for this popular candidate. His is a muscular kind of religion, having served him during times of extreme stress.

Whatever his faith is, it has been tested in extreme ways (as you can appreciate, even without reading his aura, knowing about his years as a prisoner of war). But reading his aura, of course, you can have a direct experience.

I find this databank to be both fascinating and beautiful. I admire that spiritual connection is a real experience for McCain, beautifully meshed with his personal way of taking responsibility as a human being. This is one of my favorite parts of his aura.

Romney: With his Mormon faith being controversial, I give Mitt points before reading any databank in his third eye chakra. Just by being in the race, he is setting a precedent just as important as the ones being set by Hillary and Barack. As for what his aura shows at this databank, however, there’s good news and bad news.

First, the good: Mitt is perfectly clear of hypocrisy in this part of his aura. He’s no George W. Bush.

What’s the problem? In his way, Mitt Romney is just as much a zealot as the Fundamentalist in the White House now. Both choose a narrowly defined form of religion. Both have a big energy charge that “This is the only way.” Adamant belief, more than any other kind of auric limitation, can close a mind, prejudice dialogue, and motivate one-sided actions. I’d call this databank the scariest one in the entire aura of Mr. Romney.

Solar Plexus Chakra Databank for Handling Conflict in Public

Everyone has soul-level gifts for dealing with conflict. Almost everyone also has “stuff,” resulting from frozen blocks of energy, cords of attachment, etc. We have just seen the scariest part of Mitt Romney’s aura. Here comes the most terrifying truth about John McCain.

McCain: Following politics, you may know that he has a reputation as a hawk. But there is nothing birdlike about this man’s aura, the part about handling conflict. Think caged and ravenous lion, waiting to spring.

Beneath his affable exterior, I find that Mr. McCain is one of the angriest politicians I’ve ever read. He reminds me of former Senator Bob Dole, whose aura when campaigning fascinated me with how he drew his strength from pure rage. (Most people, thank God, gain their strength from qualities like love and service to others.)

McCain’s anger may be mostly subconscious, but it is absolutely the strongest thing about his aura. Do you know the expression “shooting an ant with a cannon”? Calling McCain “trigger happy” is a mild and blithesome understatement. He truly has the temperament to go nuclear.

Romney: Nobility is part of the Romney character, and it really shows when he’s in conflict. He becomes alert, shrewd, dedicated to protecting others and, thank goodness, flexible.

Root Chakra Databank for Dealing with Money for the Nation

I wouldn’t read this databank in most people. They don’t have it. Perhaps you have heard that when people take on major new tasks in life, they are given angels and spirit guides to support them. Makes sense to me. I can tell you that people definitely develop within themselves new aura databanks as needed.

And if you’re not fond of the word “recession” this databank is a mighty important one to read in any presidential candidate.

McCain: Hasn’t this man ever had to worry about money? Judging from this databank, apparently not. Money is all the way at the bottom of his concerns in life; it’s the casual disregard of those who take personal wealth for granted.

That’s nice for him, but not so great for the nation, should McCain move into the White House. I know that Republicans are famous for their frugality with public funds, in theory, anyway. If you favor a “Don’t tax, just spend” politician, you’ll really enjoy a McCain presidency.

Romney: The business background shows beautifully here. Romney has high standards for financial solvency, making him a stronger candidate financially than any of his runner-ups (based on aura), listed in order of financial responsibility, Clinton, Obama, and McCain.

High Heart Chakra Databank for Soul’s Innermost Expectation about Winning this Election

As an “Aura pundit,” I have read high heart chakras for every presidential debate since Nixon-Kennedy. Until the 2000 election, the candidate with the stronger high heart always won. All the databanks at that sub-chakra reveal a kind of grace, where individual choice meets destiny. If you have ever believed the motto “God bless America,” here was validation that, in our collective wisdom, we valued the candidate who was spiritually anointed.

For Campaign 2000, Gore was the clear winner, based on the chakra databank I’m about to read here. I agree with Michael Moore and others who have presented evidence of election fraud.

Unfortunately, with the current election, I fear more fraud. (See the conclusion of this post.) Still, I’ll go ahead and read what shows in those Republican auras.

McCain: The energy projection is fairly weak. Basically, McCain’s soul is singing, “I will fight the good fight, even if I lose in the end.”

Romney: His high heart has an even weaker showing. Reading this part of his aura reminds me of the symbolic image of a proud hero with feet of clay. Deep down, Romney is prepared for defeat. Inwardly, he fights bitterness and resignation every day of this campaign. You have to admire him for this. At least I do.


So why am I voting for Romney on Super Tuesday? I’m no Republican, but this isn’t the general election, either. For the record, some of the people I love and respect most are Republicans. I could say that I’m voting in support of them, helping the Grand Old Party to advance the aurically stronger candidate.

That wouldn’t be true, however. Really I’m voting for the less dangerous candidate. Based on popular sentiments and predicting the actual voting, most Americans expect that the Democratic candidate will win. However, that outcome assumes that the nation’s electronic voting machines are reliable. I don’t believe they are and, of course, they leave no paper trail. Fixing this election will be easy, unfortunately.

When will the public turn electronic voting machines into a major topic for conversation? Will it happen right after Election Day or, perhaps, just the day before? It’s the same lack of conciousness that had people buying SUVs until very recently, with no concern about the cost of gas for us all. Only sticker shock at the pump got people thinking.

I’m at the extreme opposite. You may know that my novel about becoming skilled as an empath, The Roar of the Huntids, includes a great deal of satire about the Bush presidency, having politicians use fear of terrorism as a pretext for pushing a political agenda, etc. What you may not know is that I foresaw this long before hearing the name of George W. Bush; I outlined and started the novel back in 1997.

One of the abilities I most prize about being human is how we can think beyond immediate circumstances, plan for the future, sniff out significant problems before they turn really stinky. And if you don’t think a McCain presidency could be a problem, you haven’t read his aura.

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  1. 1
    Tina says:

    Rose – now this is interesting. My comments on the Democratic post are based on John McCain being the Republican nominee (which all signs are pointing to). But if Romney pulls it out, you’ve given me something to think about (if Barak Obama becomes the Democratic nominee). I do like Romney on the economy. I’ll have to think about the rest.

  2. 2
    Mindy says:

    Wow! While I do agree with much of what you said about McCain – there’s something about Romney that is very disturbing to me!

    And this feeling has become much, much stronger in just the past few days. Perhaps something has changed in his aura?

    All I know is, the thought of Romney winning makes me very, very nervous. I feel that he actually has very little integrity and will say whatever the climate at the moment demands in order to win (actually your reading did point this out).

    This quality to me, is much more disturbing than the anger that McCain’s aura obviously contains. I refuse to vote for any candidate who wants us to remain in Iraq but on a gut level, the prospect of McCain becoming President (who wants to make Iraq the next 100 year war) is much less frightening for me than Romney.

    At least McCain has proven that he speaks his truth. Romney to me, is just a talking head (or as you put it a hero with feet of clay?) Interesting that our views are so disparate in this!

  3. 3

    Tina, thanks so much for adding to our conversation here. 🙂

    Just for fun, I thought I’d mention that right after posting this article yesterday, I read the Post and found an in-depth article about McCain.

    Evidently he is notorious for his temper. Any of you Blog-Buddies come across articles in your local papers that noted the same thing?

    It’s always good to start a reading of aura or face, or do an Skilled Empath merge, FIRST and read what others have to say AFTER, you know?

  4. 4
    Darla says:

    Hi Rose,

    I met you briefly on New Year’s Day. You are such a bubbly, upbeat person!

    I find your insights into auras very interesting and I will definitely go deeper into your blogs and website when I get the chance. One question I would have for you is how do you block your own political opinions from these aura readings? You have obviously stated your own political views within the reading of each candidate and I wonder how much your views influence your readings. I think you have succeeded in being pretty objective on each one.

    There is an old adage that really applies to your amazing abilities: “What you ARE is speaking so loud I can’t hear what you are saying!” All of these candidates talk a LOT, but their substance is not in their words at all.

    Politically, I am a conservative Republican. However, what I really wish is that our political system had the ability to demolish both parties and have everyone run as an independent, to be judged strictly individually and not by party. I have to say I am not impressed with ANY of the front-running candidates – Democrat or Republican.

    I don’t claim any great abilities with auras but I have always gotten “vibes” from people.
    Barack: He keeps talking about being the candidate of change, but I don’t feel any substance behind it. He’s just saying what people want to hear, relying on his charisma.
    Hilary: I have always gotten very scary vibes from her. Pure ambition and nobody had better get in the way.
    McCain: He exudes ‘it’s my way or the highway’ – much more so than George W. does. I have to agree there is a great rage there.
    Romney: (His father was a great governor of Michigan. I remember one time he was in a parade I attended. He didn’t ride on a float or in a car, he walked.) I get very rigid vibes from the younger Romney. No warm fuzzies at all.

    If these impressions are valid, which chakra am I reading?

  5. 5
    Lisa says:

    Darla, good question to Rose about how she remains objective when doing readings. What I like about her readings (be they political or otherwise) is Rose’s ability to see both “gifts of the soul” and “potential challenges” for each person. I think that allows a more complete picture of each candidate and helps us with our choices.

    Rose, anything to add to that?

  6. 6

    MINDY, DARLA and LISA: Thanks so much to each of you for your great comments.

    I love the question about how to remain objective while reading people deeper. Look for a post soon, after I get out from under the current big pile of reports, publication deadlines, etc.

    Meanwhile, how about sharing, all you Blog-Buddies? How do YOU remain objective while reading people?

  7. 7
    OneWithAll says:

    What about Ron Paul???

  8. 8

    You know, OneWithAll, I don’t feel pulled toward reading him at this time. People have a huge charge either pro or con, and if he were a nominee I would jump into the controversy, but he isn’t and so I won’t.

    You or any Blog-Buddies are, of course, welcome to read him or anyone, and you can do this either as a comment or as a Guest Post.

    In addition, you can hire me to do a Personnnel Profile on anyone you like. For the blog, though, I get to choose.

  9. 9
    Ryan says:


    If these impressions are valid, which chakra am I reading?

    Unless I am mistaken, you don’t have to read specific chakras. One of my favorite things to do when reading auras is to use clairsentience to describe the overall feel of a person’s energy.

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