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A Good Deed for the Day


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Too Much Asking Permission?






“Before you do aura readings, do you ask permission?”

It’s a controversial topic. You can guess where I stand from the title of this post, but really I’m inviting discussion. What assumptions do YOU make, and why? Many folks have never questioned those assumptions.

First-Rate Skills for Aura Readings




Can you develop first-rate skills for doing aura readings? A hundred years ago, this might have been an unattainable dream for most of us. Living today, however? Living that dream is very attainable. One resource is my upcoming Aura Reading Workshop, April 11-13. Here are answers to common questions.

Q. What is a first-rate aura reader anyway?

The Holy Hologram of Auras


Any form of deeper perception gives you a highly practical spiritual reading — not of spirits floating around, mediumistically reached for, but the real live human spirit, a unique earth personality. Who is this person, in depth and detail?

Reading faces, as we did yesterday on John Bogle, means accessing the easiest of the holy holograms. Meet him in a crowd, with just seconds to look, and you might well notice those exceptionally large earlobes noticed by two of our bloggers yesterday. Automatically, you would know what that means:

Loveable, Cheeky John Bogle

If you’re going to choose a candidate for aura readings and reading faces, why not think big? Why not think of a man whose mission of mercy-and-money is big?

When we had our Three Loveables Contest, Elise wrote that Bogle, the founder of Vanguard, has had a mission ever since college to make investing “accessible and affordable (and free of rip-off) to regular people.”

Miracle Child, a GUEST POST by Anonymous

Starting in December, 2007 I had the joy of taking care of a baby girl who is currently 7 months old.

This one had respiratory distress and it has been necessary for her to have a tracheostomy since about December. It took her a while after that to totally wean from the ventilator.

Healers Speak, and Speaking to Healers


Yesterday I received this comment from a physician:

“Since I have learned Rose’s method of turning empathy off I can even deal with psychiatric patients.”

The whole comment meant a lot to me, because I have HEARD many such comments before but not received any as quotable comments It’s important for

My Favorite Secret of Creative Flow


How can you let the inspiration flow? Whether you’re a writer,  a painter, a composer or taking care of your toddler,some universal principles make any creative activity like doing an intuitive reading.

Technical skill matters. So does finding your audience, as discussed in our last post. Beyond that, I have learned to do the same kind of Preparation Process used for any form of spiritual reading. You’ll find it in Aura Reading Through All Your Senses, Empowered by Empathy, and especially the book that I wrote (FYI, Tara and other Blog-Buddies) all about creative flow, Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create With God.

Divine Creative Flow


Related to yesterday’s conversation with aura readings of several different databanks on Loreena McKennitt, Tara made a great comment.

To give you context, I had described the songwriter/composer’s creativity this way:

“Mostly, Loreena just writes it down. When she swims through the space in consciousness where the music finds her, Loreena shows the grace of a swan. Just enough of her stays present as an individual for her to notate the music. Otherwise, she is truly out of the way, surrendered to the experience.”

Technical Interlude

Blog-Buddies, is the blog working well on YOUR screen after the redesign? Things seem to be going smoothly, but recently I heard from one of you Blog-Buddies that she had subscribed, yet hadn’t received an email notification alerting her after I responded to one of her posts. I’m hoping this was an isolated incident.

Please let me know if you ever have techno-troubles with this blog….

Also if you’re enjoying it!