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Inside Info on Eliot Spitzer


New York’s new Ex-Governor is pictured here, along with his wife, Silda. It’s a sad day for them but a great day for us to practice reading people deeper. I’m going to set the pace by reading ONE item on Eliot’s aura, and you are invited to add additional items, reading faces, skilled empath merges, aura readings, etc.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.

I’ll do a skilled empath merge with his Third Eye Chakra databank about “Willingness to See His Human Life”. 

A gift of Spitzer’s soul is stark, uncompromising clarity. STUFF at this chakra, including temporary and long-term problems, suggests a detached witnessing of his human experience. When life is painful for him, as clearly has been the case of late, Spitzer has a mechanism where people become far away, doing their thing, so detached they are like cartoon characters (only without humor or other emotions).

When people are asking “Why, why, why” did Spitzer fall into the same trap where he had trapped others, perhaps part of the answer shows here. Was he a cartoon at the time, within himself, observing himself participate?

Read away, Blog-Buddies, and share all your insights and ideas about this fascinating, talented man.

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  1. 1
    Anita says:

    The photo is a bit grainy, even when the corners and pulled and enlarged, but here is some of what I see:

    -blarney lips: definitely has the gift of persuasion (he’s not the only politician with this talent and corresponding challenge)

    -fairly large ears for the size of his head: talent for observing reality

    -outangled ears that tend to in angle as they reach the earlobe: slightly more wacky when you first meet him, becomes more conformist the longer you know him (his ears are not quite as outangled as Senator Obama’s, but more outangled than seen on many other politicians and definitely in contrast to my own ears, which are about as in angled as you can get – you cannot even see my ears at all if you take a straight on head shot of me – you will only see dangling earrings, if the earrings are long enough)

    -angled eyebrows, clearly seen on the left (I think he has it on the right as well): managerial mindset

    -straight chin bottom: makes decisions based on principles, not on emotions (probably influenced his decision to resign as governor)

    -prominent cheekbones (both sides): visible style of leadership (and he doesn’t have padded cheeks, which could balance that visible leadership with getting support from others)

    -deep set eyes with very little eyelid (both sides): likes to be independent in relationships, both personally and professionally (I doubt his wife or his colleagues even suspected anything about his extra-marital liaison)

    There’s a start!

  2. 2
    Anabela says:

    Anita gave a great reading!

    I’d like to add:

    1) EARS – large inner ear circles (larger than outer) which denote an unconscious need to experience or shape life according to one’s subjective agenda and perception. Very high ears – extremely quick learner and makes decisions rapidly sometimes to his later regret.

    2) POWER LINES – on both sides, meaning he is politically and socially powerful and influential without intimidating others.

    3) BROAD CHIN – the guy can take a bit of criticism and attacks on his character and ethical choices truckloads more than short-chinned Rose and I can take! He sure needs it. His response to the whole scandal – “We all make mistakes” or something to that effect – classic broad chin response.

    4) PRIORITY AREA I – quite large. Not as much as his PRIORITY II, but he is in love with ideas and ideals, consistent with his previous political American-styled “purges” which is bitching a lot as opposed to make certain citizens disappear as is customary in other countries. Hairlines also mean he’s an intense thinker.

    5) EYE PUFFS – on both sides. He has major anger and irritability stored in him – quite easy to set off. Warning to overly enthusiastic and annoying waiters and salespeople. The puffs also lead to down-angled eyes, causing him to see problems sooner than he sees benefits.

    6) THIRD EYE “BULGE” – atheistic in private at the very least. He isn’t that interested in a spiritual connection with a higher source. Instead, he believes in his own wits and ability to get through life.

    7) EYEBROWS – Different styles in his personal and public life. In his public life his eyebrow is up-angled, meaning he detects the newest kid on the block or other political opponents and trends early on. It’s like a compass for trends and anything new. In his personal life he has lowbrows – he communicates and acts spontaneously which may come off as passionate. Maybe that’s why poor Silda fell for him back then. His eyebrows on both sides also don’t quite finish off, meaning getting bored with projects which began with initial enthusiasm or not being good with follow-up.

    MOLE – on his lower left cheek near the mouth. The meaning is different on every individual. To find out requires deeper perception and at this hour, I don’t have the energy 😉 I reckon it has something to do with his screw-up lies (mouth) that affect his personal social relations (cheeks).

    NOSE – Triangular shape means he can rally people to his cause, agenda, and projects. The down-pointed angle denotes the ability to stick to a career decision rain or shine. A nose designed for career success.

    EYE BAGS – truth-seeker… what about seeking his own truth?

  3. 3
    Anabela says:

    Sorry, did I say “hairlines”? I just meant “forehead lines” – I didn’t mean to refer to your receding hairline, Mr Spitzer, but it is late here and I’m sleepy…

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