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Loveable Caroline Myss


The best known medical intuitive in America, Caroline Myss, has won our contest for Three Loveables. Hers was the name submitted most often, requested to be read in the blog post that first appeared here.

In our mind-body-spirit culture, anyone curious about spiritual reading or intuitive reading may think first about her and her extraordinary specialty.

Being a medical intuitive, and popularizing this kind of work, Caroline has served as an ambassador for everyone interested in aura readings, energy fields. So I have reason to be grateful to her. I chose her to write about in Empowered by Empathy, especially when making the distinction between being an empath and being a psychic. (She is the latter, not the former.)

Also, I should comment that, back when I published Empowered by Empathy and sought jacket reviews, I contacted her. She responded with a very gracious letter explaining that she was too busy to do any jacket reviews, while most of the authors to whom I sent similar requests were so busy they didn’t respond in any way. All you need do is look at her website and you can tell the lady has class, as well as being a superb promoter of her own specialties.

Caroline also wrote a wonderful introduction to Energy Medicine, by my friend Donna Eden. This was an especially generous act because Donna is also a medical intuitive, so Donna’s work might have been seen as competition (although, of course, it isn’t).

Over the years, Caroline has moved into areas more associated with theology, popularizing topics like Life Contracts. Currently, she is preparing to publish a new book on Entering the Castle. It seems likely that this will become another of her blockbuster bestsellers.

How well has Myss dealt with her years as a New Age superstar?  Click on this link, then copy the photo and pull on the corners in order to enlarge it considerably.

Note: Over time, links can go bad. And legally I don’t have the rights to show celebrity photos, so I can’t display them here other than providing links. But you can easily go over to Google, type in the person’s name and the blog post date, then search on images. Click on a good image, preferably current with the time of the reading here at this blog.


Let’s start with reading faces today, using my system of Face Reading Secrets®. Every item of face data corresponds to a talent and also to a potential challenge, which the person may or may not have overcome yet. You can learn more for background here. To see the data on Myss, remember to “Go flippo” to tell left from right. Her face now has loads of interesting asymmetries.

Up-angled eyebrow on the right — The outer corner of the brow is higher than the inner corner.

  • The Gift: Intellectual leadership, especially in career
  • The Potential Challenge: Impatience with those who can’t keep up?

Very angled eyebrows — A hinge place on each brow where the hair changes direction

  • The Gift: A managerial mindset. Myss is always looking at what has been done, finding new ways to present it
  • The Potential Challenge: Intimidating to others? For instance, could the work develop a didactic edge?

Long mouth

Can you smile that wide? Most people can’t.

  • The Gift: Ability to communicate with large groups of people, doing it effortlessly, even with charisma.
  • The Potential Challenge: Saying whatever it takes to keep people interested?

Mouth pulls to the right and the smile is higher on the right

To see this, cover up one side of the face at a time.(If the camera angle here makes it hard for you to see left and right, you can browse on her website to see other photos. Most of her photographs are from an angle; this helps to disguise the many and extreme asymmetries that have developed over the years. As you may know, faces change over time to reflect inner evolution. This evidence of free will is one of the most interesting things about reading faces.)

  • The Gift: Communication is angled to have maximum popular impact
  • The Potential Challenge: Not personally being committed to what is being said to help or impress others?

Left-angled nose

Imagine a dot at the bridge of the nose, another at the tip of the nose. Connect them with an imaginary line. You’ll see that Myss’ nose now angles strongly toward the right side of her face.

  • The Gift: In Wrinkles Are God’s Makeup, I call this “The Fame Trait.” More than any other face data, it correlates with being famous, popular, influential.
  • The Potential Challenge: A strong need to pursue fame for its own sake?

Priority Area II Dominates

If you compare the three lengths on the face (hairline to eyebrow, eyebrow to nose tip, nose tip to chin), you’ll see that the middle length is significantly longer than the others

  • The Gift: Accomplishing, and getting credit for it, is a passion in life.
  • The Potential Challenge: Might the person sacrifice other aspects of life in order to fulfill those strong ambitions?

Right side of the face dominates

It is longer, broader, and set forward, compared to the left side of her face

  • The Gift: Making a very strong impact on the world
  • The Potential Challenge: Could there be an inner disconnect between the career and the person?

How She Changed

Caroline Myss has become the hottest ticket in the New Age circuit. Bravely, she has changed people’s minds, opened minds and hearts, and helped people to think in ways they never thought before. Under pressure like this, has she paid a price?

In Part Two of this series, reading her aura, we’ll compare the current photo with an older one. This one.

For now, notice how many of the things already noted about her face are relatively recent.

Share your comments here, and keep reading deeper!

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  1. 1
    Jacqui says:

    I like Carolyn Myss, for she I felt as if she were my personal guru. But her face always disturbed me. When I look at her I see lots of rigidity and not so much compassion. But I guess that is one reason she is so successful — she is disciplined and organized.
    Lately when I listen to her howeveer, it all seems the same. Maybe I listened the earlier materials a bit too well?

  2. 2

    JACQUI, how great to read your post here. Last time we met, it was when I gave the talk on AURAS at the American Museum of Folk Art, right?

    Regarding the point you made, I doubt that you listened too well in the past. But you may have changed and she undoubtedly has changed, given the huge pressure of her success.

    You’ll keep all you gained from her for sure!

  3. 3
    Laura says:

    Her name is actually spelled Caroline, according to her website. Might want to fix that!

  4. 4

    Good pointe, Laura. Spwelling is awwways a potenshul challinje.

  5. 5
    Charlene says:

    How does one pronounce “Myss”?

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